How to Repair a Door Frame that 100% WORKING! – DIY Tips

Doors are the most frequently used parts of the home. People use them to come in and out the home so they usually end up worn-out or damaged.

There are many reasons why door frames get damaged - age, prolonged exposure to water and even forced entry in the door. These factors cause damage, which then causes the door to cease functioning well.

Here are some of the most common answer to the question "how to repair a door frame", which you can do yourself.


How to repair rotted wood door frame?

Rot in the exterior of a door frame is a very common problem, experienced by a lot of people. But what a lot of people don't know is that you can repair this yourself, and quite easily.

All you need is a few different materials and follow certain steps.

1. Materials

- Putty knife

- Elmer's damaged wood repair system

- Bowl with water

- Electric sander

- Sand paper

2. Procedure

repairing door frames

- The first thing you need to do is clean out the rotten part of the door. Use a putty knife for this task and make sure you remove all debris and rot before proceeding.

- To be able to repair the rot, you will need Elmer's damaged wood repair system which is made of 2 parts - epoxy and putty.

- Take the plastic trays out of Elmer's box and get equal parts of the material, estimate just enough for the rot you're planning to repair.

- Mix the parts together using your hands. The parts have to be combined well that even their colors blend together.

Once you've mixed it well, place it on the rotted piece of wood. Mould it to follow the shape of the hole and cover it completely.

- If you didn't mix enough of the material, the great thing is that you can just mix up some more and add it to the hole. You have to make sure that all the cracks and all the holes are completely filled - there must be no gaps.

- When you're done covering most of the hole, wash your hands and mix a little bit more. This time dip your hands in the bowl of water before handling the material. Do this so it won't stick to your hands. Place little bits of the material in spots you've missed and smooth it out for a good texture.

- Keep on smoothing out the material, dipping your hands in the water to make it easier. You can also use the putty knife to smooth out the edges more and follow the shape of the door frame.

- Once the material is completely dry, use an electric sander to sand it down and make it as smooth as the existing door frame.

Finally, wrap some sandpaper around a block of wood and use that to sand down the material to finish off your repair.

How to repair a split door jamb?

For one reason or another, we might end up having a split door jamb. This presents a problem because it's unsightly and it can cause further problems if not taken care of. It's actually easy to repair a split door jamb. All you need is some tools and the right information. Once you have both, you're good to go!

1. Materials

- Putty knife

Wood glue

- Paintbrush for the wood glue

- Hammer

- Scrap piece of wood

- Sand paper

Wood filler and hardener

2. Procedure

how to repair a door frame

- The first thing you need to do is take out the broken pieces from the door jamb. Do this carefully so the pieces don't break up further.

- Take out any splinters which are jutting out of the pieces and brush off all the sawdust or small pieces of wood which have gathered at the bottom of the jamb.

- Use wood glue to glue all the pieces together. Apply the glue, put the pieces together and hold them still so they will stick.

- Use the paintbrush to brush glue onto the hole where the pieces are from. Gently place the pieces on the hole and press them in.

- To secure the pieces, hold a scrap piece of wood on top of them and hammer them down.

- As soon as the glue is completely dry, use sandpaper to sand down the wood and smoothen it out.

- Take some wood filler and a little bit of hardener. Mix them together until the color is consistent.

- Apply some wood filler on the part of the jamb you've repaired using a putty knife. When that's dry, sand it down again for a smooth finish.

How to repair messed up door frame

Messed up door frames don't look attractive.

Whether you live in an old house or you just moved into a house which is already built, it's best for you to repair it immediately. Though it may seem like an intimidating project, repairing a messed up door frame is actually simple.

Just prepare the right materials and follow these simple steps.

1. Materials

- Crowbar

- Hammer 3/4 inch stock for the door frame

- Casing for the door frame

- Nail gun

- Caulk gun

2. Procedure

how to repair a rotted door frame

- Carefully remove the casings around the door frame using a crowbar. Hammer down any nails which are sticking out.

- Measure the stock against the sides and the top of the door before cutting them up.

- Place the stock on the edge of the door frame and nail it down using a nail gun.

- Measure the casing against the sides and the top of the door before cutting them up. When cutting the side casings, make sure the top end is at a 45 degree angle. For the casing for the top, both ends should be cut at a 45 degree angle. Do this so all the pieces will fit together when you place them on the door frame.

- Place the casing right next to the stock and nail it down with a nail gun. Be sure all the casings are consistently straight.

- Use a caulk gun to apply caulk around the pieces which you've nailed down. Once dry, wipe it down to remove any excess caulk.

How to repair stripped door hinge holes. Fix stripped wood screw holes

This is the last repair procedure on our list. It also happens to be the easiest one. You'll find out that repairing stripped holes can be done with the simplest of materials and tools. Read on to find out how to do this simple repair job.

1. Materials

- Golf tee

Gorilla glue

- Hammer

2. Procedure

how to repair door frames

- Take off the door and the hinges until you're left with just the frame with the stripped screw holes.

- Dip the golf tee in gorilla glue and drive it into the hole with a hammer. You have to break off the excess tip of the golf tee. In doing this, the hole will then still contain wood, so you will be able to screw into it again.

- Repeat the process on all the stripped holes. You can keep on using the same golf tee as long as there's still a piece to insert in the hole.

- Do this on all the holes on the jamb and on the door.

- Allow the glue to dry completely then reinstall your door.


When starting with door frame repair, make sure you have all your materials on hand. Think about the procedures you are to do before you proceed with the fixing.

Measurements are very important when repairing door frames. So it's useful to have a measuring tool as well.

Finally, be sure to follow safety guidelines so that you will be able to finish your project without injury.

If you keep all these in mind, you may be able to repair your door frame satisfactorily. It’s just so easy

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