Top 5 Best Manual Pole Saws (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Do you like to do your garden work yourself? Then you’d need the best tools to help with the work.

Well, those unruly trees growing at your backyard could be quite easy to trim with the help of a manual pole saw. There would absolutely be no need to climb the trees to cut down the unwanted branches.

Of course, cutting down those untrimmed high branches would require a sturdy, versatile, and high-quality tool. That’s exactly why we have decided to pick out the best of the manual pole saws available in the market just for you. Each of the best 5 manual pole saws is reviewed below to help you select the best and suitable one for yourself.


Overview - Best 3 Recommendations

Reasons to Consider Choosing a Manual Pole Saw

Are you considering having your own manual pole saw? 

You may not have the reasons to get a manual pole saw yet, but here’s a list of reasons these manual pole saws may just be the best option for you.

1. They Are Ideal For High Branches

best rated manual pole saws

Manual pole saw is a type of saws that are more available in various longer lengths as compared to powered saws. They are preferred for the cutting of smaller branches high up on the tree as your hand may not be able to reach them.

Additionally, they are quite easy to handle and maneuver because of their lightweight. And one thing about the manual pole saws is the fact they can be used by people with different heights.

2. Simple To Use

All you need to handle these pole saws is your strength to hold it in place while cutting. You don’t require any special training to operate the manual pole saws.

There is no need trying to get any motor to work or using your strength to draw power cords of engines.

3. Saves You Some Cash

You probably know already that getting a manual pole saw costs less than purchasing a powered saw. Of course, they achieve the same result sometimes but not with the same amount of money.

For powered saws, you probably need to charge or buy fuel to get it to work but as for manual pole saws, just get them to work at once.

4. Easy To Maintain

Not so much maintenance is required for manual pole saws, except for the part that you have to clean out the blade and shears to get rid of tree residue after each use.

Relative to powered saws, they are very easy to maintain – powered saws will definitely need occasional servicing.

best professional manual pole saw

5. Low Risk Of Accidents

This is in no way to discredit powered saws, but there is a high risk of accident associated if anything goes wrong while cutting.

When using the manual pole saw, you need not climb or be closer to the work than is required as you stand on the ground and extend the pole saw to do whatever cutting or trimming you want to achieve. The chance of failing is zero to none.

6. A Good Vantage Point

The long reach of the manual pole saw also allows you to have a good vantage point or a good view of what you are doing.

You’re able to see your work to make any adjustment needed while cutting.

7. Suitable For Dense Vegetation

best manual pole tree saw

Making use of a powered saw to bring apart a dense growth or highly packed vegetation, may not be such a good idea.

This can cause jamming of the powered saws as they struggle through the dense growth.

Manual pole saws, on the other hand, make it very easy to penetrate through such growth by the help of the pointed blade with little effort.

The Best Manual Pole Saws For You In 2020

DocaPole 6-24 Foot Pole Pruning Saw – Runner up

Special Features

  • Bar Length: 6 – 24 feet
  • Maximum Reach: 30 feet
  • Rust-resistant saw blade, detachable saw head, lightweight extension pole.

DocaPole 6-24 will most likely get the award for the best dual-use pruning saw in the market today. DocaPole can be used as a hand-held saw to prune and groom low branches and also as a manual pole saw for pruning branches that are high.

The GoSaw blade can be held in the hand for standard wood-sawing tasks. It can be detached from the pole to cut down fallen trees and limbs for removal. If you have probably been looking for a way to tear the piece of lumber for your project work, then the handheld GoSaw is great for such work.

On the other hand, the same GoSaw blade can be mounted on a 6-24’ extension Pole for a pruning power that reaches up to about 30 feet when used standing. You can use this manual pole saw for a couple of sawing tasks, such as trimming or removing high branches. It is also excellent type of saw for trimming palm trees.

For comfortable use, it is advisable to use the pole with 4/5 of the segments extended to minimize flex of pole. This will offer about 22 feet of reach while standing. To also minimize flex when using the pole fully extended, you might need to focus more on the saws up and down motion as it saws through the branch being cut.

