Make Exquisite Cuts With the Best Scroll Saw Blades Out There!

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All of you that use scroll saws know that one of the key traits of a master woodworker is patience and precision. Patience is developed over time, but precision is not only a matter of skill. In many cases, good materials and tools will significantly improve your accuracy and let you make art.

Now, there are different types of scroll saws and, consequently, different types of scroll saw blades that fit the design.

You can bang your head hopelessly against the wall while reading Wikipedia pages on what they are, or you can read this best scroll saw blades article and have everything summed up nice and clear.

Stay tuned, find your chosen set, read through the buyer's guide, and start your journey towards mastering the craft of woodworking!


Our Top 7 Picks: General Overviews and Reviews

Scroll saw blades are delicate and often fragile compared to the standard blades for most power saws. So, it's best to know right from the start what you're looking for.

Therefore, here's a quick overview of our top items to give you a clear perspective.

$ - OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade 18 pieces - We all want a precise scroll saw blade, and this is the best out there. Experience absolute accuracy with the combination of easy mounting by accepting this offer from Olson.

$ - SKIL 18 Piece 80181 Scroll Saw Blade Set 18 pieces - Skil never disappoints when it comes to longevity. If you're tired of having your blades breaking after two to three uses, it's time to try this razor-sharp blade set.

$ - Olson Saw FR49400 Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blade Set 36 pieces - Olson strikes again with one of the universal packs out there. Most scroll saws have blades that are compatible with only some types of materials, but this pack covers the majority and cuts like a beast.

$$ - Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack 52 pieces - Don't even think about using dull blades just to avoid going to the shop and buying new ones. Get this amazing pack of 52 quality pieces and get set for a long time.

$$$ - OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blades 18 pieces - Olson clearly dominates this area of the woodworking industry, and these quality pin-end scroll saw blades just go to show the amazing longevity of this line.

$ - BOSCH SS5-185 18.5-TPI Pin End Scroll Saw Blade 4 pieces - If you need a bit of a boost for cutting both wood and non-ferrous metals, this Bosch kit is the right for you. It might not feature a lot of pieces, but these will surely do the work.

$ - BOKIE 48-Pcs Scroll Saw Blades 48 pieces - A variety of scroll saw blades with different TPIs and applications? Say no more!

OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade - The Best Kit Out There
  • Manufacturer: ​Olson
  • Type: ​Double-Tooth Blades
  • TPI: ​9/10.5/12
  • Weight: ​0.05 lbs
  • Material: ​Carbon Steel

Perfecting a wooden stock cannot be easier with any other blade than this precision-ground tooth (PGT) blade with a double-tooth design. Stick here to read up more about the incredible OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade.

This package offers 18 pieces manufactured by Olson that weigh only 0.05 lbs. They have a unique double-tooth design that you don't encounter very often since most woodworkers use either standard blades or skip-tooth blades.

In essence, this design features two teeth grouped together with flat spaces between each pair. This type of design can lead to both intricate shapes and a smooth cut, but it requires more time and patience since you'll have to take it slowly against your workpiece.

The blades are made from carbon steel, which is highly resistant to heat. Carbon steel alloys are not prone to weldability or ductility, which is why it's used for this particular set of blades since they operate at high speeds.

They are 5-inch long, which should be sufficient for both ordinary and intricate shapes, but the bottom line is that it has sharp teeth and top-grade hardened steel to assist you in your projects.

Also, the price that Olson has established for this high-carbon steel set of blades is really low, which certainly doesn't reflect the quality of the blade material. Honestly, this is probably the best deal you'll get if you're shopping for a double-tooth set of blades.

There are no flaws we can tell, and the applications are endless for this exquisite set!

  • Double-tooth design
  • Great price-for-quality ratio
  • Not weldable
  • Excellent for cutting intricate shapes
  • /

SKIL 18 Piece 80181 Scroll Saw Blade Set - The Best Durable Set Of Scroll Saw Blades
  • Manufacturer: ​​Skil
  • Type: ​​Precision-Ground Blades
  • TPI: ​​15/18.5/20
  • Weight: ​​0.13 lbs
  • Material: ​​Steel Alloy

Since scroll saws are so delicate, thicker blades with good durability are always a safe choice for beginners. They'll allow you to experiment more and find which method of cutting works the best for you. Therefore, here's our top resilient pick, the SKIL 18 Piece 80181 Scroll Saw Blade Set.

