Best Stainable Wood Filler: Top 7 Reviews

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Maintaining a house and the furniture that goes with it can be quite tedious. Most furnishings in a house are made of wood and when you encounter common problems such as a rotted door or window frames, scarred floors or walls or chipped parts of your furniture, it can be frustrating.

You'd be wasting a lot of time and money trying to fix these problems if you don't know how to do so properly. Actually, you can repair these types of problems with ease and without spending too much if you knew how to make use of stainable wood filler.

Stainable wood filler is easy to use and gives wonderful results to your damaged wooden items and surfaces. Once you've tried it out and learned how simple it is to use, it might end up as one of your most preferred objects in your toolbox!

Now that you know more about stainable wood fillers, you're probably getting more excited to try it out. Before buying one, though, it would be wise to learn more about what to consider as well as some of the best stainable wood fillers which are available on the market.

Read on and be more informed and you never know, by the end of this article, you'd be a pro!


Top 3 Best Stainable Wood Fillers - Overview

What are the Benefits of Stainable Wood Fillers?

Stainable wood fillers are extremely useful and beneficial, especially when you'd rather fix your wooden furniture or other wooden surfaces in your home yourself. Having repairs done in your home by professionals, from the smallest problems to the biggest ones, require time and money.

You can save both if you know the top stainable wood fillers which are available for purchase and are easy to use.

  • Make your damaged items look like new with stainable wood fillers. If you're able to find a filler that closely matches your wooden surfaces, you will be able to fix them up, stain them and make them look brand new!
  • Do it yourself. Being able to fix your own damaged furniture, fixtures and items in your home will not only save you time and money but it will also give you a sense of fulfillment in being able to repair problems in your home yourself.
  • Learn new things. Before reading this article, would you have known all of this useful information? If not, then you are now armed with a good amount of relevant information that will help you in the long run, such as fixing up your home.
  • Add another useful item to your toolbox. Stainable wood fillers come in different sizes and packaging. Since most of these products have a long shelf life, you can opt to buy the bigger sizes so that you'd already have something reliable to use when another item in your home gets damaged.

The benefits of finding the top stainable wood fillers available for your own use are good to know to help you make a choice to actually pick a product and start using it. It's very valuable to be able to acquire new skills - such as basic woodworking, which will help you maintain your home better for the years to come.

Now let's talk about what you should be looking for in buying a stainable wood filler to suit your needs.

The 7 Best Stainable Wood Fillers for You – A Comprehensive Review

Now that's a whole load of useful information! Knowing all the relevant factors to consider when finding the best stainable wood fillers for your needs is essential.

Having an idea about the top stainable wood fillers in the market is also key for you to make a smart choice. 

Continue on and have a good time learning about the best products based on stainable wood filler reviews.

J-B Weld 8258 KwikWood Wood Filler

Are you looking for an alternative for a classic stainable wood filler? You've got to try this one, as it is the best one on the market, and it will undoubtedly do the job. Take a look at the J-B Weld 8258 KwikWood Wood Filler.

A space-filling adhesive, epoxy putty is one of the best bonding materials for repairing and rebuilding wood. You can use it for any type of wood, and you'll still achieve perfect results.

Once you apply it, it'll take roughly twenty minutes for it to set it and about an hour for it to cure the wood completely. Afterwards, you can paint it, stain it, and even drill through it without any repercussions.

Regarding its quality, you can rest assured knowing that it does not rot or shrink, and contains no solvents whatsoever.

You just have to mix it, apply it, and you're good to go. It's a handheld mix with a two-part formula, but once you get the gist of it, you'll never look back!

There are countless applications - you can use it for general wood repair, windows and door hinges, and cracks in furniture.

And the greatest thing about it all is that you can do it yourself - there's no need to contact professionals or to find experienced woodworkers since the instructions are clear.

Overall, for a product this cheap, you won't regret a single penny if you choose to buy it!

  • Quality
  • Drying time
  • Longevity
  • Simple instructions
  • /

Elmer's E914 Carpenter's Wood Filler

Next on the list is the Elmer's E914 Carpenter's Wood Filler, a product that will leave you breathless.

If you're new and just getting into the woodworking world, you probably haven't heard of Elmer's, but as time passes, you will. They continuously dish out quality products such as this one.

This wood filler is ideal for fixing holes, scratches, dents, and all sorts of defects on wood surfaces.

Furthermore, its patented formula allows the wood to dry naturally, so you won't have to bother with blow dryers. Once you apply it, the wood should be fully cured in a day.

Of course, the surface will be fully paintable and stainable, and its non-toxic formula will keep you safe and secure if you have children at home that love snooping around.

However, due to its formula, this product can only be used inside the house since the overall effect may be lessened due to environmental factors.

Overall, a product with this quality should be enough for you to use it for everyday projects and help you master your carpentry skills!

  • Reliable
  • Quality
  • Fully paintable and stainable
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Interior use

Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler

Often, you'll find yourself having to fix something in a rush, and you'll need just the right solution to get you there as quickly as possible. This is where the Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler comes into play.

