How to Unlock a Miter Saw That 100% WORKING!

A Miter saw is specifically made to help you create those accurate angle cuts and crosscuts you so desire with ease.

The tool is easy to set up, quick to use, and portable as well for ease of both mobility and storage. Thereby the tool is designed with locks to enable safe and easy transportation to different locations while it is not in use.

Locking and unlocking a Miter saw can be quite tricky for a new user. So the real question is – Are you facing difficulty unlocking your Miter saw?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


How to unlock a miter saw?

1. Miter saw lock system

First of all, it’s pretty important to understand the lock systems of a Miter Saw to be able to use it effectively. Miter saw usually comes with double locks; the front lock and the back lock.

Front Lock – this helps the user to control the angles of the cuts.

Back Lock – this helps to control the up and down movement of the blade.

how to unlock dewalt miter saw

Furthermore, it is not totally a complicated process when trying to lock and unlock a miter saw. But it’s quite important to know some specific parts of the miter saw and their usage.

The elements that basically control the lock of a miter saw are the knob and a pin. The knob is located at the endpoint of the miter saw which is the main part for unlocking a miter saw.

For you to adjust the locks, all you just need is to push and pull the knob.

Although this might not be general for every miter saw in the market today, the mode of operation is the same, and that’s why we have put together several solutions to any problem you might be faced with as regards locking and unlocking a miter saw.

2. Angle locks

The angle lock of a miter saw is controlled by two locks that are situated at the front side of the miter saw.

There is a large knob that is knurled horizontally left to right swivel action of the blade and an underlying lever or other pre-set lock stops for common angles are released as well as the knobs lock. The knob and the lever work simultaneously for a perfect angle lock at various degrees.

So to know if the miter saw is locked, the knob has to be tight. Otherwise, it is not locked.

how to unlock a miter saw

The lever arm is also used to lock and unlock the common angles. All you need to do is pull the lever arm off it and let the handle be in a position to the desired angle.

Then release the lever and turn the knob clockwise to lock the angle.

3. Swivel locks

Swivel is a sort of connection that allows elements connected to either rotate horizontally or vertically, for instance, a cylindrical rod. Miter saw has a lot of angles lock set in advance built in it.

Several angles of miter cuts are locked in by micro levers. Also, it makes sure that the angle of transportation is right.

On the other hand, the macro knobs help in removing the blades for the user to move or use the miter saw easily. So when the lever arm is depressed, and it rotates to an advance, it becomes adjusted.

4. Bevel locks

It is quite vital to note that not all models of miter saws are capable of bevelling as not all of them come with a moving bevel. Therefore, you may not consider this information if you own or work with a model that does not have this ability. 

On the other hand, a good number of modern-day miter saws have the capability to bevel, so you may get to own one someday!

how to unlock a dewalt miter saw

So down to business – in a bid to adjust and fine-tune the bevel, you need to slide the integrated stop that is situated somewhere near the base.

To keep the bevel locked, the bevelling miter saw often operates with a lever or a spring-loaded pin. The lever or pin is pressed, held down, and released when you have reached the desired angle.

Besides, bevels also come with pre-set lock stops located at the most common angles, but by using the lock mechanism and releasing it over the desired angle, you can avoid these pre-set lock stops.

5. Rail lock

The rail lock is usually a knob located at the base of the blade arm. The rail lock is used mainly to lock the blade arm in place to achieve certain cuts. And it is also used to lock the head of the miter saw for easy transportation.

Safety Precautions as regards Rail lock:

- It is advisable to use the rail lock when the miter saw is not in use

- Be careful of the serrated blade teeth, and it should be completely submerged under the table, and the guard is enclosing the remaining part.

- Ensure that when the arm is in a folded mode, the blade of the saw is not easily accessible.

6. Blade lock

This is a pin that is usually located at the rear side of the miter saw.

You need to press the head down and pull on the pin until it is released for the blade to unlock. There will be some sort of click and blade starts running automatically.

Always ensure the guard gradually covers the serrated part of the blade that is exposed as the arm moves into position. If you notice the guard is stationary, you might need to clean it before using the miter saw.

Lastly, when you need to lock the blade, bring the head down and then, push the pin inward.


For starters, using a miter saw may seem a little frightening, but as it has been explained and you have seen in this article, it’s not so much of a big deal. You need to understand how each part works and get on with your workpiece!

The locks are there for many reasons, and one of them being safety, just like the common saying, "safety first."

So it’s important to be well aware of the locks and their operations before using your miter saw.

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