How to Build a Folding Picnic Table

A folding picnic table is an innovative way to save space and resources.

It’s a table and a set of picnic benches combined! You basically can transform it into two park benches when not in use and put it back together when the need arises. It’s a nifty piece of furniture which can most definitely fill your picnic and outdoor needs.

But apart from fulfilling your usual needs, a folding picnic table also adds extra bonuses like versatility to the mix.

Here are some tips which you can refer to on how to build a folding picnic table. With some basic knowledge and know-how in sketching and construction, and an ability to follow instructions, making your own set can be very easy!


1. Plan ahead

So you’ve decided to build your own folding picnic table.

First, you need plans, parts, and tools! You can always choose to list down everything that you need and check which ones you have and the ones you need to buy.

You can also sketch your own plans if you have a knack for do-it-yourself projects or you can instead go for the plans readily available online.

Just remember to have everything you need on hand before you start to avoid delays.

2. Bring everything you need

Make sure that you bring everything you need first to the shed, when you start to build your own set. This would certainly save you more than a small amount of time and effort that would have been otherwise wasted in going back and getting that hammer or nail that you left behind.

For the smaller ones, it’s always a good idea to bring extras. This ensures that you are focused on your work and you don’t get distracted by going back for parts and supplies.

3. Remember to jot down the steps

folding picnic table plans

This is especially important for first-timers. 

You can write down the instructions on a piece of paper, or you can download your instructional video on your mobile device for an easy reference. Be sure to always look at your guides and re-watch your videos if you are unsure on how to proceed to avoid mistakes.

The following is a general flow on how most plans look like. This project needs 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s wood boards to complete.

4. The base

The first step is to do the base of the bench first. 

Cut and measure your wood boards to the prescribed length and screw them together for the foundation. The base will be the foundation in table and bench form.

5. The back sections

The back sections are usually a lot bigger for balance and because they serve as both the seat in bench form and the top in table form, but are usually made from the same material.

Remember to cut the floor boards accurately and to piece them together at the designated spots. Once done, proceed to hinge the back section with the base for the folding action.

You may also place a hinge in between the boards used for the back sections so that you can put them away neatly when not in use.

6. The arm rests

For the arm rests, cut and piece smaller pieces of the wood to the back section. You can also place hinges so that they fold nicely and you can even carve out a unique design.

Be sure to build in two to complete the set!

7. Hammer away and build your table!

build easy folding picnic table

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to start putting together everything to build your picnic table.

Just remember to always be careful in the proceeding, and be mindful of heavy tools and other sharp and pointed objects to avoid untoward accidents and injuries.

8. Decorate and shine!

After you finish constructing your table, be sure to apply finishing touches like sanding and a bit of varnish to improve overall appearance and design.

You can even put your very own personal touch and add a bit of paint artworks and patterns here and there to totally make it your own set.

Be as creative as you can be and let the whole world know whose table set it is!

9. Sit back and enjoy!

Once you get everything done, break out your very own new picnic table set and host a barbecue or a cookout with your family and friends. Of course, don’t forget to set your new baby as the centerpiece of the occasion.

And while you’re there, you can also pitch the idea of having a folding picnic table to your guests.

It definitely is a good addition to a household’s furniture and you can even use what you learned to give those tips and tricks on how to build a folding picnic table!

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