Essentially, all blades tend to blend in after some time. They look similar, do the same thing, and you might even think to yourself, "What's the difference?"

Well, we don't want to sound know-it-alls, but slight differences in designs actually make the gap between good and great scroll saw blades. So, let's find the differences in this pack.

The number one thing that stands out is the build. High-speed steel has been precision-sharpened to maximize the efficiency of this set of 18 scroll saw blades. This makes them great for soft wood materials and plastic but also quite sufficient in cutting through softer metals.

Moreover, this pack of blades has pinned ends, meaning they're not fixed and can be adjusted to work with a wide range of saws, so you don't have to worry about whether they'll match with the one you have.

The set is divided into three groups of six blades, with each set having different TPIs (teeth per inch) - 15, 18.5, and 20. This is a good gap between the sizes since you'll be able to cut through stock that's thick, anywhere between 3 and 6 inches.

The main reason this set isn't in the first place is due to the speed of cutting. We feel like the scroll saw blade Olson has manufactured is a bit faster and more accurate, but we're talking about shades of differences.

  • Great for cutting wood and soft metals
  • Diverse 18 pieces with different TPIs for a pin-end scroll saw
  • High-speed steel build
  • Excellent durability
  • Not as fast as the scroll saw blade Olson made

Olson Saw FR49400 Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blade Set - The Best Variety Pick
  • Manufacturer: ​​Olson
  • Type: ​​Skip-Tooth Blades
  • TPI: ​​11.5/12.5/20
  • Weight: ​​0.05 lbs
  • Material: ​​High-Carbon Steel

A common thing occurs when people buy scroll saws without thinking about what they'll use them for. They trap themselves by purchasing an item that's intended for a certain type of material, and they cannot experiment with new projects due to a lack of requirements. Well, that won't happen with the Olson Saw FR49400 Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blade Set.

First, what are skip-tooth blades? Those that haven't used them are probably a bit baffled, so here's the gist of it. These models have a similar design with standard blades, except the teeth arrangement differs in a way where skip-tooth models have every other tooth missing from the pattern.

Due to this, skip-tooth blades are great for amateurs since the speed of cutting is significantly reduced. However, the upside is that you can cut thicker pieces with great chip clearance at a slower pace. The resulting cut is smooth, and there's little room for error.

The beauty of this blade kit is not only in its design but in its application as well. This scroll saw blade Olson had made features 36 pieces that can cut through wood, plastic, copper, bronze, and even brass and plastic.

Now, some customers have noted that each blade dulls relatively fast, but that's why this set is so great for beginners.

It'll allow you to practice without worrying about the longevity of your pieces, you'll cover a lot of ground with various materials, and you'll learn more about the craft of scroll cutting. In addition, these pieces vary between 11.5 and 20 TPI, leaving you a lot of room to progress.

  • Blades for a pin-end scroll saw
  • Versatility
  • Excellent for newer woodworkers
  • Chip clearance
  • Longevity

Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack - The Best Replacement Blades
  • Manufacturer: ​​Flying Dutchman
  • Type: ​​Ultra Reverse Blades
  • TPI: ​​12-15
  • Weight: ​​0.1 lbs
  • Material: ​Hardened Steel

Even though many people have heard about the Flying Dutchman spiral scroll blades, we bet that not many people got to experience these ultra-reverse blades that cut at incredible speeds. More on that in the Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack.

Let's look at the teeth arrangement first. These blades have a reverse teeth arrangement, meaning that the first couple of teeth is facing one side, but every third tooth is facing the other way. This is done for two reasons: better chip clearance and to prevent splintering.

However, what makes this set special in comparison to the standard blade is the ultra-fast speed at which it cuts the material. The average blade cannot match its speed since these are milled blades with a precision-ground design made from premium-grade steel in Germany.

Another thing to look at is the set itself - it features 52 pieces! This is more than what you'll usually get in a set of scroll saw blades, which is why this is a terrific replacement blade set to have, especially if you're working a lot.

Obviously, its price is a bit higher, but it's still under $30, which is generally considered to be cheap. Now, the main question is, why aren't they in the first place?

