The Best Dewalt Miter Saw: The Top of the Premium

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Professionals don't have to hear this, but beginners should: DeWalt is one of the major woodworking manufacturers in the world.

Technically a part of the Black+Decker group, DeWalt has established a name for itself thanks to the incredible durability of their products and the things they've done to revolutionize the batteries for woodworking tools.

So, the next paragraphs will deal with DeWalt miter saws - power tools that are used to make both straight and angled cuts by simply adjusting the tilting arm to match your preferences.

We're quite familiar with this manufacturer, so we've singled out 6 products that we believe are the best DeWalt miter saw products. One will prevail, and you should stick around to see which one.


Top 6 Best DeWalt Miter Saws: General Overviews and Reviews

There are many units that can be considered as the best miter saws, but there's only one DeWalt. So, before you run off anywhere, check out some general facts about our picks.

$$ - DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 12-Inch - 56 lbs - Some of the things that can tell you right away that a miter saw is good are the quality of the tilting arm, the ability to extend and tilt, and the sheer motor power that comes from the internal parts. Well, it's like we've already described the DWS779.

$$ - DEWALT DCS361B 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw - 30 lbs - You'll need a compact and cordless miter saw to cut in narrow places with ease. Also, various bevel cuts will require a lot of positive stops and cutting at a specific miter angle. Well, that's what the DCS361B is for!

$$ - DEWALT Miter Saw DWS713 Single Bevel, Compound, 10-Inch - 38.1 lbs - You can't really expect to walk out with a DeWalt unit and have leftover cash - they are simply expensive. Still, there are miter saws like this one that are affordable and offer a lot of great features in return.

$$$ - DEWALT Miter Saw DWS716XPS 12-Inch, Double Bevel - 49 lbs - DWS716XPS is all about precision and maneuvering. If you're a perfectionist and enjoy working with tinier stock, this unit will be your savior.

$$$ - DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw - 54 lbs - A well-designed and compact miter saw will always be handy, especially if it comes from DeWalt tools. If you haven't had the chance to try any of their products, this one could be the perfect one to start with.

$$ - DEWALT FLEXVOLT DHS790AB 120V MAX Miter Saw - 55 lbs - You know how they say that corded units are way more powerful than cordless ones? Well, DeWalt found a way to mix both into one single miter saw: the DHS790AB. Check it out - it's affordable, too!

DEWALT DCS361B 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw - The Best DeWalt Miter Saw
  • Power source: ​Cordless miter saw
  • Blade size: 7-1/4-inches
  • Voltage: ​20 V
  • Warranty: ​3-year limited

The most versatile miter saws usually have 7-1/4-inch and 10-inch blades due to their abilities to make different types of cuts in narrow spaces, while 12-inch blades are more for heavy-duty projects. Well, here's the best 7-1/4-inch miter saw DeWalt, the DEWALT DCS361B 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw.

This is a cordless device, which might lead you to think that it has decreased functions and properties compared to DeWalt's corded models.

That would be a fair assumption, but in this case, wrong. DeWalt's incredible 20 V batteries and patented motors are some of the best ones on the market, making each cordless miter saw run at a similar pace and tempo like corded devices.

In fact, on a yearly basis, DeWalt sells more cordless models than corded ones, which only goes to say about their quality.

When it comes to this model, the DCS361B features an adjustable stainless steel detent plate with eleven positive stops, something that most miter saws can only dream of. Such options give you the opportunity to make various miter cuts in combination with specified bevel angles.

It has a compact and lightweight design with a 3-1/2-inch vertical base and an oversized bevel scale, which comes in great for easier adjustability for angle cuts. Of course, crosscuts are miter saw's specialty as well, which is why this model has an 8-inch crosscut capacity.

All things considered, this is truly a unique model. It's wholesome, complete, and doesn't seem to have any flaws. We'd recommend this to everyone out there, especially if you're a beginner.

  • The best cordless DeWalt miter saw
  • Fully adjustable
  • 11 positive stops
  • 8-inch cross capacity
  • /

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 12-Inch - The Best DeWalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Power source: ​​Corded
  • Blade size: 12 inches
  • Voltage: ​​20 V
  • Warranty: ​​3-year limited

In terms of quality, the first DeWalt miter saw and this one are practically the same. However, their build differs a lot in the way they approach the cutting material and how they operate. Therefore, we have another unit that classifies as the best DeWalt miter saw, the DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 12-Inch.

The previous DeWalt miter saw we reviewed was a single-bevel model that's capable of shifting the tilting arm in one direction. Its properties are great, but there's less room for maneuvering than you'll get with this sliding compound miter saw.

The 3800 RPM motor lets you cut any way you want: precise crosscuts, straight cuts, angled cuts with specified angles, and bevel cuts with ten positive stops. Moreover, this is a corded unit, meaning its potency is much higher than in a cordless model.

