Best 10-Inch Miter Saw In the Market Today

Miter saw types come at varying sizes, which differ in power for maximum efficiency. The size is typically measured based on the blade angle diameter. Therefore a 10-inch miter saw is one with a blade diameter around 10-inches.

It is suitable for use by DIYer’s, hobbyists and professionals for smaller projects than other miter saw with larger sizes would deliver. This article itemizes a collection of 10-inch miter saws you can get for your wood-cutting projects today.

Follow through;



Engine Power

Blade speed

Hitachi C10FCG Miter Saw

24 pounds

15-Amp and 2.57 hp

5,000 rpm


35 pounds


5,000 rpm

Makita LS1018 Miter Saw

43.7 pounds


4300 rpm

Bosch CM10GD

65 pounds

15 Amp

4,800 rpm

Makita LS1019L

59.7 pounds


Not specified

Hitachi C10FSHC

45.6 pounds


3200 rpm

Product Review of the Best 10-Inch Miter Saws

#1. Hitachi C10FCG miter saw – Best Lightweight 10-inch Miter Saw


The Hitachi C10FCG miter saw tops the list as a miter saw with easy adjustability, quick set-up, lightweight design, and budget-friendly features. It comes with a 10-inch 24 tooth blade type for smooth cutting. The product enables you to make miter, bevel, and crosscuts. This miter saw model comes out of the box with size dimensions around 21.5 x 18.1 x 22.9-inches and weighs 24 pounds, which facilitates easy maneuverability. Also, dust collection system is included to minimize the presence of airborne particles and keep the workspace in tidy.

Additionally, the miter saw is driven by a 15-Amp engine motor that propels a no-load blade speed of 5,000 rpm. When it comes to safety, the saw has a blade guard assembly that guarantees a level of safety. The unit comes with a good support system through the incorporation of features like a larger table with a vice clamping system to help secure the workpiece. A simple adjustment level on the saw allows for quick settings at various miter stops.  This saw can make bevel cuts up to 45-degree left and right, and miter cut up to 52 degrees when tilted left or right.


  • At 24 pounds, this miter saw is super-light in weight.
  • It is a budget-friendly 10-inch miter saw.
  • The miter saw comes with features to help make precise and accurate cuts.
  • It is quite easy to set-up for use.


  • The trigger system doesn’t have a thumb safety.

#2. DEWALT DW713 – Best Affordable 10-Inch Miter Saw


As a professional woodcutter, you need to come to terms with the Dewalt DW713 miter saw. The DW713 is versatile for making miter, bevel, and compound cuts. The miter saw features a 10-inch carbide blade and has size dimensions around 19 x 23.8 x 17 inches. It is portable and easy to transport due to its lightweight design around 35 pounds.

The presence of a 15 amp motor power helps deliver quality cuts with more accuracy. It also aids the blade speed to rotate at 5,000 rpm with no load. For safety purposes, the miter saw features a transparent blade guard to monitor your cuts without direct contact with the blade. It comes with an adjustable cam lock to cut at different angles.

Additionally, the exclusive 10-inch saw can make miter cuts of 50 degrees left and right. It can also perform bevel cuts at 48 degrees when tilted to the left or right. This miter saw also comes with an adjustable fence to support longer cutting of boards and allows for 4 1/2 –inch vertical cut capacity.  A dust collecting bag as part of the unit provides for maximum collection of dust particles to keep the workspace clean.


  • The lightweight design makes the miter saw unit portable.
  • It makes fast and maximum cuts.
  • Offers precise as well as accurate cuts.
  • It is an affordable option
  • It is highly durable.


  • The high blade speed makes this unit noisy.

#3. Makita LS1018 miter saw - Best High-Level 10-inch Miter Saw


The Makita LS1018 is a previous model of the Makita LS1018 dual slide miter saw. It is a high-level miter saw that delivers accurate cuts. It comes out of the box with size dimensions around 34 x 22 x 20 inches and comes with a medium weight of 43.7 pounds for increased portability. The presence of a 13-Amp direct-drive motor helps drive the miter saw at a no-load speed of 4300prm for smooth cutting of lumber and baseboards. The motor features a soft start technology that helps preserve the blade for an extended period.  Also, the product features a 10-inch blade which is housed under a 5/8-inch arbor size.