First, many people are not used to using ultra-reverse blades, and it takes a while to learn how to control the speed of these premium blades. Secondly, due to the high speed and heat released from the cutting, their lifespan is not that great, which is exactly why you're getting 52 pieces.

Overall, everyone should try them out, and you'll surely find a great use for them if you purchase them. Plus, they work well with all types of wood, which is a great bonus.

  • Premium-grade steel
  • Ultra-reverse teeth arrangement
  • 52 pieces
  • High cutting speed
  • Not for beginners
  • Low lifespan

OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blades - The Best For Beginners
  • Manufacturer: ​Olson
  • Type: ​​Pin-End Scroll Blades/ Skip-Tooth Design
  • TPI: ​​10/15/18.5
  • Weight: ​​0.06 lbs
  • Material: ​​Carbon Steel

There are seven main types of scroll saw blades, and going through the application of each one can be exhausting. If you're a beginner, don't look further than the OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blades, a great skip-tooth set of blades.

In essence, skip-tooth blade sets are exactly that - teeth arrangements with every other tooth missing from the pattern. This is done to create a single-tooth width gap so that the cuts that the blade performs are a bit slower but more controlled.

However, this set features three groups of scroll saw blades: two regular-tooth groups and one skip-tooth group. They have 15, 10, and 18.5 TPI, respectively, and they can make two types of cuts: medium turns and sharp (tight) turns.

You'll need to use skip-tooth blades for tight turns for better control, but you'll be able to cover most basic cuts with this model. It has 18 pieces that are made from quality carbon-steel alloys that can cut even thin metal.

Now, you should be careful when you use them since they're not very durable in the long run, but their price is more than enough to convince you to purchase them. You'll get a great set for tight corners and clear cuts, and you'll invest less than $10.

  • Great for beginners
  • Controlled cuts
  • They cover a variety of cuts
  • Carbon steel blades
  • Not that durable in the long run

Best for Hunting
  • Manufacturer: ​​Bosch
  • Type: ​​Pin-End Scroll Blades/ Standard Blades
  • TPI: ​​18.5
  • Weight: ​​0.15 lbs
  • Material: ​​Steel Alloy

Some projects are perfect for standard blades that work with a pin-end scroll saw, and you'll generally use such blades for most of your cuts. Therefore, here's a set of amazing beginner blades, the BOSCH SS5-185 18.5-Tpi Pin End Scroll Saw Blade.

When you see the name Bosch, the first thing you'll think of is a vacuum cleaner, a power saw, or an electrical appliance that has no connection with the woodworking world. Well, Bosch is everywhere! They even make top scroll saw blades on the market like these ones.

The first item you should be aware of is that this blade set features only four pieces, which is not that much in comparison with the other sets we have here. On the other hand, their quality is more than enough to match the ratio.

They're made from a high-quality carbon steel alloy, and they're precision sharpened for a long life of cutting intricate shapes. The second reason we had to include them has to do with their application.

These blades are one of the go-to products for all woodworkers since they work with wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metals. If you have the right blade, all doors are open!

This is a pin-end blade pack, but Bosch has both pinned and pinless blades at their disposal for all types of scroll saws.

You should be extra careful and precise with them since they're made for intricate cuts. If you force them on thick stock, they will break.

  • Blades from a verified manufacturer
  • Great quality
  • They match a lot of scroll saws
  • Wide application
  • Only for intricate cuts

BOKIE 48-Pcs Scroll Saw Blades - The Best Blade Variety Pack
  • Manufacturer: ​​Bokie
  • Type: ​​Pin-End Scroll Blades/ Regular Blades
  • TPI: ​​18.5
  • Weight: ​0.15 lbs
  • Material: ​​Steel Alloy

The last item we have here is similar to the Flying Dutchman in terms of blade count and variety it possesses. So, here's our top blade variety pack, the BOKIE 48-Pcs Scroll Saw Blades.

The first incredible thing regarding this blade variety pack is the quantity-to-price ratio. You'll get 48 pieces for an incredibly low price which other blades cannot compete with.

Secondly, you shouldn't disregard quality just because we're talking about quantity. All of these pinned blades are made from a quality steel alloy that fits the resilience criteria for all types of TPIs we have in this pack.

