5 Amazing Easy Steps on How to Use a Keyhole Router Bit

Ever wonder of creative ways of hanging all sorts if frames on the wall? Well, here's a new way of doing such and you will only need:

- a router

a keyhole router bit

- a pencil

- some screws and a piece of wood

But let me first walk you through on the different parts of the materials we will be using so you will understand how it will work in the process.


The materials needed for use with the keyhole router bit

First is the router. The router is a machine with a vertical spindle that revolves with a high intensity. This will be our tool in cutting out the surface of the wood.

The next component is the keyhole router bit. It is a type of bit with a cutting edge located on top which will be placed in the router for cutting the wood.

Router bits are used to create cylindrical holes. It is a tool for wood cutting that specialized in creating holes using torque and axial force for securing a frame to its hold.

A router bit is a highly specialized bit that is used to cut keyhole slot in picture frames, shelf, clock or candle sconce. This bit needs a highlighting because when it is presented all at once, it tends to get lose.

With a router bit, your frame stays securely on the wall. So, it saves you from the hassles of frames or sconce losing from its hold on the wall, or worst - frames falling off from your wall.

The drill bit looks like a thick nail without the sharp tip on the bottom. The head part is composed of an entry hole and a slot cutter on each side. The wood we will be needing must be a minimum of an inch and a half in thickness. 

And now we are ready to begin with our project.

keyhole drill bit

Using router bits also saves your money and frustrations. Plus, it is very effective in securing even heavy frames. Just use two slots and two crews for heavy frames.

This article will teach you how to use a keyhole router bit. We provide a step by step process to make it comprehensible and easy to do. It is best if you use keyhole slots for your picture since it is reliable and easy to do.

When you use keyholes slots, you will not need wires and hooks anymore because the bits are single flute for an easier plunging.

Steps on how to use a keyhole router bit

To start the whole process, first thing we need to do is to mark the piece of wood that we are about to drill the bit on.

The markings should be drawn in a rectangular shape. Inside the rectangle, mark the opposite sides with a bit as this will allow you to point the drill bit with accuracy.

keyhole router bit

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Step 1: Creating a layout is very essential in this process since this will be your guide in having a precise keyhole. Just make sure that in doing this with frames, you should accurately locate the center of the frame to create a balance. Next is to measure the head of the keyhole bit towards the side of the wood. This step will allow you to measure the length of the head part to know the depth to which you will create a hole. This will provide stability to the frames to prevent it from wobbling when the frames are attached to the walls. After doing that, we attach the keyhole drill bit to the router.

Step 2: Once the router is on, the drill bit will revolve allowing the drill bit to cut into the piece of wood. Initially, puncture a hole in the wood and insert the head of the keyhole router bit until the head part is totally submerged. The hole will look like a circle. They key is to make sure you avoid moving the router to do away with excessive cutting of the wood.

Step 3: After creating a circular hole, drag the drill bit towards the other side of the rectangle marked with a dot, finishing the keyhole look. After which, turn the router off and wait until the drill bit has fully stopped before pulling it out from the hole. Do the same process if you feel the need to place several keyholes to the frame.

Step 4: After finishing up the keyholes, get a screw which will fit the keyhole and drag it towards the elongated part of the whole. The screw will now serve as an anchor to which the frame will need to be able to be posted on the wall.

Step 5: To successfully place the frames up on the wall, drill a hole on it for the screw to fit and then tightly secure the screw on the wall. After doing so, place the frame on the wall, making sure that the screw will fit into the keyhole. When the frames are being hung up in a steady manner without any wobbling or unnecessary movement, it means that you've finished the process.

So, using a keyhole router bit is easy as nailing hammering a nail on the wall. With a keyhole router bit, anything that you will hang on the wall will stay place securely. No hassles for extra wires, and rest assured that the frame is not wobbly.

But before the process, some may not knowledgeable about creating a keyhole and it is important to know this. So let me give you quick guidelines on how to do it.

First, is to draw a line across the on where the tool you want to stop cutting. Then next is use a scissors to trim down the lines with the joined trimmed sections. 

After that, double check the node tool in which you have a single vector with the help of the profile on tool path. Then select an end mill as the shank of the keyhole tool that you plan to use.


Use an end mill with the same diameter. Then last but not the least, don’t forget to double check the tool path by doing a preview at slow speed with the toll to make sure that is what you expect. Using this method enables you cut curved curves.

Final Thoughts

Using a keyhole router bit offers security on your items to be hanged and saves you from frustrations. Learning how to use it is so easy.

It doesn’t need you to be a carpenter to use keyhole router bit or to create a keyhole.

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