It features a stainless steel 12-inch blade which is quite perfect for DIY projects that require a bit more power to get the job done, as Kobe used to say. When it comes to extra features, you'll get a cam lock miter handle, a tall sliding fence, and DeWalt's patented dust collection system.

The only thing we don't like is that there are other models with similar characteristics, like Hitachi miter saws, that cost way less. On the other hand, you'll be paying for the DeWalt miter saw 12-inch guarantee, so that's something to dwell upon.

  • Fence design
  • Accurate cuts
  • The best corded DeWalt miter saw
  • Cutting capacity
  • Price-to-quality ratio

DEWALT Miter Saw DWS713 Single Bevel, Compound, 10-Inch - The Best Affordable DeWalt Saw
  • Power source: ​​Corded
  • Blade size: 10 Inches
  • Voltage: ​20 V
  • Warranty: ​3-year limited

It doesn't matter what type of power tools we're talking about: if you're buying from a verified manufacturer, you'll spend some money.

Still, a sign of a good manufacturer is that they'll always have a product or two in their lineup that has good quality and a reasonable price. That's the DEWALT Miter Saw DWS713 Single Bevel, Compound, 10-Inch.

It's only natural to think that purchasing a cheaper miter saw will affect your overall performance, but that's where you'd be wrong with this model. It's a single-bevel compound saw that cuts at the speed of 5000 RPMs.

If that's not incredible enough for you, wait till you hear about its cutting capacity. It has 14 positive stops for its 10-inch miter saw blade combined with a stainless steel detent plate. Now, single-bevel miter saws only move in one direction, either left or right, but this can be adjusted a bit to the right, approximately 3 degrees.

It's capable of cutting up to 3-1/2-inches vertically for base molding and 4-1/2-inches for crown molding. Take all of this and bring the patented 15-amp DeWalt motor into the equation. Do you really think you'll have any issues cutting?

Now, the main flaw of purchasing this affordable miter saw is actually in the application. It works really well with softwood and lumber, but it doesn't hold up as well as other quality power tools that DeWalt sells with hardwood.

  • Lightweight miter saw
  • Great for fine woodworking projects
  • Can hold up against other power tools that are more expensive
  • 4-1/2-inch crown molding
  • Not great with hardwood

DEWALT Miter Saw DWS716XPS 12-Inch, Double Bevel - The Best Accurate Model
  • Power source: ​​Corded
  • Blade size: 12 Inches
  • Voltage: ​20 V
  • Warranty: ​3-year limited

The two things you want in a miter saw are power and precision. These are the two traits that are most important to get a fine finish on a wooden board, and of course, DeWalt has got you covered in that department. Here's the DEWALT Miter Saw DWS716XPS 12-Inch, Double Bevel.

All of DeWalt models have patented motor designs that allow their products to draw unimaginable power from either the battery or direct power output.

In this case, the 15-amp motor can get you up to 3800 RPMs, which is not that spectacular for a unit that draws power from a power cord, but that's not its main advantage.

This unit is valued as one of the most precise DeWalt miter cuts. In fact, some claim that it has a similar precision to most table saws, and of course, other miter saws don't even come close.

Thanks to the stainless steel miter detent plates and incredible versatile sliding system, the quality saw blade makes precise cuts with complete ease.

Also, this is a double-bevel miter saw, so the positioning and space advantage really sets the tone for each cutting operation. However, we can't put it in the first place since the accuracy is not really there with larger stock or thicker wood.

  • Quick and precise cuts
  • The best double-bevel miter saw from DeWalt
  • Quality carbide blade
  • Perfect for a job site
  • Not that accurate with thick wood

Best for Hunting
  • Power source: ​​​Corded
  • Blade size: 12 Inches
  • Voltage: /
  • Warranty: ​3-year limited

If you want a complete package with a good stand and a product that can cut through anything, it's time to try out the DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

The DeWalt DWS780 is an extremely versatile model that a lot of professional woodworkers love to use. This particular model has a manual power source, a 12-inch blade, and an integrated cross-cut positioning system that a lot of pros use to save on time.

Not all miter saws are capable of cutting at a 90-degree angle without a vertical clamp, but this one can. Thanks to its back-fence design, this thing can easily cut through 2x16's, especially with the wide adjustable outfeed.

Oh, and yeah, it comes with its own rolling miter saw stand. The stand was actually what really got us since most rolling stands aren't that sturdy. Well, DeWalt also took care of that and made a solid, steel-aluminum table that doesn't budget under pressure.

The DeWalt DWS780 is truly a high-quality model, but we couldn't place it up higher since it's way too expensive. Yes, the stand is a huge part of it, but this price is still too high. Just a bit cheaper, and it would've jumped up for at least two spots.

