What Is A Safe Distance From Welding Arch Flash?

Whenever you hire a welder for repairing something at your home or business place you might have noticed that while fixing metallic structure welders keep a welding arc flash safe distance to keep their eyes safe. When welding is carried out it produces intense light which can be dangerous for everyone’s eyes if he looks directly at the welding arc.

Usually, welders use welding curtains or personal protective equipment to keep a safe distance from the flash of the welding arc. If you do not use any of these precautions then you may have to suffer from Arc-Eye. The information provided here under will help you to know more about welding arc flash safe distance.

What is an arch eye?

When someone looks directly on something emitting extremely bright light then he is said to be a patient of Arc Eye. One can have arc-eye by viewing exceptionally bright light like the like of the sun, halogen lamp of a sunlamp at a tanning salon, flood lamp of a photographer, and welding. The reflection of the sunrays from the surface of water or snow can also cause arc-eyes. The best welder has safety controls making it safe to use

Symptoms of arc-eye

Usually, the symptoms of having arc-eyes do not become obvious immediately after their exposure to the flash of the welding arc. They develop gradually after 1-2 hours or sometimes several hours of the actual exposure. So, you may not be able to notice for many hours that you have been suffering from an arc-eye problem. You may start feeling irritation and painful itching in your eyes when the symptoms of arc-eye become obvious after some time. So it is important for the welders to keep adequate welding arc flash safe distance to protect their own eyes while working on some welding project or working with some other welder.

A safe distance from welding arch flash

The limit of welding arc flash safe distance to protect one’s eyes from the flash f welding arc is not defined clearly. It depends upon various factors including the type of welding process, intensity of the welding current and time period of exposure to flash along with environmental conditions. According to a trial conducted by the US Army for 10 minutes, exposure to UV rays 3 to 20 meters can be the safe distance. these rays can be coming from direct sunlight, Flux-cored arc welding or manual metal arc welding.

However, other sources believe that the radiation coming from the arc of welding can be considered dangerous from any distance and for that reason no safe limit in this regard can be announced. So to protect the people working near the site of welding it is advisable to isolate the area of welding project by surrounding it with a screen. It can provide enough protection to the eyes of people working at the welding site as well as passerby people from the ill effects of a flash of the welding arc.

Thus, welding arch flash safe distance cannot be defined accurately as it is not necessary to work on a welding project to suffer from arc-eye. You can also be exposed to the flash of welding arch if you are present where the welding is being done. So, it is important for you to reduce the risk of having arch-eye by ensuring the protection of your eyes whenever working on or nearby a welding project.

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