Furthermore, the presence of an ergonomic rubberized D-handle design is responsible for comfort with the use of the Miter saw. To ensure safety, Makita LS1018 features a see-thru blade guard that allows you to monitor your cuts without any direct contact with the blade. Also, the miter saw features a Laser which allows for precise alignment to make your cuts more accurate. The presence of a large aluminum base and extension wings provide more support for the larger workpiece.

Additionally, the product offers easier operation and added comfort, thanks to the oversized trigger switch. When it comes to cutting capacity, it can make miter cuts at 0-47 degrees left and up to 60 degrees right. It features a rear handle bevel lock that allows adjustments of 0-45 degrees when tilted left and right. For miter cuts, the saw has positive stops at angles of 0o, 15o, 22.5o, 31.6o, and 45o.


  • The product delivers cuts that are precise and accurate.
  • It is quite versatile has it delivers different cuts (miter, bevel, and cross-cut).
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle for added comfort while in use.
  • The strong Aluminum base provides space for more extensive and heavy workpiece.


  • Dust collection system may be sub-standard.
  • Makita LS1018 miter saw comes with less motor power than other 10-inch saws.

#4. Bosch CM10GD – Best Compact 10-inch Miter Saw


When it comes to picking a miter saw, which takes less space, provides comfort, and has high motor power. The Bosch CM10GD will be your best pick. The Bosch CM10GB has a 10-inch 60-toothed blade for direct cuts. It features a lot of innovative technology such as an Axial Glide system to help make more extensive cuts and smooth glide. It comes with size dimensions around 32 x 26.5 x 20.5 inches, and it’s quite heavy at 65 pounds weight. Also, this product features a compact design replacing the sliding rail system, which conserves up to 10-inches of workspace for use in tight spaces.

Bosch CM10GD miter saw unit features a 15-Amp motor, which propels the blade to rotate at max no-load speed of 4800 rpm for faster cuts. For maximum comfortability while using, the miter saw features an ergonomic trigger handle with a soft grip for a lasting relief to your hand. A lower blade guard system allows you to monitor your cuts and prevent accidents.

Additionally, the 10-inch miter saw comes with a metal bevel and square lock precision fences for adjustments. This unit delivers a 2-inch horizontal and 5 ½ -inch vertical nested capacity against a fencing system. Available with the unit are miter dents that allow for accurate cuts at angles up to 47 degrees. Besides, this unit has an effective dust collection system, which takes up to 90% when attached to a vacuum.


  • The compact design allows the saw to fit through tight spaces.
  • It delivers a smooth operation due to the blade speed of 4800.
  • The presence of an ergonomic trigger handle confers comfortability on the unit.
  • Dust collection system is good.
  • The presence of miter detents allows for precise and accurate cuts.


  • This unit is quite heavy at 65 pounds.
  • It can cut wider boards, but it’s quite strenuous.

#5. Makita LS1019L - Best Versatile 10-inch Miter Saw


Makita LS1019L comes with standard quality assurance with a stamp of the Deep and Exact Cutting Technology Trademark.  Versatility is a top niche with the saw as it can make a cross, miter, bevel, and compound cuts. It comes out of the box with a 10-inch 60 tooth blade, and the miter saw pays more details to accurate cuts than other models in its category. It has size dimensions of 22.1 x 32.7 x 21.6 inches. Also, it weighs 59.7 pounds, which is quite heavy but still movable.

Furthermore, the saw is effectively powered by a 15 amp direct-drive motor with a soft technology feature that delivers smooth and consistent power of cuts. A peculiar 2-steel rail sliding system is responsible for reducing the saw’s footprint for savings on workspace. It features a see-through blade guard, which allows you monitor your cuts.

When it comes to cutting capacity, the saw can make 0-60 degree miter and bevel cuts when tilted right or to the left. It has a great cut capacity of 6 5/8inches for vertically nested crown molding and 5 ¼ -inches for making 90-degree crosscuts. It features 6 positive angle cuts of 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45, 60- degrees. Beyond that, the saw features a waste disposal system with the presence of a dust bag and vacuum hose to minimize dust particles.


  • It comes with a massive cutting capacity.
  • Convenient and user-friendly.
  • A soft technology feature delivers the needed quality of cuts.
  • A blade guard feature over the blade allows you to monitor your cuts while in use.


  • During long sliding cuts, the blade sometimes drag.

