How to Make Sash Windows That 100% WORKING!

how to make a window sash

Sash windows have served many homes since they were invented in the 17th century. They acquired prominence in Victorian times, due to their simplicity, functionality and antiquated beauty but have waned in popularity in the last 50 years or so.

Sash windows are now enjoying resurgence thanks to people being more enlightened on their aesthetic value. As a result a lot of restoration work is currently being undertaken to return old buildings to their original form incorporating sash windows as vital visual elements.

By the time you’re through reading this article on how to make a sash window, you should have minimal problems installing one for your home, and hopefully you shall also enjoy the learning process.

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How to Build a Folding Picnic Table

how to build a folding picnic table

A folding picnic table is an innovative way to save space and resources.

It’s a table and a set of picnic benches combined! You basically can transform it into two park benches when not in use and put it back together when the need arises. It’s a nifty piece of furniture which can most definitely fill your picnic and outdoor needs.

But apart from fulfilling your usual needs, a folding picnic table also adds extra bonuses like versatility to the mix.

Here are some tips which you can refer to on how to build a folding picnic table. With some basic knowledge and know-how in sketching and construction, and an ability to follow instructions, making your own set can be very easy!

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How to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring with Romex

how to replace knob and tube wiring with romex

Old houses often face the problems of knob and tube wiring. You will have to do the wiring system very efficiently.

There are many professionals who can do this wiring like a pro. You should hire them in case you are unable to this properly. This is a thing that you cannot take for granted.

In the basement area, the wires are mostly visible. You can see the rubber coated wires hanging from the ceiling. The wires are mainly attached to the joist portion and covered by porcelain knob.

The wiring method is little but tricky but you should know how to replace knob and tube wiring with Romex.

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How to Repair a Door Frame that 100% WORKING! – DIY Tips

how to repair a door frame

Doors are the most frequently used parts of the home. People use them to come in and out the home so they usually end up worn-out or damaged.

There are many reasons why door frames get damaged - age, prolonged exposure to water and even forced entry in the door. These factors cause damage, which then causes the door to cease functioning well.

Here are some of the most common answer to the question "how to repair a door frame", which you can do yourself.

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Why Is Heartwood Darker In Color Than Sapwood?

why is heartwood darker in color than sapwood

Have you ever, at least as a child, used a trunk of a tree as a chair, maybe just to rest your aching feet during the stroll through the woods? Now, you are counting the growth rings to find out for how long the tree lived before it met its old nemesis, the axe.

But have you ever wondered why the inner part of the tree is darker than the outer part? And do you know why is heartwood darker in color than sapwood?

Let us start with the inner, darker part, also known as heartwood. But don't let the name deceive you - it is not a living part of a tree. Its main function is to provide a mechanical support to the tree.

As it grows and as the tree becomes older so does the heartwood become thicker. Heartwoods durability did not go unnoticed by skillful carpenters who use it almost exclusively for building furniture.

On the other hand, sapwood, or the lighter part of the tree, will not be readily used by any kind of craftsman. It contains a lot of moisture, which makes it susceptible to fungus and it doesn't look as rich and beautiful as heartwood.

But it still has a vital function in the tree. It transfers water and minerals from the roots to the every leaf which decorates the crown of the tree.

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Essential Tools for Every Homeowner’s Toolbox

essential tools for homeowners

An important part of being a homeowner is having the ability to fix any damages that occurs to your property.

In most cases, these will be fairly minor jobs that you won’t require much experience to complete. By doing it yourself, you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

However, in order to do this, you will need to have access to high-quality tools.

To make sure that you are well-equipped to take on any challenge, let’s look at some of the essential tools that any homeowner should have.

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How To Fix A Warped Table Top That 100% Working

how to fix warped wood table top

Every now and then we'd experience having our table tops warped and it is often not a pretty sight.

It is also not advisable to muscle through manually making it flat again because most of the time, you could end up completely ruining it.

There are steps on how to fix warped wood table top right way.

If you are on a budget, it is best to handle this yourself as one of those do-it-yourself (DYI) projects.

Not only will you save money from hiring a professional, but you get to learn as well and have that sense of fulfillment after you have finished it.

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What Is Whitewood And Why It Is The Best Choice For Woodworking

what is whitewood

While strolling through the furniture stores, gazing at all those shiny and brand new household items, there’s a high ninety, or furthermore, ninety-nine percent chances that you’ve bumped into a label that said “one hundred percent whitewood.

And chances are, let’s say a hundred percent that the item on which the aforementioned label was, is way more affordable than hard maple or Chinese cedar.

You must’ve wondered, even for a second, why? What is whitewood and why is it cheaper?

It all looks the same to an inexperienced eye.

In case you’re experienced in woodworks, you should probably go and read some of our other articles.

However, it is strongly recommended that you stay and continue reading just to double-check your current knowledge.

Anyways, it’s the text below you can find everything about whitewood you always wanted to know.

Fill out your brain cells with some interesting facts like what type of wood is whitewood and how it differs from its relative pine. Or just get inspired to do some DIY whitewood pieces.

You may simultaneously learn how to paint whitewood. It’s all here.

Everything about this precious botanical curiosity given to humans by a generous hand of the mother nature itself is finally demystified.

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How To Make Wooden Drawer Slides That 100% WORKING!

how to make wooden drawer slides

Anything with wood makes wonders.

It is an understated charm to any piece of furniture that you may have a chance of noticing in your friend’s living room. It gives off a certain sense of functionality and practicality with this kind of material.

Moreover, one of the most needed piece of furniture is the drawer. The drawer helps a lot on organizing your stuff given that you may put your things in there.

With the durability of wood, you can make wooden drawers that could be paired along with wooden drawer slide.

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Handmade Wooden Spoons: A Step by Step Guide For You

handmade wooden spoons

Wooden spoons made by hand are an art all unto themselves. They are special and seem to have a life and a story all of their own. Amongst the selection of spoons in the stores, handmade wooden spoons stand head and shoulders above the ones made from other materials.

These spoons are carefully crafted and shaped with love and care, and the minute you start using one, you build a relationship with it and it gradually blends itself comfortably into your hand. A hand-carved wooden spoon fits comfortably into any hand.

As those who make wooden spoons know, they can be moulded with a few simple tools or designed and worried over for months to get just the right texture or curve. From an ugly chunky piece of wood comes a product of style and beauty that will serve you faithfully through endless stews and stirrings in your kitchen for many years to come.

Ready our easy guide on how to make a wooden spoon.

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