The Best Budget Table Saw: Choose Your Favorite From Our Top 6 List

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It won't be hard to imagine the following scenario if you're new to woodworking. You've found a mentor, followed a ton of creators on YouTube, and gone through numerous tutorials and guides on learning the craft. Now, it's time to place it all into practice and start your first woodworking project.

You go through the list of all materials and the tools you need, only to find out that the entire cost of building a simple chair or a piece of furniture would cost more than buying it in Costco.

This is why you need to be prepared by having tools and materials that don't cost much and yet, can bring you results. The beginning is always the roughest part, so we're here to help. Check out our list and find the best budget table saw for a beginner like you.


Top 6 Budget Table Saws You Can See

$$$ — DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite ~ 54 lbs - A portable table saw for every group of woodworkers. If you're a pro, you'll already know how to get the most out of it. If not, you're in for a couple of years of quality sawing, thanks to DeWalt's superior technology.

$ — Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner Portable Tabletop Saw ~ 15 lbs. If you can find a table saw that has as many extra features as this one for the same price, let us know, and we'll update the list right away. Until then, this is our runner-up that costs under $200.

$$$ — SKIL 15 Amp 10-Inch Table Saw ~ 51.2 lbs. Skil power tools are known for their incredibly strong motors and durable builds. You'll pay a bit more for this one than for the other budget table saws, but it'll be worth it.

$ — INTRADIN Table Saw ~ 43.7 lbs. Here's the deal - a table saw that costs under $200, has a folding stand, weighs less than 50 lbs, and can spin the blade at 5500 RPMs - what's not to like?!

$$ — RYOBI RTS12 15 Amp 10 in. Table Saw ~ 7.3 pounds. A Ryobi tool is always the way to go. In this case, you'll be buying a lightweight table saw with a 15-amp motor and a compact design. This is our choice for contractors that need portability in all scenarios.

$$ — Goplus Table Saw 10-Inch Table Saw ~ 46 lbs. A great solution for those that need some extra features for special projects. This thing is wide enough to rip anything, thanks to its quality blade and rip capacity.

DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite - The Best Overall
  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • Power Source: Battery-Powered/ Cordless
  • Voltage/Wattage: 110 V
  • Speed: 5800 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: 24.5 Inches

People will generally find a correlation between budget table saws and other table saws that are usually directed at beginners since they have lowered specs and simpler designs to compensate for the price. However, that's not the case at all times, as we'll see in the DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite review.

You don't have to be a pro woodworker to know about DeWalt. Their products are on every corner, and they dominate the power tool industry, especially when it comes to battery-powered products, such as table saws in this example.

You might've heard about DeWalt's 20V battery system that lets users interchange batteries among different tools that have the appropriate slot. There are two benefits from such a closed system - energy conservation and fewer parts to buy means more money in your wallet.

When it comes to the performance and the abilities of this saw, there are a few vital points that you maybe should be aware of. Firstly, this thing has a 15-amp motor that can reach 5800 RPMs and maintain blade speed without getting too hot.

Secondly, most table saws, especially budget picks, have a rip capacity below 20 inches, while this table saw even cut 4x8's thanks to its wide 24.5-inch rip capacity.

Furthermore, you don't often see budget table saws builds that resemble the one of a classic cabinet saw, but that's the case here. It's pretty bulky and has large storage for the motor and additional woodworking tools that you might need during your projects.

This cabinet table saw has been purchased in many other countries aside from the US and every single review revolved around the same fact - it's epic. It's great for various cuts, the battery life is more than reasonable, and there is an abundance of safety features that are extremely important for a beginner.

All in all, there's no regretting it if you pick this one!

  • DeWalt’s battery system
  • Blade size and speed
  • Quick and precise cuts
  • An abundance of onboard storage
  • /

Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner Portable Tabletop Saw - Runner-Up
  • Weight: 15 lbs (Bare Tool)
  • Power Source: Corded and Cordless
  • Voltage/Wattage: 120 V
  • Speed: 3000 SPM
  • Rip Capacity: N/A

DeWalt saws are beasts, and it's not surprising that one of their models made it to the top of our review list. But, who says they're the only ones that can make a quality saw? Say hello to the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner Portable Tabletop Saw.