  • 6 to 24 feet of extension providing 28 feet of reach
  • Super sharp 3-sided taper-ground teeth
  • Durable Rust-resistant and hard chrome-plated finish
  • Solid metal tip + screw-on 180-degree hinge tip for use with other attachments
  • Rubber handle grips
  • Easy-use thumb lever clasps
  • Standard threaded tip for easy use with other attachments
  • Nail hook for easy hanging
  • Non-ergonomic design
  • Locks don’t secure extended pole

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole – Best Value

Special Features

  • Bar Length: 6 – 18 feet
  • Maximum Reach: 23 feet
  • Three pole system, Tri-cut edge, low profile saw head

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 is designed as a versatile three-pole system for trimming at various heights. This type of saw comes with pole ferrules which allows fitting of different pole lengths. Different ranges of height can be worked on as it comes with a total of 3 pole heights. With the help of the low profile, you can easily move it through highly packed foliage, allowing you to cut the branches easily with so much obstruction.

The 3 pole set, the base pole, middle extension pole and the top pole, has a length of 6-feet each and a total reach of 18-feet altogether after you have assembled them to form a single long pole.

The Barracuda Tri-cut saw blade is about 16-inches, giving you a maximum reach of about 18-feet and 16-inches excluding the user’s height. The Barracuda Tri-cut saw blade is specially designed to help with quicker and cleaner cuts.

The poles can be easily assembled together as they can also be easily separated after use. Sometimes, you just might only need two poles (base pole and the top pole with the blade saw) assembled for your work to avoid unnecessary weight and height if your reach is not so high.

Furthermore, the GoSaw blade features razor-sharp 3-sided taper-ground teeth, which make your woodwork quick. The ability of the GoSaw to accomplish hard-to-reach pruning tasks is something to write home about. The rust-free chrome plating ensures the GoSaw blade continues to be up to the task intended for a long period.

  • Fiberglass poles and strong and sturdy
  • Innovative 3 parts design for flexibility of pole reach
  • Small to medium diameter branches are handled well by the Sawing blade
  • The low profile saw head is easy to maneuver
  • It can be assembled easily
  • Sharp saw blade for cleaner and quicker cuts
  • When the pole is at full length users may find it difficult to control
  • When all the poles are assembled together the pole saw becomes heavier

Fiskars 393981-1001 502999 14' Extend Tree Pruner – Best Affordable

Special Features

  • Bar Length: 12 feet
  • Maximum Reach: 18 feet
  • Power lever technology, Oval-shaped fiberglass poles, Secure double locking system, a 15-inch WoodZig saw blade.

Like I always say, being affordable does not equal to less value. Such is the case of Fiskars extendable pole saw as it is a low budget pole saw offering quite a good value.

First of all, Fiskars is a brand that is known for its premium quality pole products. Just like this pole saw, it is evident they still have the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

The pole saw is made of a high quality fiberglass material that comes in an oval shape to ensure easy handling and reduction in flex during extension. This feature allows you to control the pole effectively and cut branches in your desired direction.

Cutting and trimming both large and small branches alike won’t be so much of a big deal with the two-in-one tree trimming system having a combination of a power lever technology that guarantees two times more power during pruning and a powerful WoodZig saw.

One of the best features of this manual pole is their lightweight, yet strong pole, which is as a result of the materials it is made of. The extendable height of the pole is about 12-feet, long enough to handle your trimming activities.

To ensure the extended pole stays put while cutting, an advanced double-locking system is built into the design. The locking system comes as a unique combination of a flip-lock and internal spring button lock mechanism to ensure the pole remains extended for efficient control while cutting.

  • Perfect for trimming small and large trees
  • Power-lever technology
  • Easy to control the direction of cut
  • The head can be rotated to provide the best angle for cutting
  • Sturdy construction reduces the problem of the blades separating
  • The rope doesn’t come tied properly
  • The pole may be too thin for some users

Silky New Professional Series 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw – Best Overall

Special Features

  • Bar Length: 21feet
  • Maximum Reach: 26 feet
  • Quick removable saw head, extendable aluminum poles, custom scabbard, a and locking mechanism

Emerging as the best overall of the top picks is the Silky 179-39 Telescopic Landscaping Pole Saw. I’m pretty sure you would love this manual pole saw the moment you get your hands on it as it comes with quite many useful high quality features.