The TPIs cover the range from 10 to 24 in 5 groups, and they all feature a dozen scroll saw blades. This range is wide enough for different types of cut and materials, the main of which include engineered wood, plastic, and all-purpose wood stock.

Now, there isn't anything special about these blades. They do the work well, and they're great for all woodworkers. Naturally, since there are 48 pieces, you can't expect them to last a long time, but the good thing is that there are a lot of compatible scroll saws for this blade variety pack.

So, our verdict is that it's not the best on this list, but it's undoubtedly one of the best and deserves an honorary mention due to the different dozen scroll groups in this pack.

  • A lot of different pieces
  • Five groups of dozes scroll pieces with different TPIs
  • Low price
  • Not in for the long haul

What's to know about scroll saw blades & how to choose your next purchase?

Before you choose your next set of blades for your scroll saw, there are some features you should know about to make the most informed call. So, let's quickly run through them.

1. Types of blades

what are the best scroll saw blades

We've covered some of the most basic types of blades for scroll saws in the blade reviews, like the skip, reverse skip-tooth blade, and the ultra-reverse blade, but are there more?

Of course, there are, and we'll mention the main groups straight away. You'll often hear about spiral tooth scroll blades, which are essentially twisted blades whose sharp points aim in every direction.

Due to this, their precision is not that great, but the spiral blade excels at covering a lot of space at a fast pace, which you can later clear out with a regular blade.

Also, there are double-tooth blades that have an arrangement pattern similar to the standard skip blades, except there are pairs of teeth divided by a single-tooth gap. This is why they're called double-tooth blades, and they are primarily used for making the initial cut to clear a lot of space.

Also, you'll hear about crown-tooth blades whose pairs have alternating teeth in terms of the direction they're facing. They're mostly used to cut through plastic, so beginners probably won't be using them a lot since cutting plastic is way different from cutting wood with a thicker blade.

2. Material

Both pinless and pinned blades are generally made from carbon steel since it's the most durable material there is for this type of work. However, there are some different alloys that work as well.

Hardened steel is always a good choice, no matter the power saw or the blade. For example, you can also see stainless steel in some cases, but it's rarer than standard carbon steel.

3. TPI

We had some specialized kits and some variety packs on this list, but the main similarity is that we had blades with different TPIs (teeth per inch count) so let's talk a bit about that. As we said early on, TPI presents the number of teeth each blade has per inch, but how does that translate to its efficiency?

Blades with a higher TPI count tend to cut slower since their teeth are small, but that's why they are great for thick materials and going through them smoothly. On the other hand, lower TPI blades can cut fast at a high rate.

4. Longevity

Overall, you can't expect scroll saw blades to last a long time since they're generally quite fragile and made for intricate work. If you buy quality blades with a sharper cutting edge, you can expect them to have a lifetime of 45 minutes of continuous work.


What scroll saw do professionals use?

The most popular picks for professionals come from DeWalt and Bosch. We've noticed that a lot of professional woodworkers are fond of the DeWalt DW788.

How long should a scroll saw blade last?

It mostly depends on the material they're built from and their design, but you can expect each blade to last somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes.

What kind of blades do scroll saws use?

There are seven different types of scroll saw blades: regular, skip, reverse-skip, double-tooth, spiral, crown-tooth, and reverse ultra blades.

who makes the best scroll saw blades

What is the salient difference between pinned and pinless scroll saw blades?

Pinned blades are more flexible and can be used with a variety of saws, while pinless blades are rigid, thin, and work quite one-sidedly.

What is TPI on scroll saw blades?

TPI represents the teeth per inch count that each blade has. In essence, the main difference that this represents between blades is the type of material you can cut and at what speed you can achieve this.

What's the best set of scroll saw blades?

Honestly, after going through the best picks on the market and on Amazon, the best one we could find is the OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade.

Olsen has already proven itself as a worthy competitor in today's market, and its quality blades are just another example of that.

OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade*
  • Sharpest, fastest cutting teeth
  • Most accurate scroll saw blade ever made
  • Double tooth for top performance in hardwoods
  • Package Weight: 0.023 kilograms

Final Thoughts

This is the general information we have on the best scroll saw blades, and it should be more than enough for you to work your way through this intricate net of woodworking tools.

If you have more questions, let us know, and we hope you have more than enough knowledge from now on.

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