The first thing we want to address is that this model can be purchased as a bare tool, with a crosscut sled, and with the additional set of 10 blade pieces. The only difference in the tool itself is that you'll get a corded model if you purchase the one with blades and a cordless one if you choose one from the other two.

In terms of design, the thing that catches everyone's attention is the weight. It weighs only 15 lbs, making it the lightest table saw on this list. The specs are a bit lower due to its build, but it can still be cut since this is a powerful table.

You won't need that fast of a saw for home DIY projects, and you'll usually do fine with a 2500 RPM table saw. This one can remain stable at 3000 RPMs while cutting, ripping, and shaping the edges of the material.

It also has a bevel setting at 60 degrees, which could be necessary for some woodworking projects. But the main beauty of it is portability, especially when you factor in that it has enough onboard storage for the rip fence and the miter gauge.

This is undoubtedly the best table saw for this type of money, considering the fact that it's under $300 and comes with 10 T-shank blades.

Now, we wouldn't really recommend it to experienced woodworkers. It has a solid cast-iron build, and it's great as a jobsite table saw, but it can't make that much of a difference with metals or thicker materials. It's perfect for woodworking shops and improvised home sheds, but that's about it.

  • Best cheap table saw
  • Lightweight
  • Compact, but has a lot of onboard storage
  • Cutting power
  • Small rip capacity
  • Not for professionals

SKIL 15 Amp 10-Inch Table Saw - The Best 10-Inch Table Saw
  • Weight: 51.2 lbs
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Voltage/Wattage: N/A
  • Speed: 4600 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: 25.5 Inches

We debated whether we want to include this 10-inch table saw in this list since it's not that cheap, but we believe that it has a reasonable price when you consider its performance and capabilities. So, without further ado, here's the SKIL 15 Amp 10-Inch Table Saw.

You might be surprised by the price that this unit goes for, but let's examine why that is.

Firstly, it's a Skil table saw. Skil dominates the power tool industry, and it's right at the top with companies such as Black+Decker, DeWalt, Makita, and many others. Of course, there are many table saws from different manufacturers that can compete, but it's only natural to assume that these companies will make quality products.

Secondly, let's take a closer look at the features and individual characteristics. The rip capacity of this incredible table saw is 25.5 inches; the motor runs at 15 amps and gets the blade up to 4600 RPMs, which is a lot more than the average.

It's equipped with a quality rack-and-pinion rip fence whose adjustments are incredibly smooth, not to mention the parallel blade alignment. Oh, and the blade has 24 teeth, and it's carbide-tipped for good measure.

It's not that heavy, but the Skil engineers made it into a perfect portable table saw with the integrated foldable legs and the dust control system, something that most cabinet table saws don't have.

Aside from being the best portable table saw here, there's another reason we value this product so much. Its cutting capacity makes most table saws look so cheap and low-quality. Bevel cuts go up to 47 degrees, but you can also make straight cuts at 90 degrees, especially cutting 4x4's.

However, price is an issue, and that's the main disadvantage this portable table saw has against the other saws. If it were a bit less expensive, we'd consider putting it in the first place.

  • Rack-and-pinion system
  • Dust collection port and foldable legs
  • Rip capacity
  • 47-degree bevel cuts
  • Maximum cutting depth
  • More expensive than the others

INTRADIN Table Saw - The Best Table Saw For The Money
  • Weight: 43.7 lbs
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Voltage/Wattage: N/A
  • Speed: 5500 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: N/A

Jobsite saws are actually harder to find than you might think. You need to have three things combined in a single device - appropriate weight, space, and strength. If you can find a good deal while you're at it, you're golden.

Well, the INTRADIN Table Saw might just be the answer.

If you haven't heard about Intradin, don't even wonder why. They are a Chinese company that manufactures everything from kitchen supplies to power tools. They don't have a lot of products on the US market, but this one found its way, and you've got to check it out.