  • Accurate cuts
  • Excellent for a job site
  • Comes with a rolling stand
  • A great double-bevel solution for various cuts
  • Too expensive

DEWALT FLEXVOLT DHS790AB 120V MAX Miter Saw - The Best Hybrid DeWalt Miter Saw
  • Power source: ​​Cordless
  • Blade size: 12 inches
  • Voltage: ​​Variable
  • Warranty: ​​3-year limited

We have one more line of DeWalt sliding compound miter saws that is truly remarkable for their innovative design and power supply. Let's dig right into the DEWALT FLEXVOLT DHS790AB 120V MAX Miter Saw tool review.

In terms of specs, you already know what to expect from a DeWalt miter saw. This thing has 11 positive stops, a 12-inch blade that runs at a fast pace, and a powerful 120 V motor to seal the deal. Overall, it could be argued that this is one of the strongest miters saws that DeWalt has in its arsenal.

But, what makes it special is the energy source. This DeWalt sliding miter saw has a FlexVolt battery that's capable of shifting between two voltages: 60 and 120 V. This is awesome since it transforms this device into a corded or cordless model, depending on the type you choose.

It works will all 60 and 120 V devices from DeWalt facilities, and it can offer you almost 4x the run time than you'd normally get from other compound saws.

Also, this is one of the best DeWalt miter saws, thanks to the same positioning system that we've seen in some of the previous models. The accuracy is top-notch, with all the power focused on the 12-inch blade.

Now, the key factors are all there, but we hate the fact that you have to buy these powerful batteries separately. That's truly an oversight, but it doesn't diminish the overall quality of this product.

  • FlexVolt double battery setup
  • Immense power
  • Accuracy
  • 4x runtime
  • No batteries and the charger in the package

How to choose a model from Dewalt's arsenal? Buyer's guide

We all know how impressive DeWalt miter saws are, but we also know that they have a lot of products, and some are better than others.

So, here are some main features to look for if you're on the market for the very best.

1. Design

Miter saws are quite delicate, especially compound miter saws. A good rule that could help you get the most durable one is to look at the design and dimensions of the saw.

Generally, 12-inch compound saws are larger and require more space to maneuver in order to make bevel cuts, but they're also fragile and usually handled by professionals.

Our advice is to go for a 10-inch miter saw that is around 20 inches long. That way, you'll get the perfect mix of durability, strength, and maneuverability.

2. Capabilities

which dewalt miter saw is best

By capabilities, we refer to the build of the miter saw. As with any model, DeWalt also manufactures single-bevel, double-bevel, and compound miter saws. Based on the application, you'll be able to choose which one you need.

Now, what do you need? If you're going to be cutting 2x4 boards, a single-bevel 10-inch blade will be enough. If you are working with tougher materials, a 12-inch compound miter saw should be more than enough.

3. Price

DeWalt miter saws are expensive, and there's no arguing that, but as we've seen, there are some models like the DEWALT Miter Saw DWS713 Single Bevel, Compound, 10-Inch that can offer you pretty good deals for a very fair price.

In terms of range, we'd say that all DeWalt sliding miter saws go for $400 up to $900, depending on the properties and the power source.

Single-bevel miter saws are more affordable, ranging between $300 and $600, and these are probably the best deals you can get if you're buying factory new.

4. Warranty

Finally, just a few words about DeWalt warranty deals. If you've taken a look at our reviews, you've probably seen that all of these miter saws have 3-year deals, but there are more premium picks from DeWalt that offer up to 5 years of limited deals.

And this is not exclusive to miter saws. Drills, table models, chop saws, and band saws all have incredible deals that you should look at.


Does DeWalt make a good miter saw?

Absolutely yes. DeWalt, a part of the Black+Decker group, is a huge manufacturer of woodworking goods, and their miter saws have been used and sold all across the world. Their overall quality is unmatched and rarely put at risk by other manufacturers.

What is the difference between DeWalt 779 and 780?

what is the best miter saw for diy

They are very similar, but the two main differences are the lack of newer features in the 779, and the price tag on 780 is way more extensive, to say the least.

Is the DWS780 worth the money?

If we compare it to the 779, it's a matter of choice and preference. But, if we're talking about the sheer quality of this device, it's absolutely worth it.

Do DeWalt miter saws come with blades?

Most of them come with blades.

How to unlock the DeWalt miter saw?

Each DeWalt miter saw has a knob at the top of the device. Applying small pressure will be enough to unlock the head of miter saw.

What's the best DeWalt miter saw?

All things considered, we have to divide the crown between the DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw DWS779 12-Inch and the DEWALT DCS361B 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw. They are both the best in their own fields, so we believe they should both be up there.

If you're a beginner, the 361B will be great for you. Otherwise, the 779 and the 780 are the way to go.

Final thoughts

DeWalt is obviously the way to go if you're looking for a quality miter saw that'll last you for ages. They do have a nice price tag, but it's just one of those things to endure if you're looking for perfection.

Hopefully, this list of reviews was enough for you to pick the one that fits you. If that's not the case, let us know.

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