8 Ideas for Making Outdoor Wooden Chairs

Outdoor wooden chairs have a natural appeal that calls to mind the rustic life and a closeness to nature. Who among us cannot help but get captivated by the sight of wood rendered into perfectly symmetric furniture, by the grains running along its entire length? Indeed, it is not for nothing that we love to use wooden chairs as outdoor seating. They just fit perfectly in the backdrop of the outdoors.

If you are looking for ways to make your outdoor wooden chairs, then you only need to look at the 8 different ideas that we have outlined in this post. Of course, before you embark on any DIY woodworking project, you have to make sure that you already have the essential tools on hand. This is assuming you already have a dedicated work table to cut and polish the wood. Here they are as follows:

Chainsaws are very versatile in that they can cut any kind of wood, timber, lumber, and even small trees. Most are fairly easy to get the hang of as well and will do wonders in helping you achieve the correct cutting angles that you need for the chair that you want to make. For this reason, a chainsaw is nothing short of necessary for your chair-making endeavor.

If you are on a budget, here is a nifty list of the best under $300 chainsaws. You need not look further than that post, because it is extensively researched based on what are currently the top-rated chainsaws on Amazon. Plenty of users who have left positive feedback on each one would undoubtedly say the same.

2. Power drill

Corded drills are preferred because of their better performance and overall adaptability to any kind of wood project. You will need these to make the holes on your wood on which you will be able to easily connect other parts to it. Otherwise, they are also great in easily and smoothly driving fasteners.

3. Jigsaw

If you want to have curves on your chair or make it more circular in shape, then you will definitely need this tool. Most incorporate an orbital motion feature that does not require too much micro-handling to get the desired curve you want.

4. Sander

Whether it is an orbital sander or palm sanders, sanding is always a necessary prerequisite and preparatory step you need to take before staining the wood and applying its finish. Most orbital sanders are very easy to use and can perform their functions in minutes. A must-have tool for any woodworker.

Top Ideas for Creating Outdoor Wooden Chairs

There is no denying the fact that you can save a lot when you choose to construct your outdoor chairs. Whether they are garden benches or patio chairs, any furniture that is solidly and exquisitely built from scratch will undoubtedly fill you with a strong sense of pride and achievement. That said, allow us to help give you a bit of inspiration if you are still trying to brainstorm on what project you want to start on.

1. Wooden garden bench on terrace

If you have a terrace with a particularly stellar-looking garden as a ready view, then why not make a wooden garden bench to let you and your visitors appreciate it better. You can connect it next to an equally wooden wall, for example, or a stand-alone glider bench for more advanced woodworkers. Any bench that would want you to stay, relax, and immerse yourself in the view for more than a few hours will do.

2. Circular or hexagon bench around tree

Got a particularly eye-catching tree in your yard? If it is something that is not too bulky like cedar, then just imagine what an encircling bench will look around it. The different views such a bench will provide is incomparable and will really entice anyone to rest under its cooling and relaxing shade.

3. Minimalistic, modern benches

These benches are one of the easiest to make because of their seeming lack of intricacies. By no means are they less attractive, though, because they would actually not look out of place in any modern home setting, regardless of what material your home is primarily made out of.

4. Make slim folding chairs for round tables

If you are still looking for a way to entertain guests and visitors that come over, folding chairs are nifty variations that can be easily stowed away after you are done with your chats and group conversations. Since they are slim, you will not be needing much wood to make them as well.

5. Reclining chaise

For maximum relaxation and assuming you have a pool or a backyard where you can enjoy a substantial amount of downtime, a reclining chaise is one chair you would certainly want to spend a couple of hours on. Use durable boards for this to ensure stability. Cedar or beech will do for most cases.

6. Recycled garden benches

Have you got old chairs that you are no longer using? Perhaps, you can make them into a solid garden bench instead, with two chairs and their backrests facing each other. Keep only the backrests then just plan a way to build the bench’s structure to connect them. Add appropriate extra layers for strengthening purposes.

7. Use reclaimed wood to make stools

Reclaimed wood, assuming it is readily available to you, has a reputation of being very durable because they are typically wood that is no longer available but come from sturdier trees. If you are not confident of how sturdy the reclaimed wood is, you can make the stools in such a way that they have crisscrossing wood to provide more support. They are relatively easy to make as well.

8. Build a storage bench

Storage benches can not only look very chic, but they are also very practical because of the storage space they can provide. You can easily place your cushions and pillows on top of it then place them inside the bench when they are not in use. Of course, this applies to practically anything that can be stored in it.


We hope you like our suggestions and have inspired you to start on your DIY project soon. You can even freely introduce your twists to these ideas. Without a doubt that is where the beauty of woodworking lies, for it encourages the free exercise of creativity as much as any form of art does.

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