Looking at it and wondering about its design will probably remind you of the Rockwell model since they have the same build, aside from the foldable legs that this unit has.

This is also a hybrid table saw, so you could argue that this is the best hybrid table saw among the budget picks. It has a strong 15-amp motor that can reach the speed of 5500 RPMs, which is no joke.

Our top pick of the list has a 5800 RPM maximum speed, and it's not even close to the rest of the table saws in this article. It has a 10-inch saw blade, and we can't really say much about its quality, but you can always purchase a set of knives to use as a replacement.

Meanwhile, it has a solid cutting depth that rests at 3-1/2-inches at 0 degrees and 2-1/3-inches at 45 degrees for bevel cuts. It comes with a mitre gauge and the standard 1-1/4-inch dust collection port.

Despite its great features, we do have to say that this unit isn't as popular as the others and there's no warranty deal. Based on the customer experiences, it seems to run well over the course of time, and it passed our examination as well. After all, it was quite cheap.

  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy design
  • Great for home projects
  • It comes with a mitre gauge and a dust collection port
  • No warranty

RYOBI RTS12 15 Amp 10 in. Table Saw - The Best Portable Table Saw
  • Weight: N/A
  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Voltage/Wattage: N/A
  • Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: N/A

When you see the Ryobi name, you know it's going to be all quality and no messing around. Let's see what the RYOBI RTS12 15 Amp Table Saw brings to the table.

Let's not talk about the Ryobi company, as you've probably heard all about it, and jump straight into the specifications for this incredible table saw. It is a 15-amp unit with a steel roll cage that holds the motor and gives the entire thing more durability.

It doesn't have a rolling stand, but the legs are foldable, and the overall stability is truly impressive. We tested it out with a lot of onboard weight, and it held its ground.

On the other hand, the cast aluminum table is quite lightweight, which is surprising given the design and the build around the motor and the legs. The entire support is enough for it to stand without being affected by vibrations and debris, so it works out.

The blade has a speed of 5000 RPMs, which is terrific for a portable table saw, let alone the best budget table saws. Another cool thing is the 3-year warranty - something you'd expect from a company such as Ryobi.

The issue that caught our eyes was that the folding stand had to be reinstalled for each use since it gets wiggly. It is kind of a nuisance, but it's worth it in the long run.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Lightweight design
  • Under $250
  • Power
  • Wiggly folding stand

Goplus Table Saw 10-Inch Table Saw - The Best Rip Capacity
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Voltage/Wattage: 120 V
  • Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Rip Capacity: 26 Inches

We're down to the last item for this budget list, so let's see what makes this one different from the other cabinet, hybrid, and contractor table saws. It's the Goplus Table Saw 10-Inch Table Saw review.

The first characteristic we noticed when we turned it on was how low the noise was. It was quite surprising since this is a 15-amp device with 5000 rotations per minute. The second thing we really liked was the abundance of space.

The entire unit measures 29 x 23 x 15 inches, and it has a 26-inch rip capacity - more than any other product on this list. Most cabinet and contractor table saws vary somewhere between 20 and 24 inches, so this is something special.

Moreover, the saw blade that comes with this model is a 36-teeth piece with carbide tips, a riving knife, and a blade guard. Suffice it to say; there's no need to worry about safety features when it comes to this table saw.

Even though rack-and-pinion fence systems are something we like to see, we don't mind seeing the self-aligning system that this unit has. Also, the sliding miter gauge can easily be set to crosscut anywhere between -45 and 45 degrees.

It's mostly suitable for smaller projects, but that's what you get from a budget pick. The only thing that matters is to pick the right table saw, and this one could well be it.

  • Low noise
  • 26-inch rip capacity
  • Riving knife and a blade guard
  • Self-aligning rip fence
  • Suitable for smaller projects

What's there to know about the best cheap table saw? Buyer's guide

This is our choice for the best table saws, which doesn't necessarily mean that you'll find the one for you. So, here are some tips on finding quality table saws for low cash.