#6. Hitachi C10FSHC Miter saw - Best Design 10-inch Miter Saw


The Hitachi C10FSHC miter saw is a great compound saw which catches the eye. It is a sliding compound saw with attractive features such as a Zero clearance slide system that helps save on workspace and allows footrest placement on benches and against a wall. The saw has a blade size of 10-inches. It is ergonomically designed and comes out of the box with size dimensions around 30 x 23 x 16 inches. The sliding compound saw is quite portable, thanks to its light-weight design of 45.6 pounds.

To ensure accuracy, the miter saw features an adjustable laser marker and LED light for visibility. It features laser adjustment dials which can be found under the blade guard. A 15-Amp direct-drive motor provides all the needed efficiency to make smooth cuttings. The motor delivers a no-load speed around 3,200 rpm, which can cut through hard and thickened wood. On the surface, the miter saw features ergonomically placed controls that permit easy adjustability of bevel angles.

Also, the miter saw features five positive stop override system that allows you to make miter angle adjustment at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.62 and 45 degrees. When it comes to cutting capacity, the miter saw can miter cuts of 0-60 degrees when tilted right and 0-55 degrees when tilted left. It has a vertical cut depth at 4 ¼ inches. It also features a dual tall aluminum fencing system. Furthermore, the Hitachi C10FSHC comes with a sound disposal system with the presence of a dust bag and vacuum hose for easy collection of dust.


  • The presence of Zero clearance slide help saves on workspace.
  • Quite durable and versatile.
  • Presence of LED light provides more visibility
  • Presence of upfront ergonomic control system to make fast adjustments.


  • The motor speed is quite low at 3,200 rpm as compared with other models.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Buying a high-quality 10-inch miter saw does not come cheap at all. Therefore, there is a need to consider some factors and technicalities to avoid dishing off hundreds of dollars.

Some of these factors include:

1. Budget

Most 10-inch miter saws are cheap on the overall since they are typically meant for Home DIYers and not in a professional setting. However, like other types of saws, the price range may upshoot depending on the extra features, durability and material construction. There are 10-inch miter saws with a power capability of typical 12-inch saws. Therefore, your best take is to go for the 10-inch type within the confines of your budget and still have the required features needed.

2. Versatility

Depending on your choice and the type of cuts you wish to make, you might need to check out the various types of miter saws and the kind of cuts they can make. While some 10-inch miter saws are limited to one of miter or bevel cuts. There are other 10-inch miter saws with a more versatile option of making cross, bevel, and miter cuts. Therefore, your best option will be to go for a more versatile option, which can come in handy for any cut.

3. Precision and safety features

Consider buying a 10-inch saw with essential functionalities. Take a clue from the miter saws reviewed above and look out for those features that guarantee a precise and safe cut. You might want to look out for features such as the rail fence, base, ergonomic handle, motor power, blade speed, and so on to make the right buying decision.

4. Portability

As a DIYer, you will find a 10-inch miter saw quite useful. However, you will need to take a detailed check of its portability. That means you need to consider its weight and size dimensions to make the best buying decision. This should be done in cases whereby there is need to transport the machinery from a Job site to another area.

5. Motor Power

The motor of a miter saw determines is responsible for driving the miter saw to generate smoother and accurate cuts. There are two types of motor which are the belt is driven and direct drive. While the belt drive often comes with frequents slips due to frequent use, a direct drive motor doesn’t. However, many 10-inch miter saw comes with a direct-drive motor; what you have to ensure is the motor power. A more motor power delivers a reliable and accurate cut.

FAQ About 10-Inch Miter Saw

How deep can a 10-inch miter saw cut?

A 10-inch miter saw features a 10-inch blade diameter with the power to cut boards up to 6-inches deep. The 6-inches wide wood is the largest capacity a 10-inch miter saw can take.

How can I maintain the 10” miter saw?

One advantage with the 10-inch miter saw is the fact that it is portable and easy to maintain. Its easy maintenance stems from its small size. Maintaining your 10-inch miter saw requires you eliminating debris with compressed air after every use and frequent oiling to reduce friction.

What size of Lumber can a miter saw cut?

10-inches miter saw models have the ability to cut a 2x 6 lumber at a right angle. It can cut across a board of 5-inches wide and cut a 2 x 4 lumber at 45 degrees. A 10-inch miter saw can also make cuts on a four by four lumber material.


The best option of a miter saw for a mini project is the 10-inch miter saw. Also, there are some models are found suitable for both beginners and professionals. They can also boost productivity and speed when used to their full potential and could come with power typical of 12-inch saw models. Therefore, if you consider getting any of the 10-inch saw models today, this article comes with their various options along with reviews to help make the best buying decision.

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