How To Select the Best Stainable Wood Filler: Top 5 Reviews

Maintaining a house and the furniture that goes with it can be quite tedious. Most furnishings in a house are made of wood and when you encounter common problems such as a rotted door or window frames, scarred floors or walls or chipped parts of your furniture, it can be frustrating.

You'd be wasting a lot of time and money trying to fix these problems if you don't know how to do so properly. Actually, you can repair these types of problems with ease and without spending too much if you knew how to make use of stainable wood filler.

Stainable wood filler is easy to use and gives wonderful results to your damaged wooden items and surfaces. Once you've tried it out and learned how simple it is to use, it might end up as one of your most preferred objects in your toolbox!

Now that you know more about stainable wood fillers, you're probably getting more excited to try it out. Before buying one, though, it would be wise to learn more about what to consider as well as some of the best stainable wood fillers which are available on the market. Read on and be more informed and you never know, by the end of this article, you'd be a pro!

What are the Benefits of Stainable Wood Fillers?

Stainable wood fillers are extremely useful and beneficial, especially when you'd rather fix your wooden furniture or other wooden surfaces in your home yourself. Having repairs done in your home by professionals, from the smallest problems to the biggest ones, require time and money. You can save both if you know the top stainable wood fillers which are available for purchase and are easy to use.

  • Make your damaged items look like new with stainable wood fillers. If you're able to find a filler that closely matches your wooden surfaces, you will be able to fix them up, stain them and make them look brand new!
  • Do It Yourself. Being able to fix your own damaged furniture, fixtures and items in your home will not only save you time and money but it will also give you a sense of fulfillment in being able to repair problems in your home yourself.
  • Learn New Things. Before reading this article, would you have known all of this useful information? If not, then you are now armed with a good amount of relevant information that will help you in the long run, such as fixing up your home.
  • Add another useful item to your toolbox. Stainable wood fillers come in different sizes and packaging. Since most of these products have a long shelf life, you can opt to buy the bigger sizes so that you'd already have something reliable to use when another item in your home gets damaged.

The benefits of finding the top stainable wood fillers available for your own use are good to know to help you make a choice to actually pick a product and start using it. It's very valuable to be able to acquire new skills - such as basic woodworking, which will help you maintain your home better for the years to come.

Now let's talk about what you should be looking for in buying a stainable wood filler to suit your needs.

A Buying Guide for Finding the Best Stainable Wood Filler


There are different kinds of wood fillers on the market and choosing one would depend mainly on what you need it for. The great thing about stainable wood fillers is that they are responsive to staining. This means that when you've finished placing it on the wood surface, you can stain on it so that the damaged part matches with the rest of the surface.

Stainable wood filler has many uses in fixing broken parts of your home and damaged wooden furniture. There are lots of brands and options out there, depending on your needs. Some are best for minor fixes while others are meant for fixing bigger problems. We've come up with a guide for you to help you in finding the best stainable wood filler which would suit your needs.

1. Consider the problems you encounter most in your home.

This would determine what type of wood filler you would need.

2. What will you be filling?

Pores (open grained wood): stainable wood fillers meant to fill pores in open grained types of wood have a thinner consistency.

Holes (chips, dents, screw or nail holes, etc.): stainable wood fillers meant to fill holes in wood are thicker, allowing them to completely fill the void.

3. Versatility

Consider how versatile the wood filler is. Can it be used for different kinds of wood? Can it be used for indoor and outdoor projects? This is also a key factor to consider when looking for the best stainable wood filler.

4. Read Labels Carefully

Make sure that the wood filler you buy is stainable if you'd like the repaired part to match the original wood surface.

5. Learn about different high-quality stainable wood fillers on the market.

It would be really helpful to learn about the different products available out there. Reading customer feedback and reviews is also helpful as they tend to be more honest about products.

Now, there are a few more applied and complex uses, but they require specific kinds of wood glue, and they are covered in the following section.

