How to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring with Romex

Old houses often face the problems of knob and tube wiring. You will have to do the wiring system very efficiently. There are many professionals who can do this wiring like a pro. You should hire them in case you are unable to this properly. This is a thing that you cannot take for granted. In the basement area, the wires are mostly visible. You can see the rubber coated wires hanging from the ceiling. The wires are mainly attached to the joist portion and covered by porcelain knob. The wiring method is little but tricky but you should know how to replace knob and tube wiring with romex.


It is one kind of art in order to install knob and tube wiring. But now you can do it safely. There is higher capacity in case of knob and tube wiring system than the wiring system of the same gauge. For this reason, the neutral and the hot wires are separated from each other. This separation allows the wire to exhale heat in the air. Romex cable is basically used in the residential purpose. Romex is the most common cable. It is used in the houses for wiring purposes. It is a non-metallic sheathed cable. The coating of the Romex cable is flame and moisture resistant.

​The complete rewiring method:

According to the modern technology, you will have to transfer and change the knob and wiring system to the code-complaint modern wiring system. You will have to remove the old panel and replaced it with the 100 amp or the large breaker box with properly grounded method. You will have to disconnect the old wires from everywhere. You will have to remove all kinds of old knobs and tubes as well. You will have to install new cables and remove the old wires. You should also replace the old switches and also change the outlets. You should also remove the ungrounded light fixtures and the light fixtures tubing.

Partial replacing:​

We all know that the overall rewiring may cost very high. So, you can do it partially. The partial wiring can save your money. But you should do it correctly. The incorrect method will lead you towards a big cost. All wiring connection of your house should be in code-approved junction boxes.

The basement is not only the place where you can see the wiring lines and knobs and tubes. In the walls and the ceilings, you can also see the wiring lines. You will need the electrical box for that. But it is better to do it by yourself if you have proper electrical training. The professional electrician will handle the whole matter perfectly. They will investigate the whole house and assure you that there is no other strand s available in the house. The electrician inspects and finds the two-strand wiring that is knob and tube. They will replace the old circuits with modern circuits. They know how to replace knob and tube wiring with romex. Replacing the knobs and tubes may be costly but it can ensure your safety as well.

The wiring and insurance:​

There are many insurance companies that refuse to insure the houses that have tube and knob wiring just because of the risk of fire. There are some tips for those house owners:

  • You will have to check the whole system by a professional and experienced electrician. They will ensure your safety by confirming the installation and modification.

  • You should not run excessive numbers of appliances in your home. It can cause fire.

  • You will have to repair the cracked wiring immediately.

  • Knobs and tubes wiring should not be used in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoors and laundry rooms. Wiring should be grounded in order to run safely.

  • You will have to rewire the knobs and tubes if necessary. It can avoid dangers.

Why romex is the best?

  • Romex cable is safe because of the presence of a ground wire.

  • Romex cable is flame and heat resistant. It can stand with the temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • It is made with copper metal composition. So, it is long lasting.

  • Romex wires are far better than the tubes and knobs.

There are so many professional electricians available who will replace your old wiring system and install the new one. So, you should hire them as soon as possible.

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