Top 4 Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Laminate Worktops That You Shouldn’t Miss (update July 2019)

If you need the cutting a laminate countertop or flooring in the kitchen, you may need a suitable saw blade. Don’t just come to the store to get the woodworker to make the cutting at your house! Buy your saw blade and start your DIY project!

Go online to find your right one in a large bunch of saw blades for your woodworking plan. Just take time to get yourself informed for your right choice. For example, choose the best circular saw blade for cutting laminate worktops.

Here on our website, we have reviewed our best saw blade picks. They surely help save your time and money for your perfect woodwork project. Our helpful guide will give you the high-quality saw blades for your cutting projects.

First thing first! See our ‘How to choose the best saw blade for your wood cutting. It does give you a correct choice.

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Best circular saw blade for cutting laminate flooring

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Best circular saw blade to cut the laminate countertop

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How to Choose The Best Saw Blade for Your Wood Cutting?

Saw blades are popular in every garage or home workshops anywhere in the world. However, you still need suitable saw blades for woods like the best circular saw blade for cutting laminate worktops.

Each type of saw blades is utilized for different targets. There are some certain elements to select the right saw blade for wood cutting. Those elements primarily decide the cutting quality

Right saw blades

Today, every manufacturer produce a wide range of equipment for wood cutting. Paying high attention to the cutting blade is highly important for the finished work quality.

Based on the technical characteristics, saw blades are divided into circular saw blade, jigsaw blade or wood grinders. Their teeth decide the direction of cutting and the accuracy of the wood cutting.

For the perfect wood cutting with several knots, select the reinforced discs including about 24 cutting edges. 2 digits are included in marking saw blades. Disks installed on the saw should be on the higher index than the saw.

What kind of jigsaw blade to cut laminate countertop? And, how to cut laminate countertop for sin? This may be the most common questions posed when finding the best jigsaw blade.

Today, while DEWALT DW3762H is the best jigsaw blade for a laminate countertop, DEWALT DW4856 is seen as the best jigsaw blade for a kitchen worktop. Choose them to purchase if a jigsaw blade is needed!

Choose the right saw’s disk

Pay attention to some following rules for the greatest saw blades. First, consider the dimensions and shapes of the blade’s teeth of all the discs. The blade’s design like slope, tooth shape, the plates, shape, disk’s thickness is the next concern.

Also, the outside diameters of the mounting hole or the parameters of teeth decide the rotation speed. Pay higher attention to it!

The disk characteristics​

When selecting the saw blades, instantly decide the materials to process for the good performance. Several models for saw blades should be paid high attention to their certain quality.

The cutting speed​

Some rules for the best saw blade are given out in this part. For softwoods, use a saw blade with a speed of about 50-90 m/s. For woodwork cut, 50-85 m/s is enough. The right speed for laminated panels ranges from 40-60 m/s.

You should understand that different saw blades are in several different shapes and sizes of teeth at several speeds. Have your right choice!

Manufacturers offer their several models. Read our whole tips to choose your right saw blade for your cutting job. Do what a pro always do! Keep in mind our best saw blade for your perfect wood cutting below!

4 Best Saw Blade for Cutting Laminate Worktops

Finding any saw blade for your cutting job might pose a problem for some people. For instance, seek the best circular saw blade for cutting laminate worktops. Thus, we’re here to support you!

Here is our perfect list of top 4 best saw blades on sale currently with the best customer reviews. Let’s read this to receive the best equipment for your wood cutting!

With the best cutting performance for the woodworking as a pro, Freud D1080X Diablo is pointed out as the excellent winner of the race. This product is the best saw blade for cutting laminate flooring for its price.


  • 10 Inches with 40 teeth
  • Arbor and Perma-Shield Coating of about ⅝ inches•
  • Tri-metal shock-resistant brazing→ withstand extreme impact
  • Provide maximum durability

Emerged as the respect-worthy winner, this 10-inch ATB-finish blade provides a high-quality performance for crosscut. Designed for wood cutting of both hardwoods and softwoods, especially laminate flooring.

Want the best circular saw blade for an accurate and splinter-free crosscut, nothing is better than the Freud D1080X Diablo.

This product can give you the fine finishes in materials such as veneer plywood, oak, and delicate molding. The Freud D1080X Diablo will give the ultra fine-finished crosscuts with all 80 teeth.

True woodworker more teeth deliver the cleaner and smoother cuts without any splintering. It is not a dream to see little or even no sanding when cutting the laminate flooring with this perfect saw blade.

And, clean and accurate cuts are the received results. Made with quality Freud’s Hi-Density carbide, the saw blade will ensure the durability and precise cuts. The carbide formula maintains the longer sharpness and wears or tear reduction.

Along with the high-quality Perma-Shield coating, this saw blade keeps the longer durability and increased lifespan. It is suitable for the table saw, sliding miter saw, or miter saw for the most difficult woodwork projects with the fine performance.