Types Of Wood Fillers

Now that you have a better idea on what to look for when selecting the best stainable wood filler that would suit your own needs, you should start thinking about the different types of wood fillers available. Knowing what you need the stainable wood glue for, will also help you out in finding the right type you need.

Below are the most common types of wood fillers and a short description about them:


  • Usually made of calcium carbonate which is blended with an emulsion or a polyvinyl acetate dispersion which serves as a binder.
  • Has a feathery and lightweight consistency, is easy to apply and wash off.
  • This type dries fairly quickly and must be applied thinly so as not to crack.
  • Ideal for small fixes which will be painted over as it sometimes leaves white deposits.


  • Made of wood filaments and binding substances.
  • Comes in different mixtures: dry (cheap and has a long shelf life), premixed (dries quickly) and water soluble.
  • Ideal for outdoor wood fixes such as for fixing fences, mailbox stands and the like.


  • Made up of gypsum-based components (water mixed with minerals) which develop into a crystalline material that sticks to the edges of the spaces which need to be filled.
  • Intended to fill gaps which are to be painted over as these types may stain the wood surface.
  • Not waterproof, meant only for indoor fixes.


  • Made of petroleum-based components which act as a sort of glue which when mixed with other components, forms sturdy wood filler.
  • Ideal for outdoor fixes as it adheres very well to wood and withstands moisture.

Selecting the top stainable wood filler from the market is made easier now that you are familiar with the different types and what they are best used for. Further below, we've also compiled a list of the best stainable wood fillers based on stainable wood filler reviews so keep on reading!

Useful Tips While Working With Stainable Wood Fillers


It would be extremely helpful for you to know how to work with stainable wood fillers before you think about buying. Wasting a perfectly good product by not using it correctly would be a shame.

Stainable wood fillers are easy to apply and the result looks great. Here are a few tips on working with stainable wood fillers to help you out!

  • Clean up the area of the damage to be able to apply the filler better.
  • Vinyl or water based wood fillers would be best for small holes in indoor fixes.
  • When using stainable wood filler, put an extra amount over the hole as some kinds of fillers shrink as they dry up
  • Once it has dried and it hardened, smooth it and stain or paint over it if needed.
  • Stainable wood fillers are perfect if you plan to stain the wood surface after filling.
  • Crayon-type fillers are available for wood surfaces which have already been stained and polished.
  • After applying stainable wood filler in the hole, smooth it down with a putty knife for a nicer finish.
  • Try your best to avoid spreading the filler on the undamaged areas of the wood's surface.
  • Allow the stainable wood filler to dry completely before sanding, staining or painting over it.

That's basically it! As previously stated, stainable wood fillers are very easy to use so having more information and helpful tips will make the process even simpler. Now let's go to a couple of stainable wood filler reviews so you can be aware of the top stainable wood fillers in the market and make your selection.

The 5 Best Stainable Wood Fillers for You – A Comprehensive Review

Now that's a whole load of useful information! Knowing all the relevant factors to consider when finding the best stainable wood fillers for your needs is essential. Having an idea about the top stainable wood fillers in the market is also key for you to make a smart choice. Continue on and have a good time learning about the best products based on stainable wood filler reviews.


Looking for a more permanent fix for your wood problems at home? Then the 3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler is the best stainable wood filler for you. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor fixes, which will save you a lot of money.


  • Quick dry, versatile and made of two parts wood, which means it would be a good filler for rotting wood and it doesn't shrink as it dries up.
  • Includes a cream hardener for more professional repairs.
  • Can be used to fix materials other than wood.


  • Dries quickly (10-15 minutes)
  • Doesn't crack or shrink, keeping the holes or gaps filled.
  • Can be used to fix up rotten wood.
  • Once dry, it can be treated just like wood.
  • Can be used for interior and exterior problems.
  • Comes with accessories (glazes, undercoating and cream hardener)


  • Sometimes, the filler doesn't expand and contract with the wood, which may cause some problems.
  • The product comes in only one size, even if you need only a small amount, you'd have to buy the whole thing.