Although it will get harder with age, the filling will be almost entirely cured in a matter of hours and dry in just a couple of minutes. Once you make sure it's dry, you can paint or stain it without worry whether it will destroy the filling.

Even though it works with most types of wood, its design is ideal for oily surfaces and water-based wood stains. Besides, you can use this product both indoors and outdoors, which is a huge plus.

However, you should probably bear in mind that the filler can dry in time itself, so remember to put it upside down for your next use. That way, it will stay fresh and give you maximum results the next time.

All in all, you'll get a fantastic product for an excellent price, and it's a 16-ounce container which will probably be more than enough for your projects!

  • Strength
  • Quickness
  • Universality
  • Affordable
  • Should turn upside down for next use

 FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

Next up is another fantastic product whose salient characteristic is its fast-drying capability. Take a look at the FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler.

If you've got children in the house that often find trouble in the most extraordinary places, you'll rest assured knowing they'll be protected if they run into a wooden deck that's drying.

This wood filler has a water-based formula that's non-toxic and perfectly safe for humans and animals.

Once you apply it to the fractured area, it'll take roughly 15 minutes for it to set it and that's it. Once it's nice and dry, you can clean it with soap and water, paint, and stain it.

It's ideal for filling holes, repairing fractures, and cracks outdoors and indoors, which is a huge plus when it comes to carpentry.

Some customers have noted that the package itself is quite hard to open, which is maybe both a good and a bad thing.

For once, it speaks of this product's strength, but it may not suit you. Some projects require slow-setting fillers and in that case, this wood filler may not be the right one for you.

Otherwise, it's a great addition to your woodworking set. It is a bit above the average price range, but it is undoubtedly worth it!

  • Fast-drying formula
  • Strong
  • Universal
  • The lid is hard to get off
  • Price

3M 20082 Home Solutions Wood Filler

In search of a reliable product, you can miss the 3M 20082 Home Solutions, Wood Filler.

Any more extensive repairs and projects require heavy artillery, and this is the wood filler that you should use in such cases.

It does take some time, roughly a day, for it to cure the wood fully, but it takes only 15 minutes to dry and become fully sandable.

With this formula, you can fully repair, build, and restore old furniture, wooden chairs and desks, window hinges, and so much more. The surface will not shrink, and the effects will be permanent.

Also, it can be painted with water-based stains after priming, and also both acrylic and oil-based paints. Whatever you want to apply to your rejuvenated workpiece, this filler will accept.

Since it's quite potent and durable, you have to be careful and quick enough to apply the entire amount in approximately ten minutes since this stuff gets hard pretty fast.

It's no wonder it is a bit pricier than your average wood filler, but it will do the trick!

  • Reliable
  • Suitable for large repairs
  • Stainable with most types of paints
  • Potent
  • Price
  • A bit too strong

Goodfilla Water-Based Wood and Grain Filler

In terms of consistency, you have got to try the Goodfilla Water-Based Wood and Grain Filler.

As some products get hard in time due to exposure and lack of use, they tend to get thrown in the garbage. This wood filler, however, reconstitutes itself with water and prolongs its life quite efficiently.

It is quite potent and useful for professional workers, but it'll work just as well for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts in the world of woodworking. Since it's so simple to use, regular instructions will be enough for you to feel like a pro.

It dries off relatively quickly, and once it's done, you're free to sand, paint, and stain it, without having to worry whether the colour will get in the cracks - there are none!

What's fantastic is that by purchasing this product, you'll also get a 1-year warranty. If you feel dissatisfied with its effects, you'll be fully refunded.

Still, it's possible that your workpiece will shrink in time if the crack in question is a bit larger so you may have to apply the filler again. Otherwise, it's a fantastic product that you'll undoubtedly like.

  • Consistent
  • Can reconstitute itself
  • Beginner and professional use
  • 1-year warranty
  • Shrinks in time

Carpenter's Wood Filler 16 Ounces

For the final product, we give you a wood filler that's been a constant customer purchase in the past and continues to dominate. It's the Carpenter's Wood Filler 16 Ounces.

Also coming from Elmer's, this wood filler does pretty much what a wood filler should do efficiently. It's ideal for dents, scratches, holes, and fractures, but you can also use it in general as a filler for any types of breaches.

It's thick, so you can shape it and sand it the way to see fit. It also doesn't set that fast, so you'll have enough time to model it to your needs.

Once it's done, leave it overnight for it to cure the wood entirely and you're done - simple as that!

Due to its formula, you should probably use it strictly indoors to achieve the best effects. Since it does take time to set in, it's best to keep it in a dry room with average room temperature.

It's quite cheap and easily affordable to everyone, so you'll be getting a great product and saving money simultaneously.

The only concern you might have is that for some types of wood, it takes a couple of layers of the filler to achieve the best effects. Other than that, it's a fantastic purchase!

  • Consistency
  • Thick and spreadable
  • Potent
  • Indoor use
  • Several layers are needed

A Buying Guide for Finding the Best Stainable Wood Filler

There are different kinds of wood fillers on the market and choosing one would depend mainly on what you need it for.

The great thing about stainable wood fillers is that they are responsive to staining. This means that when you've finished placing it on the wood surface, you can stain on it so that the damaged part matches with the rest of the surface.

