How To Make Wooden Drawer Slides That 100% WORKING!

Anything with wood makes wonders.

It is an understated charm to any piece of furniture that you may have a chance of noticing in your friend’s living room. It gives off a certain sense of functionality and practicality with this kind of material.

Moreover, one of the most needed piece of furniture is the drawer. The drawer helps a lot on organizing your stuff given that you may put your things in there.

With the durability of wood, you can make wooden drawers that could be paired along with wooden drawer slide.


Metal Drawer Slide Vs. Wooden Drawer Slide

how to make drawer slides


how to make wooden drawer slides


Undoubtedly, both the metal and wooden drawer slides are simply good choices for any drawer.

The choice that you would have to make will fall mainly on what would be the weight that the drawer would have to bear.

There are some considerations that you would have to think about on what kind of material you would have to go for in terms of drawer slides.

It is the best to note foremost the weight capacity.

You may have to ask yourself, “How much weight does the drawer that I have to make would likely bear?” This may lead to assess what things would you possibly put in the drawer.

If you are thinking on putting in heavier stuff on the drawer, wood be a better choice. In contrast, metal has a significantly lower weight capacity than wood.

You may have to check the manufacturer’s manual to ascertain how much weight could the drawer bear.

Meanwhile, you might be thinking about putting in metal drawer slides if you are contemplating about a smooth, frictionless sliding motion in your drawers.

Wood drawer slides can be utilized but can put in some friction in your drawers.

Important Tips to Remember in Making Wooden Drawer Slides

do it yourself drawer slides

Known for carrying such an amazing amount of weight, wooden drawer slides could be made quite easily.

This is the route that are taken by most given that drawer slides are beginning to become rather costly.

On that note, there are some points to remember when making wooden drawer slides.

  • Safety first. Remember to put in your ear and eye protection. Precautionary measures are needed to be done in your working area-before, during and after the work procedure.
  • Prepare all the materials: wood (hardwood or softwood, depending on your choice), pencil, wood screws and wood cutting tools.
  • The purpose of the drawer is completely essential to ponder on. The objects you would be putting on the drawer would determine what kind of wood would be used.
  • Have your manufacturer’s manual handy so as to guide you in each step of the procedure.

Wooden Drawer Slides Procedure

how to build a sliding drawer with wood
  • 1. Prepare all the materials that are needed for making wooden drawer slides.
  • 2. Wear your ear and eye protection.
  • 3. Get the wood of your choice and use an existing rail width as your guide. From there, you would be able to set the fence.
  • 4. Thereafter, create 3 passes with the board making 3 blanks as a result.
  • 5. Reset the fence through turning the rail in an L-shape or 90 degrees.
  • 6. Rotate each blank 90 degrees you have made and use your saw through it again. You have to ensure that the external dimensions and the original rail are similar.
  • 7. Shape these blanks into a “T’”.
  • 8. Take measurements of the stem.
  • 9. Cut a channel on either side of the stem width.
  • 10. Move the fence in 1/8 inch and pass through the blank again. Do this repeatedly until most of the material are removed. Using a chisel and some sand paper, any remaining wood could be cut off and be cleaned up.
  • 11. At this point, you would have to put the rail where it should be placed on the dresser frame. Use a pencil to mark where the fame ends.
  • 12. Utilizing a blade, set the height to 1/8 in.
  • 13. The rail should be perpendicular to the fence so you can adjust your blade to lines with your pencil mark with consideration on the blade width.
  • 14. Move the fence at 1/8 increments till the rail is passed through and the end is reached.
  • 15. Put the rail in place on the frame. To ensure it is going to fit perfectly, remember to utilize a square.
  • 16. Pre-drill a hole through the rail and into the frame.
  • 17. Using a wood screw, secure the rail to the frame. You may need to use another wood screw on another on the other end if necessary on your dresser configuration.

Installing Wooden Drawer Slides

Now, that you know how to make wooden drawer slides. It is time to install it.

Foremost, you have to position the slides before installing. This means that you align the bottom edge of the first slide above the line. Thereafter, position the front edge of the slide behind the mark.

Thereafter, you can now hold the slide in place steadfastly. Once both sets of the screw holes are seen, push the extension forward.

From there, you can now drill shallow pilot holes in one screw hole on the back of the slide and near the front.

Place the slide to the inside of the cabinet utilizing the screws that you have.

Repeat such steps to put in the drawer slides on the rest of the drawer or cabinet.


These are the steps on how to make wooden drawer slides and thereafter, installing them.

Always know and familiarize yourself with the procedure prior to creating wooden drawer slides. This is to ensure that you are able to anticipate and perfect the procedure.

If in any case you would be needing further details on the procedure or on the tools that would be used, it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Now, there is no reason for you not to be able to refurnish the old drawer that you bought on a bargain in the thrift shop.

You already have the basic know-how on how to do it and install it moving along.

Let us know how this article had helped you through putting in your comments below.

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