  • Easy to use the saw blade
  • With laser-cut stabilizer vents, noise & vibration are trapped, and the blade warp is reduced.
  • Laser-cut heat-expansion slots→ expand the blade
  • Give straight and precise cuts.
  • Provide extreme durability with razor-sharp cuts, and longer lifespan.
  • Able to withstand extreme impact


  • It can be dulled if used for a long time.
  • The high speed of cuts can be dangerous to the users.

At the quite reasonable price, Freud D1080X Diablo is pointed out as the best circular saw blade for cutting laminate worktops. Hardly any product can beat this product in this field.


  • 10-Inch & 80-tooth
  • Ultra-fine finish circular cut-off blade
  • Laser cut arbor → accurate blade rotation for vibration & premature wear reduction

The 10-inch ATB finish circular saw blade provides the better performance when compared with that of others saw blades. Need the best circular saw blade for cutting laminate worktops with high accuracy? This is your product.

All of its 80 teeth can give you super fine finishes on your woodcuts. This is a high-quality, and fast cutting circular saw blade with good durability. Once properly maintained, it will provide you with the accurate woodcuts for many years to come.

The Perma-shield coating helps prevent the buildup of debris & resin on the blade’s surface. So, you can also save both the time and money for the project completion. And, even easily become a pro with our excellent suggestion.

Whatever the saw you own! All the saw blades included in the Freud D1080X Diablo can help to conquer all, even the hardest projects. The effective circular blade is needed for your woodwork job at home.


  • Prevent the buildup of debris & resin
  • Provide faster cuts for all woodworking projects.
  • Save time and money for the users.
  • Reduce vibration & premature wear


  • Slightly overpriced
  • This blade might become dull if used for a long time
  • The product is not suitable for thick wood.

We think that if we must decide to choose between the DeWalt saw blades and Diablo products; the differences are clear as day and night. This Diablo product produces well-finished cuts as the best saw blade for the laminate countertop.


  • 12-Inch saw blade
  • Laser-cut stabilizer
  • Shear-face grind design → effortless cuts
  • A reduced amp draw → less material waste & better performance

With the Ultrathin kerf, this sharp saw blade enables the portable job site saws with excellent performance with the higher level of all workshop stationary saws. The TiCo Hi-Density carbide is specifically designed to enhance the cutting performance.

With the Shear-face grind design, effortless cuts along with the reduced amp draw on the equipment are well provided. This is quite Ideal for the great cutting of fine molding, melamine, veneered plywood and many other projects.

Everyone knows the truth that using laminate countertop with a circular saw is extremely effective and perfect for fine cuts. Never fear to try the woodworking saw blade like a pro. We can become professional with the perfect pick for your job.

With this product, you will no longer concern about the question of ‘How to cut countertop with a table saw?’ anymore. Let’s purchase it instantly if you don’t want to miss this!


  • This delivers all effortless cuts thanks to its reduced amp draw.
  • It develops less material waste
  • Maximizes the tool performance
  • Provides the smoothest and most precise finish of all projects


  • Cutting time is slow due to several teeth, and burning can happen.
  • The paint is left on the cut edges after every finish of the saw blade

You may need the best circular saw blade for a laminate countertop for your woodworking projects. This is the right saw blade for your job, another good choice coming from DeWalt manufacturer.


  • 10-Inch
  • 60-Tooth Crosscutting &32-Tooth General Purpose
  • Computer-balanced plate → reduce vibration, improve the accuracy
  • Thin kerf → fast & smooth cuts

Those blades provided with tungsten carbide will maintain the sharpness for much longer than the common circular saw blades. Also, they are durable with a true edge for cleaner and smoother cuts.

This combo pack provides the users with two blades at an extremely affordable price. This feature helps save your money as well as your time for shopping around. So, why don’t you start saving your time and money right?

The DEWALT DW3106P5 circular saw blades are utilized for both your miter and sliding miter saws. This product offers good performance for your crosscutting jobs with the super high-quality finishes.

Cutting laminate countertop with jigsaw and circular saw blades is what a pro should do. And, you can beat all of them with this product easily!


  • This saw blade keeps the longer sharpness in a longer period of time
  • It helps deliver the smooth and clean cuts when using
  • Provides the increased free space
  • Helps remove more material and ensures better and faster cutting


  • The blade may be bent due to strong heat and wear.

Final Verdict

Those selections mentioned in our article above are absolutely our best picks for perfect saw blades for wood cutting. Every cutting project requires the users a specific saw blade.

Don’t know what to look for? In case you may choose your wrong one, read our guide thoroughly. You may know to choose the best circular saw blade for cutting laminate worktops thanks to our care guide.

Hopefully, our best picks suggested will help all of the users find their right saw blades for your right cutting projects to create the woodworking masterpiece with amazing precision.

If you also save a lot of spare time and money while doing the process, you are sure to do the job well and effectively. Never worry about the best pick for the most suitable saw blade with our instruction and review! Purchase yours right now!

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