Dewalt DW745 vs. DWE7480 – Which is the Best Choice for Beginners?

dw745 vs dwe7480

When it comes to a world of tools, the Dewalt model has indeed changed the way we perceive mechanical tools, especially when it comes to compact and easy to use tools.

They have so much designed tools to suit most DIYers and a couple of professionals who need a fast, easy, and safe mechanical machinery.

Now, this article features exclusive reviews on special table saws, which are DW745 vs. DWE7480.

I will be reviewing their various features and check up on their difference to enable you to find the one suitable for your home or professional need.

Let’s check them out

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How To Use A Roundover Router Bit That 100% WORKING!

how to use a roundover router bit

Usually, the roundover bit is used to create that smooth finish on a curved edge.

It is also utilized to create a more defined effect on the smoothed edge and make it more durable.

Meanwhile, using this tool could be both tricky and difficult for beginners.

Like learning any new skill, using a round over router bit could be intimidating initially.

So, it is easier to know how to be able to use it, a brief description on its purpose and design is discussed in this article.

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What Kind of Router Bit Is Perfect for Trimming Laminated Materials?

what kind of router bit to trim laminate

There are so many router bits out there and each of them is for a different use.

If you are asking what kind of router bit to trim laminate is the perfect one for your project, then I got the answer right here.

There is a specific router bit for laminated items like a tabletop. It is hard to cut it without the right tool because it is thin and it requires precise cutting.

You can't just use any router bit for this particular project because the laminated material could be very fragile and that it easily breaks.

Before you get the right tool for this, I would suggest determining first what kind of laminated material you will be dealing with here.

You must know that router bits could be out of steel and sometimes carbide.

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Knowing How to Use a Craftsman Router

how to use a craftsman router

Are you excited to level up your edge shaping and joinery cutting? You definitely have chosen to look at the right equipment.

The craftsman router allows you to smoothly switch between a fixed base and a plunge allowing you to swap from trim to carving dados, without you wasting time.

It is ideally one of the most flexible pieces of woodworking equipment there is in the market that you can use.

There are two kinds of wood routers that can be used. These are the plunge router and the fixed router.

The plunge router allows you to modify the depth of the cut while using the tool. This can be utilized when you would want to start from the middle of a piece of wood.

It can also be used to fix the depth or progressively increase the depth of the cut.

Meanwhile, the fixed router lets you set the depth of the cut. It continually stays fixed throughout the whole duration of usage.

It is the rule of the thumb to know to how to use your tool before actually using it.

You might think that using the craftsman router could be a bit complicated, but it does actually work the magic pretty well if you know how to use it. You can take your time and practice to make sure you carve out the perfect wood.

You don’t have to worry if you have never tried to use a router before, because this one’s pretty easy to use just make sure that you remember that it has a 12-amp, and two horsepower variable speed motor power so you always have to take proper precautions when using it.

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How To Glue Felt To Wood: Do It In A Simple Way!

how to glue felt to wood

Starting to do woodwork for the first time? Don’t you know how to glue felt to wood?

You shouldn’t think much about it; it’s simple just as tying shoelaces once you learn it in a perfect way.

Yes, you heard it right; this basic woodwork job is slightly complicated.

The felt is a tricky thing to handle and creates a whole lot of mess as it soaks up quickly.

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What to Do When Polyurethane Won’t Dry – The Best Solution

how to fix sticky polyurethane

Woodworking is never a simple task. 

So, we are not surprised to find putting on coats of finish is challenging. It’s the final step, and I know that when something wrong happens, you may feel terrible like it’s all devastated. 

Fortunately, in the post, you can get what to do when polyurethane won’t dry and how to tackle the situation.

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What Are The Types Of Hand Planes That Every DIYer Needs to Know?

types of hand planes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there are no hand planes?

Used for a variation of purposes like smoothing and shaping any kind of piece of wood, a hand plane comes in handy for anyone who needs to work with wood.

If not for hand planes, it becomes difficult to work with wood.

Most carpenters look for hand planes in hardware stores, local flea markets, DIY (do-it-yourself) catalogs and even bargain shops.

Meanwhile, it can be confusing to go through a variety of hand planes especially if you are not a carpenter.

Also, there are different types of hand planes that you need to consider before buying any hand plane. Each type of hand plane is intended to assist on a specific task.

You would just have to determine what each kind is and match it accordingly to its intended purpose.

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How To Make Router Templates The Faster And Easier Way

how to make router templates

Believe it or not, creating router templates is actually really easy.

It might sound complicated for first timers in the woodworking business, but you'll find it not difficult as you go on.

I can teach you how to make router templates in this article and it won't even take a lot of your time.

Templates are handy in woodworking, especially if you are trying to make some cool furniture.

Templates are also often used for designing wooden materials. This is ideal for bed frames, headboards and even tables that you would want to have some cool details on.

It would also be a cool business on your end should you become really dedicated and good at it.

Before we proceed to the step-by-step procedure on how to create router templates the right and easy way, you must be aware of the prerequisites first.

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How to Get Gorilla Glue Off Skin That 100% WORKING!

how to get gorilla glue off skin

Gorilla glue is a bonding product which assists you in completing a task.

It is water resistant, immune to extreme temperatures and imperceptible glue that ensures you have best results when finishing any construction project.

It works better on various surfaces such as wood, metals, stone, glass, ceramics, and foam. It also bonds well with other materials such as plastics, rubber, and leather.

This product provides adhesive properties which are essential for bonding various surfaces.

Working with gloves on is one way to keep your hands from sticking but if it gets stuck to your fingertips, it will be troublesome trying to remove it.

Damage of skin tissues is a common phenomenon when using gorilla glue, thus a lot of care is required to prevent the skin coming in contact with it.

Read below to know how to get gorilla glue off skin.

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How to Glue Glass to Wood: Do it in Easy Steps

how to glue glass to wood

Whether you're a fan of do-it-yourself tips and tricks or you'd just like to learn some handy skills for the home, you've probably read up on different woodworking techniques.

A good skill to learn to be able to maintain several parts of your home is how to glue glass to wood.

Be it having to glue a wooden frame to a piece of glass or having to glue a glass table top to a wooden base, there are things to think about before beginning.

Knowing the glue you should use as well as the steps you'd have to take to properly glue the two materials together is the key to doing a good job. This would also ensure that your end product will last for a long time.

Being able to learn how to glue glass to wood - and other simple but nifty DIY tricks for the home will not only save you money from having to call a professional repair person.

It will save you time and energy as well as give you a sense of satisfaction of being able to assemble or fix things in your home.

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