Ryobi Table Saw Review: Your Search for the Best Can Stop Here

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How many times have you told yourself, "I swear to God, I'm getting a quality saw next time!" Trust us; we've been there. Table saws are expensive, and it's not always that easy to invest a large sum for a woodworking tool that can give out with a snap of the fingers.

Mid-range and used table saws can get the job done if they've been taken care of over the years, but you'll have to buy a new one sooner or later.

Now, there are so many table saws out there, especially from high-valued manufacturers such as DeWalt, Black+Decker, Stanley, and many more. How would one begin the process of choosing?

Well, this article covers an exclusive field of Ryobi table saws, woodworking tools that have quickly found their straight way to the top of the industry as some of the most reliable and durable units out there.

So, check out our Ryobi table saw review list, and maybe you'll find your future woodworking beast.


Our best 3 choices Ryobi table saw review you can see

$$ — RYOBI RTS12 15-Amp 10 in. Table Saw with a Folding Stand ~ 41 lbs - Why would you take a risk with mid-range units when there's the RTS12 to save the day? It's sturdy, well-balanced, durable, and cuts wood with brute force.

$ — RYOBI RTS08 13-Amp 8-1/4 in. Table Saw ~ 41.9 lbs - 10-inch table saws are the standard nowadays, but some DIY projects require smaller, craftier, and more compact saws. Worry not; Ryobi is there to save the day with the RTS 08 table saw. Don't let its blade size fool you - it's one heck of a saw!.

$$$ — Ryobi RTS23 10 in. Portable Table Saw ~ 50.8 lbs - The RTS23 is very similar in terms of design and internal specifications to the RTS12. However, it's a bit bulkier and a little better equipped to deal with heavy-duty stock. It's expensive for a good reason - this thing cuts!.

RYOBI RTS12 15-Amp 10 in. Table Saw with a Folding Stand - The Best Ryobi Table Saw
  • Model Code: RTS12
  • Blade Length: 10 inches
  • Blade Rotation Speed: 5000 RPMs
  • Package: Bare Tool
  • Motor: 15 Amp

Throughout the years, Ryobi has supplemented the market with a lot of great table saws, ranging from cordless band models to heavy-duty machinery. The culmination of years of evolution is perfectly portrayed through the RYOBI RTS12 15-Amp 10 in. Table Saw with a Folding Stand, their best universal table saw for both professionals and beginners.

Based on our estimations, this is the best Ryobi table saw there is, but in order to call it that, there has to be something special about it alongside excellent performance and accessories. So, let's dig in and find that X factor.

Firstly, let's look at the way it was designed by the Ryobi team. The dimensions of this table saw are 36 x 29 x 15 inches, and it weighs 41 lbs, which is overall an average build considering the competition and various table saws on the market.

It consists of your standard table saw equipment: a tabletop, storage compartment with a motor, a steel-roll cage, and a folding stand. The beauty is that it's not a basic table saw build since each component is made with absolute precision and configuration in terms of compatibility with the rest of the equipment.

The tabletop is made from cast aluminum, a strong component that's extremely durable and resistant to rust, the folding stand can withstand even more than 40 lbs without losing its stability, and the storage can contain motor accessories and still leave you with more room than you'll need.

The motor is truly terrific - it's a 15-amp beast with a 5000 RPM no-load speed that lets the 50-toothed 10-inch blade run at will. We actually had the pleasure of using and testing it, and it withstood all tests against various wooden materials.

We were surprised that there were no cheap plastic parts since a lot of manufacturers tend to integrate plastic supporting boards and screws to save on money. Ryobi is truly a master crafting firm!

Even looking through customer reviews led to no obvious flaws or things that could lead to accidental cuts or injuries. To sum it up, your purchasing decision should reach its final stage right about here!

  • Terrific build
  • Extreme durability
  • No plastic parts
  • Great value for the money
  • /

RYOBI RTS08 13-Amp 8-1/4 in. Table Saw - The Best Compact Ryobi Table Saw
  • Model Code: RTS08
  • Blade Length: 4 inches
  • Blade Rotation Speed: 5000 RPMs
  • Package: Bare Tool
  • Motor: 13 Amp

As promised, the next item we have from the Ryobi manufacturing facilities is a smaller unit that's perfect for delicate work, such as working with pine or softwood. We'll talk more on that in the RYOBI RTS08 13-Amp 8-1/4 in. Table Saw review.

So, not many table saws have the ability to perform miter cuts, especially when the saw in question is bulky and offers no space for maneuvering. This Ryobi saw works a bit differently than the rest.

It features a crosscut miter tool that can be shifted in the range from 0 to 90 degrees, which is already a huge bonus in terms of comparing it with the rest of the table saws out there. It is a bit sloppy, but you can adjust the shrink wrap that's placed around the slide bar and make it run smoothly.

Even though it's a bit smaller, it still weighs around the same as the RTS12, and it even has similar specifications in terms of rotation speed motor power, which rest respectively at 5000 RPMs and 13 amp.

It's intended for smaller stock units, but it still has a maximum cutting depth of 2.2 inches, which is more than most table saws can offer. If you take a look at some of the individual specifications, you'll find that this is more than a good purchase.

At the same time, there are things you should know that impact the overall experience a bit negatively, such as the fact that the riving blade is a bit difficult to adjust. There have been complaints about difficulties of reaching certain adjustments screws on the back.

So, is it worth it, or can you think of a better idea for your future purchase? Honestly, we believe it's more than worthy of your attention.

The Ryobi brand alone is enough to consider it and its efficiency is through the roof. Most of these flaws can be worked around and ignored, but the efficiency is still there.