Silky 179-39 comes with three extendable points, making four sections in total to enable you to reach a height of 21-feet at maximum. The range of the height extension is 2,440 to 6,300 mm (8-feet to 21-feet). This gives a maximum working reach of 26-ft with the user’s height included.

At the top of the pole is a serrated blade having 1.5 mm. Also, it has a teeth configuration of 5.5 teeth/inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm).

The serrated blade is made of high carbon steel metal to help you technically bear all the hard work involved in sawing branches. The blade has a hook on the tip that helps to pull out weed or branches that have been sawed already as they may be out of your to pull them yourself. To prevent the blade from slipping off the branch easily, a scabbard is placed at the back of the blade.

The pole, made of aluminum, is lightweight, making it easy to use and operate; up to 7.35 pounds (3,340 grams) weight with a blade cover, and 6.9 pounds (3,140 grams) operating weight. It is important to note that its lightweight does not in any way affect the heavy-duty uses or industrial application of the pole saw. That is, the strength is quite reliable. One of the amazing features is the removal of the blade head for use without and easy storage.

Besides, this type of saw is used for activities such as park maintenance, garden landscaping, trimming, pruning, forestry operations, and arboriculture.

  • Can be used for all landscaping needs
  • The design is ergonomic
  • Extends up to 21 feet
  • Blade is durable with hook and scabbard
  • The blade is easy to remove
  • Kind of expensive
  • Small locking pins

ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw – Best Telescoping Pole Saw

Special Features

  • Bar Length: 4 – 6 feet
  • Maximum Reach: 12 feet
  • Tri-edge arborist blade, feather-light pole, ergonomic comfort grip, three stops.

You might get a little surprised by the ARS SC EXW18 Telescoping-Pole Saw, as its extension does not exceed 6 feet which is like a huge difference between this product and our top pick. One thing that makes it stand out amongst our top picks is the fact that it is arguably one of the best pole saws available in the market.

The arborist blade is about 13-inches straight, which enables precision control during cuts. The straight blade makes it much easier to know where to place the blade for the cut in dense situations.

The weight of the pole saw is also about 1.7 lbs, making it very easy to handle and carry. The handle of the pole saw comes with ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.

The pole is made of a durable and strong material giving resistance to bending or rust. Just in case you have a situation whereby you need to clear some pathway and weed, this pole saw would be definitely playing a good role here.

Also, the length of the pole saw can be shortened to about 4 feet by pushing in the silver section with a lever close to the blade. This makes it useful for tasks not more than 6-feet; it is just the perfect garden tool for you!

  • Strong design and lightweight
  • Precision cutting via its high-performance blade
  • Perfect for thorny bushes and weeds
  • 6 feet is the maximum reach
  • No extension

Things to Consider When Buying a Manual Pole Saw

Most times, it is always advisable to have a list of things to keep in mind when buying necessary tools like a manual pole saw.

So to ensure you get the best of your desire, check out the things to consider when you want to purchase your manual pole saw.

1. Type of Manual Pole Saw

The type of manual pole saw you need may actually depend on what you want to do with it. So a question such as what type of manual pole will work for me can pop up.

There are four types of manual pole saws, and they are: Bypass, saw, anvil, and compound pruners.

best manual pole saw reviews
  • Bypass Pruner - The Bypass Pruner is designed with two blades that slide over each other. This type of saw works best on softwood tree for creating clean cuts. The tree mustn’t be too hard as this can tear apart the blades resulting in a possible hazard or rough cut.
  • Saw Pruner - Do you want to trim tough and thick branches? This manual pole saw type might be the best option. The only feature that you can find in the saw pruner is the saw blade for pruning the branches of a tree. Also, the saw blade comes in various numbers of teeth, lengths, thicknesses, and teeth sharpness.
  • Anvil Pruner - This type features a blade and a stationary anvil. The mode of operation is that the blade and anvil sandwich the branch between them and the blade slices into the anvil, cutting through the branch.
  • Compound Pole Saw - This type of pole saw comes with pruner head (either an anvil or a bypass), and sawing blade. These options allow you to switch conveniently from pruning to sawing. It is important to be aware that these two options may get in the way of another while using the other. The blades may also not be able to handle dense growth resulting in a snap or bent blade.