If you're new to the concept of using stainable wood fillers to repair your wooden surfaces, then the Elmer's Carpenter's Color Change Wood Filler is the best choice for you. The best thing about this product is that you know when it's dry enough as it turns white as an indication. It can be used for small fixes in the home and the fix lasts for a long time.


  • Color change feature tells you when its ready to be painted treated further with staining, painting, sanding, etc.
  • Great for small indoor fixes and the result lasts long.
  • The product comes in different sizes so you can choose the one that would fit your needs.
  • Non-toxic and free of solvents so it won't harm your lungs.


  • Ideal for beginners at fixing wood projects.
  • Solvent free and non-toxic.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • The color change allows you to know when it's already fully dry.


  • Takes a longer time to dry.
  • Only suitable for indoor projects.


This particular brand of stainable wood filler has been around for years now, and for good reasons. It spreads on smoothly when applied to damages on wood and can be used for small and big fixes. It can be used for indoor and outdoor repairs, it dries quickly and spreads on evenly.


  • Has a smooth consistency, making it easy to apply on evenly.
  • Can be used for interior and exterior fixes and it dries in 15 minutes.
  • Doesn't crack or shrink when it dries and it can be painted, stained, sanded and generally treated like wood.
  • Free of solvents and is easy to clean up with water.


  • Quick dry feature (15 minutes).
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor repairs.
  • High quality, solvent-free and only has a faint smell.


  • Needs to be stirred before use.
  • May dry up quickly inside the container


This solvent free epox putty is a two component kneadable epoxy resin putty, System Three 1-Quart-SculpWood Moldable Epoxy Putty is an ideal stainable wood filler for different repairs in your household. It easily sands and accepts paint, screw and nails. This filler doesn't shrink when dry, keeping the holes and gaps in your wood filled. It's also long lasting and can even be used for concrete fixes.


  • Superior bonding strength and does not shrink when dry.
  • It acts as strong and excellent adhesive to a variety of substrates.
  • It can be used to repair furniture, general wood filler and sculpt missed moulding.
  • It is available in 1-quarter size.
  • The putty is mainly used in combination with three rot fix, viscosity wood sealer, and consolidate well.
  • 4-Pounds worth of material is more than enough for all the repair projects in your household.


  • Weather resistant
  • Durable and doesn't shrink.
  • Moldable material.
  • Generous amount of material.


  • Unable to fix vertical surface
  • Sometimes it does not form into a workable solid
  • Hard to stick on basewood


The Minwax Stainable Wood Filler is suitable for use with outdoor and indoor wood repairs. It may also be used with water and oil based wood stains once it's dry to match the wood's surface it has been used with. It is affordable, easy to apply and yields great end results.


  • May be used for repairs outside and inside the home.
  • When dry, does not crack or shrink, so it can be painted or stained on.
  • Good value for your money.
  • Easy to use


  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Shrink and crack resistant
  • Affordable


  • Would be easier to apply if it came in a tube.
  • Relative drying time - depending on the amount of filler used.

The Final Verdict – Which is the Best Stainable Wood Filler?

Now that you have all the information you need to fix up your wooden furniture and fixtures, all you need to do is to pick the right choice for your needs. It's easy as long as you keep all the guidelines and product features in mind. The best stainable wood filler for you is out there, and you're free to choose!

If you're a novice at woodworking and repairing damaged items in your home, then the perfect choice for you is the Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler as it's very easy to use, it has a lot of features and the color change aspect of it will help you out immensely. Get this for yourself and you'll feel like a professional in no time!

On the other hand, if you're looking for a high-quality brand which you can use for interior and exterior wood repairs as well as for other materials, then you can go with the 3M Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler. It's versatile, durable and is a permanent fix for the repairs needed in your home.

From the multitudes of products available in the market, you have the option to read through all the features, pros and cons available in the stainable wood filler reviews we've compiled. Choose wisely and have fun repairing your wooden items at home and feeling like a professional!

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