1. Rip fence

The difference in high-quality models and budget picks can be seen from miles away, especially when it comes to the rip fence. However, you can get mid-tier units with good setups.

You'll normally find two main adjustment systems - rack-and-pinion and lever adjustments. Naturally, the adjustments are more smooth and precise with the rack-and-pinion fence, but there are models with accurate lever adjustments.

Also, as we've seen, there are self-aligning units, but they tend to be more expensive. Overall, find a stable saw with a durable fence, and you'll learn to readjust the fence manually if it's needed.

best budget table saw 2023

2. Power

You can't expect the same amount of power from budget table saws as from hybrid table saws, for example, but there are units that can run at 5000 RPMs and more, such as the DeWalt or GoPlus saws.

Still, it's not just about the power since you need a stable frame, a blade brake, and a good saw blade for more extensive work. We'd generally recommend using a 10-inch blade size with carbide teeth that can run without damaging at 3000 RPMs.

3. Dust systems

It doesn't matter if we're talking about premium table saws or mid-tier ones - you need a good dust extraction system. It helps a lot, especially if you're using plywood since there's a lot of sawdust flying around.

Even the budget picks have ports for a vacuum cleaner or devices for dust extraction. The standard port is 1-1/2-inch wide, so that's what you should look for in most cases.

4. Warranty

Ensuring an expensive table saw makes absolute sense, but even the budget picks cost somewhere between $200 and $300. Now add the fact that cheaper models don't last as much as you'd want them to, and you realize that you'll probably spend more on repairs or replacing parts.

So, try to find units that have at least a 1-year deal, if not more.


What is the best table saw in terms of value for the money?

Given the specifications of all the table saws that we've covered, when we compare it with their price, we'd have to give this title to the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner Portable Tabletop Saw.

Considering that this is the cheapest one on the list, it has more to offer than some mid-tier units that cost way more.

How much does a decent saw cost?

The premium saws cost anywhere between $500 and $2000. The mid-tier models vary between $400 and $1000, while the budget picks are in the range between $200 and $400.

What constitutes a good entry-level table saw?

best cabinet table saw on a budget

In our opinion, if you're starting out, the things you need from a good saw are stability, a good fence, and easy-to-use features. It shouldn't matter how much power it has or the amount of features the table saw comes with if it works well for a beginner and does the job in the long run.

Is it worth having a table saw?

Absolutely yes. A good table saw can cut your working time by more than half, especially when you get practiced and know what you're doing.

In this case, we're talking about budget picks, so it shouldn't affect your finances that much if you decide to give one table saw a shot.

What is the best choice for a budget table saw?

After browsing, testing, and figuring it all out, we'd have to give it to the DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite.

Let's put it aside that this is a DeWalt table saw and focus on the characteristics.

It's lightweight, has a large rip capacity, an incredible 15-amp motor with 5800 RPM speed, and the cutting process is so smooth.

There were no visible vibrations on the table, and adjustments are a piece of cake. Also, the battery is phenomenal, which is another reason people choose DeWalt nowadays over other manufacturers.

DEWALT Table Saw for Josites, 8-1/4 Inch, 15 Amp (DWE7485)*
  • COMPACT BUILD - Conserve storage space and simplify transporting this tool with a compact design
  • ACCURATE ADJUSTMENTS - Make fast, smooth fence adjustments with rack and pinion telescoping rails
  • PROFESSIONAL RIP CAPACITY - Take on large jobs with 24.5 in. of rip capacity for ripping 4X8 plywood or OSB sheets
  • Site-Pro Modular Guarding System allows for tool-free adjustments of the guarding
  • Power-loss reset prevents accidental restarts following a power disruption when the tool is left in the on position

Final thoughts

We hope you found the best budget table saw that works for you. It wasn't easy to compile this list as there are so many budget picks from different manufacturers, some we haven't even heard of.

Overall, you have to be careful not to pick a device that'll give out after a couple of months and leave you stranded, so make sure to follow some of the guidelines that we set up in the buyer's guide.

That's it and let us know if you like a table saw or two from the list.

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