2. Length and Maximum Reach of Pole

best telescoping manual pole saw

Of course, the main reason you would want to go for a manual pole saw is the length at which you easily can achieve a certain cut without climbing. The truth is, the length plays a major role in what you want. You need to consider the length of the manual pole saw you want carefully, so you won’t be prevented from getting your desired reach.

This length, whether or not adjusted, has to be relative to your height. You may not require a pole that is excessively tall if you are a tall user.

The long pole may have a drawback. The longer the length of the pole is, the more the tendency to wobble. The manual pole saw is at full extension the pruner head and the saw make the pole wobble a bit, and it can make the saw difficult to control.

A short pole has a low tendency to bend, but a tall pole is also more likely to bend. So you might need to consider the balance between the height of the pole and the user’s height.

3. The Weight of the Manual Pole Saw

The weight of the pole saw is also quite an important factor that must be considered.

Otherwise, this may pose as a problem after purchasing your manual pole saw.

You may need lots of strokes before it falls when trying to cut a branch. 

So getting something heavier maybe a little tiresome for you.

Even so, has to be able to handle very well, the weight should be something you can handle while working.

best manual pole saw

4. Blade Design

A blade made of a high-carbon steel metal is the best. This provided the manual pole saw with durability and high yield strength. Also, it should be coated to prevent the accumulation of tree residue and rusting.

Beyond that, find a blade saw that comes with a hook at the tip. This allows you to bring down plant ropes on trees and also pull branches you have cut down.

Also, if you want to keep the blade of your saw on the branches while making a cut, look for a blade that has scabbard at the rear end.

5. Versatility of the Pole Saw

Being able to use your manual pole saw in several ways is a top-notch idea as this will be a great value exchange for your money.

A compound manual pole saw might be the best option to look at for this feature.

If you don’t want the pole of your saw to get in the way of your pruning, go for a manual pole saw blade that can be removed easily when you don’t need it.

6. Quality of Construction

best manual pole saw 2020

Lastly, a lot depends on the quality of the manual pole saw. Quality is not a factor you should overlook because over affordability and other good features. 

If you see high quality for more money, I would advise you rather spend your money on what is of good quality than changing the product every time with the same low-quality ones.

You can check out the reviews of other owners and users to get what the individual has to say about the quality of the manual pole saws.

Everything may appear to be good quality, but not everything is of good quality. Remember, not all that glitters are gold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manual Pole Saws

1. Can My Manual Pole Saw Blades Be Sharpened?

There are two answers to this, and it is YES and NO

Many customers prefer to replace the blade simply because they find it is difficult to recapture the original edge. If the blade is made of very high-quality Japanese steel and the cutting edges are heat tempered it will serve you for long.

Originally, this type of blade is not designed to be sharpened so you will have to replace them when they are no sharper.

the best manual pole saw

2. How Should I Clean The Blade When Resin Covers It?

Saw blades often accumulate tree residue after use and require to be cleaned out.

The easiest way customers have found to clean them is to spray the blades with Easy-Off, oven cleaner, and when cleaning, it is advisable to use proper PPE, gloves, safety glasses.

3. Where Can I Get A Manual Pole Saw At An Affordable Price?

best manual pole saws

Check online to find out a couple of brands of manual pole saws that suit your budget plan, and perhaps they have the same price, they all come with their pros and cons.

4. My Manual Pole Saw Won’t Cut Straight. How Can I Solve This Issue?

It may happen as a result of damaged or dull chain for the pulleys. 

You might need to consult a professional service provider if your saw is dull to sharpen it for you or even replace it.


Getting the best available product in the market is, in fact, dependent on how well informed you are about the product to be purchased.

We hope that apart from offering the top picks for 2020, we have been able to provide enough information as to how you can get the best of manual pole saws for yourself.

Also, we hope you should have excellent knowledge and idea of how you want your manual pole saw to look like.

We wish you good luck in choosing the best!

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