Stainable wood filler has many uses in fixing broken parts of your home and damaged wooden furniture. There are lots of brands and options out there, depending on your needs. Some are best for minor fixes while others are meant for fixing bigger problems.

We've come up with a guide for you to help you in finding the best stainable wood filler which would suit your needs.

1. Consider the Problems You Encounter Most in Your Home.

best stainable wood filler for floors

This would determine what type of wood filler you would need.

2. What Will You Be Filling?

Pores (open grained wood): stainable wood fillers meant to fill pores in open grained types of wood have a thinner consistency.

Holes (chips, dents, screw or nail holes, etc.): stainable wood fillers meant to fill holes in wood are thicker, allowing them to completely fill the void.

3. Versatility

Consider how versatile the wood filler is. 

Can it be used for different kinds of wood? Can it be used for indoor and outdoor projects? 

This is also a key factor to consider when looking for the best stainable wood filler.

4. Read Labels Carefully

good stainable wood filler

Make sure that the wood filler you buy is stainable if you'd like the repaired part to match the original wood surface.

5. Learn About Different High-quality Stainable Wood Fillers on the Market.

It would be really helpful to learn about the different products available out there.

Reading customer feedback and reviews is also helpful as they tend to be more honest about products.

Now, there are a few more applied and complex uses, but they require specific kinds of wood glue, and they are covered in the following section.

Types Of Wood Fillers

Now that you have a better idea on what to look for when selecting the best stainable wood filler that would suit your own needs, you should start thinking about the different types of wood fillers available. Knowing what you need the stainable wood glue for, will also help you out in finding the right type you need.

Below are the most common types of wood fillers and a short description about them.

1. Vinyl-Based

best stainable wood filler for decks
  • Usually made of calcium carbonate which is blended with an emulsion or a polyvinyl acetate dispersion which serves as a binder.
  • Has a feathery and lightweight consistency, is easy to apply and wash off.
  • This type dries fairly quickly and must be applied thinly so as not to crack.
  • Ideal for small fixes which will be painted over as it sometimes leaves white deposits.

2. Cellulose-Based

  • Made of wood filaments and binding substances.
  • Comes in different mixtures: dry (cheap and has a long shelf life), premixed (dries quickly) and water soluble.
  • Ideal for outdoor wood fixes such as for fixing fences, mailbox stands and the like.

3. Gypsum-Based

  • Made up of gypsum-based components (water mixed with minerals) which develop into a crystalline material that sticks to the edges of the spaces which need to be filled.
  • Intended to fill gaps which are to be painted over as these types may stain the wood surface.
  • Not waterproof, meant only for indoor fixes.

4. Epoxies

  • Made of petroleum-based components which act as a sort of glue which when mixed with other components, forms sturdy wood filler.
  • Ideal for outdoor fixes as it adheres very well to wood and withstands moisture.
best stainable wood filler for red oak

Selecting the top stainable wood filler from the market is made easier now that you are familiar with the different types and what they are best used for.

Further below, we've also compiled a list of the best stainable wood fillers based on stainable wood filler reviews so keep on reading!

Useful Tips While Working With Stainable Wood Fillers

It would be extremely helpful for you to know how to work with stainable wood fillers before you think about buying. Wasting a perfectly good product by not using it correctly would be a shame.

Stainable wood fillers are easy to apply and the result looks great. Here are a few tips on working with stainable wood fillers to help you out!

best stainable wood filler for oak
  • Clean up the area of the damage to be able to apply the filler better.
  • Vinyl or water based wood fillers would be best for small holes in indoor fixes.
  • When using stainable wood filler, put an extra amount over the hole as some kinds of fillers shrink as they dry up
  • Once it has dried and it hardened, smooth it and stain or paint over it if needed.
  • Stainable wood fillers are perfect if you plan to stain the wood surface after filling.
  • Crayon-type fillers are available for wood surfaces which have already been stained and polished.
  • After applying stainable wood filler in the hole, smooth it down with a putty knife for a nicer finish.
  • Try your best to avoid spreading the filler on the undamaged areas of the wood's surface.
  • Allow the stainable wood filler to dry completely before sanding, staining or painting over it.

That's basically it!

As previously stated, stainable wood fillers are very easy to use so having more information and helpful tips will make the process even simpler.

Now let's go to a couple of stainable wood filler reviews so you can be aware of the top stainable wood fillers in the market and make your selection.

Conclusion - Final Thoughts

As we close out our list of reviews, it's essential to know that all the wood fillers on this list are quite potent and will serve you well in the future.

They have great features and will undoubtedly be worth the trouble of ordering and paying the price.

J-B Weld 8258 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Stick-7 inch, Beige*
  • J-B WELD KWIKWOOD: A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick that is formulated to repair and rebuild wood. J-B Weld KwikWood is designed for all wood household DIY repairs!

However, if you want the best, you have to consider J-B Weld 8258 KwikWood Wood Filler.

It's a powerful stainable adhesive that is quite affordable and will do the job most efficiently. In the search for greatness, you can't miss out on this one!

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