  • Excellent compact saw
  • Meant for delicate and cool projects
  • A great saw for the price
  • It comes with all the accessories: rip fence, blade guard, miter gauge, push stick, and blade wrenches
  • Riving blade adjustments

Ryobi RTS23 10 in. Portable Table Saw - The Best Heavy-Duty Table Saw With A Rolling Stand
  • Model Code: RTS23
  • Blade Length: 10 Inches
  • Blade Rotation Speed: 5000 RPMs
  • Package: Bare Tool
  • Motor: 15 Amp

The third unit we have here is one of the best Ryobi table saws on the market right now.

All of their models have similar specifications since they incorporate the same integral parts, but the sturdy build and the expanded capacity of this table saw are truly remarkable, which is why it deserves a few lines as well. Here's the Ryobi RTS23 10 in. Portable Table Saw.

We're not here to bore you with many details, so let's take the initiative and dive into the things that make this Ryobi table saw special in contrast with the others.

So, this is the first unit that features a rolling stand that increases mobility and makes it one of the truly best portable table saws there is right now. Furthermore, this table saw has increased onboard storage and an extension table for maximum efficiency.

Plus, it has a 27-inch rip capacity, which is truly amazing considering the sizes and dimensions of most table saws. This allows you to work with various types of wood and perform different cuts at multiple angles.

When it comes to features, you won't be disappointed at all. It has the standard Ryobi table saw 15 amp motor that delivers high-capacity cuts at 5000 RPMs, leaving almost no saw dust in the process thanks to the special design.

Add the 3-year warranty and the fact that all the accessories are included, such as a miter gauge and mounting hardware for the folding stand with wheels, and you get this incredible unit.

The only remark we can observe is the price, but that's what you get for purchasing such a high-quality unit.

  • Portable table saw with a folding stand
  • 27-inch max rip capacity
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent efficiency
  • High price

The ryobi table saw: Here are the basics!

This article revolves around one thing, Ryobi. It's a brand that you've probably heard of, possibly had some of their products, and most probably haven't read up on them.

We all do it: buy products based on their specs and appearance without checking out some basic info about the manufacturer. No worries, that is why we've taken it up upon ourselves to deliver you some quality info.

1. The brand

This powerful company was founded all the way back in 1943, almost 80 years ago in Japan, and they mainly worked with manufacturing and distributing automobile parts, as well as electronics.

Over the course of years, Ryobi had developed to the point where companies recognized their incredible potential in developing power tools, which is why we're talking about them today in the woodworking world.

They moved on to making builders' hardware, printing equipment, and different power tools for smaller and larger materials, such as table saws. They are known for their strong features a compact design, and their products are always a great option in terms of budget.

ryobi ac table saw review

2. Elementals and more...

Table saws are essentially simple tools: they consist of circular saws that protrude through the table, a motor placed compactly under the table within the storage compartment, and accessories for more accurate cuts.

All in all, such tools have developed over the years, but they remained the same in their general construction, so what's the X factor? What makes Ryobi units so appealing to the masses?

First off, most Ryobi tools are cordless, and they feature the proprietary 18V and 20V+ lines of batteries that are hugely renowned in this business. Right next to the DeWalt line, Ryobi dominates the aftermarket with their batteries, and they have excellent lifespans and energy consumption.

Secondly, each design of their table saws is made with absolute regard to the user experience. In other words, the dimensions, accessories, and adjustments for each part are what make the Ryobi table saw so special.

3. Usage

In order to use a Ryobi table saw, you'll first have to make the appropriate adjustments and set the height of the table. Then, it's time to set the rip capacity to the width of your desired cut while taking into consideration the dimensions of the stock you're cutting.

After you set the blade guard and the riving blade, it's time to boot it up. Never reach over the saw, even if there's space above the saw. It's better to lose a couple of quick seconds and go around the table than to be involved in an unnecessary injury.


Does Ryobi make a good table saw?

Based on the general specifications of all Ryobi table saws, it's safe to say that they are more than satisfactory in every way. A lot of professionals use them, but they're still suitable for home projects and smaller building projects.

What are the best brands of table saws?

Aside from Ryobi, our team really loves using DeWalt and Worx units. They are extremely efficient, and the resulting cuts are always smooth. Also, don't forget about SawStop and its incredible products.

Does the Ryobi table saw cut angles?

ryobi expanded capacity table saw review

Yes, but not the conventional ones you'll cut with a miter or a bevel saw. It can cut angles in the range between 0 and 90 degrees, and it can be adjusted on the miter slot, but you'll get finer cuts if you use angle saws.

Why do we recommend these Ryobi table saws?

The reason is clear: they are incredible. Aside from being efficient, they are affordable, easy to use, great for all purposes, and easy to master. All in all, they're the jackpot in the industry.

DeWalt vs. Ryobi table saw: Which is better?

It's not a simple question to answer, considering that they manufacture various products that function both differently and similarly at the same time. We're a bit more accustomed to using Ryobi table saws, but DeWalt is still an excellent manufacturer of these units.

What's the best Ryobi saw?

This one goes to the RYOBI RTS12 15-Amp 10 in. Table Saw with a Folding Stand without a doubt.

After taking everything into consideration, we have to crown it the winner due to its incredible versatility in terms of cutting material and extreme efficiency. Also, it's quite affordable and has an excellent overall score with the customers that love to do tougher jobs.

10" table saw with folding stand*
  • Integrated on board storage for all accessories
  • Steel roll cage design for added durability and frame strength
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor with blade brake
  • Folding stand for transport and storage
  • Cast aluminum table top for a flat, durable, and lightweight work surface

Final thoughts

What Ryobi offers is undoubtedly special. If you take into account all the things they've been able to accomplish in half a century and where they are right now, it's truly incredible to see them wrecking the market at the pace they're going right now. 

Try one model in this Ryobi table saw review, and you'll see it for yourself!

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