Best Gas Pole Saws – Smart Review and Buying Guide

When it comes to gardening activities, the use of saws cannot be underemphasized. There are many types of saws out there, and this includes a pole saw.

A typical pole saw is suited for use in trimming, pruning and cutting long tree branches. Reason being that they are quite extensive and can reach heights giving you a chance to discard the use of ladders.

Pole saws come in three types based on power source: battery-powered, electric powered, and gas-powered.

However, we will look at gas powered pole saws which are cordless and quite weighty and have a chainsaw and engine at both ends of the machinery. This post aims to review the best gas pole saws in the market with a suitable buying guide.

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Best Gas Pole Saws On The Market: My Top 9 Choices

Trimmer Plus PS720 – Best Lightweight Pole Saw

This is the perfect pole saw for the price. It is budget-friendly and made suitable for any DIYer who wants to trim and clean-up their yard.

Its lightweight and telescopic 7-inch features make it fit to operate for long hours without causing fatigue.

It features a 7-foot pole attached to an 8-inch bar for cutting tree heights up to 12-feet. The 8-inch bar can cut up logs up to 6-inches diameter with little or no kickbacks. This model weighs no more than 3.41 pounds making it available to be moved anywhere easily.

Another useful feature is the presence of automatic oiler for lubrication. This auto-lubricator supplies oil for ease of use and eliminates heat build-up due to friction.

Also, included in the product are two extension sections of dual height options.


  • Auto-oiler feature.
  • 8-inch bar.
  • Maximum height reaches up to 12-feet.
  • 7-foot extension.
  • Compactible with attachments.


If you need a simple pole saw to maneuver around while still accomplishing as much task as possible, then you should consider getting this pole saw.

  • The pole saw is quite durable
  • It is light weighted and can be used comfortably
  • It has a soft grip
  • The presence of an automatic oiler system which helps reduces heat build-up
  • This equipment is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

Poulan Pro PR28PS – Best Balanced Pole Saw

This Prolan Pro model of gas pole saw is an equipment that can help clean up your overgrown yard.

It allows for multi-purpose attachment, including the likes of hedge trimmer, edger, and blower. Also, it has a balanced weight of 14 pounds.

The equipment takes comfortability has its highest priority has it features a shoulder strap for easy handling. The shoulder strap does help reduce fatigue while the machine is running.

It comes with a two-cycle engine which delivers 28 cc of engine power. It features an 8-inches chain bar for easy cuttings.

The presence of an automatic reset ON button and SureFire fuel delivery system allows for quick starting. It comes with a shaft attachment system for compatibility with other tools. 

It comes with a two-year warranty.


  • SureFire fuel delivery technology.
  • Shaft compactible.
  • Two-cycle engine delivering 28cc of engine power.
  • Automatic reset ON button.


The Prolan Pro saw is comfortable to use as it can work on long tasks without getting any fatigue from strenuous tasks.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes with Prolink attachment for multifunctional us
  • It has a comparatively, powerful engine to deliver high power
  • Quite effective
  • Fuel conserving
  • It is quite heavy at 20 pounds
  • Quite expensive

Remington Maverick RM2599 – Best Effective Pole Saw

This Remington Maverick RM2599 saw is the best definition of compactly designed pole saw that eliminates the use of a ladder when pruning overhead trees.

The most impressive feature included in the Gas-powered pole saw is a Quickstart Technology that makes starting pull easy. This equipment also features a 2-stroke gas engine of 25cc power and an 8-inch chain/bar. It comes with an auto oiler for lubrication while in use.

Also, the product has a size dimension of 38 x 10.8 x 12 inches and has a balanced weight of 14-pounds. It features a 7-foot extension pole to reach heights of 12-feet.

The powerful tool accepts trimmer plus attachments for other functionalities (such as a blower, hedge trimmer).


  • 7-inches Pole extensions.
  • 2-stroke engine.
  • Engine power of 25cc.
  • Highly compatible with other attachments.
  • Quickstart technology.
  • 8-inch bar.
  • Presence of automatic oiler.


It is highly effective for small scale tasks around the home. So if you are a DIYer and wants to do some yard work. Then this saw is highly recommendable.

  • It allows multi-functional use
  • Quick start technology for easy start-up of equipment
  • The presence of auto-oiler allows tackling of strenuous jobs with ease
  • Reaches the height of 12-feet and displaces the use of a ladder
  • It comes with lots of noise and vibration
  • No chain tensioning system

Maxtra Gas Pole Saw – All-Round Efficient Pole Saw

The Maxtra Gas pole saw is the most potent pole saw ever reviewed yet. It comes with a top of the reach engine power of 42.7cc. The engine power makes it pleasant for heavy-duty tasks.

This highly impressive gas pole saw features a 10-inch chain bar guide for cutting branch diameter up to 11-inches. The product comes with a two-stroke engine of 30:1 ratio fuel mix which delivers 42 cc of engine power.

The engine has a Quickstart technology that allows the equipment start-up when applying 3-4 pulls. All the engine features make the equipment easy to operate.

For comfortability and ease of use the, pole saw features a shoulder strap which works well to reduce fatigue.

Additionally, 3.6-inch pole extension is included to allow height adjustment from 8.2 ft. to 11.4 ft. It also features a quick-release connector for displacing and attaching the extension pole easily.

Speaking of the standard weight, the equipment is quite heavy as it weighs 27.5 pounds. It also has a size dimension of 65 x 12.6 x 11.8-inches. It comes with a 1-year reliable warranty.


  • 10-inch bar.
  • Two-stroke engine.
  • 42cc engine power.
  • Automatic oiler.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Quick start technology.
  • Presence of a quick-release connector.
  • 3.6-inches pole extension.
  • Shoulder strap for comfortability.
  • Can reach up to 14 feet of tree height.


This is an all-round efficient, durable, and reliable Gas pole saw. It is found suitable for accomplishing heavy-duty tasks.

  • The extension allows the equipment to reach tree branches up to 14 feet
  • Maxtra Gas Pole saw is ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Presence of an automatic oiler reduces heat build-up
  • The pole saw powers timely on applying 3-4 pulls
  • It is quite heavy
  • It is not compatible with other attachments

Proyama Powerful Gas Pole Saw – Best Fuel Conserving Gas Pole Saw

When it comes to a unique gas pole saw, the Proyama Gas Pole puts the icing on the cake. It is popularly known for its fuel conserving power. It comes with a Heavy duty engine type delivering a power around 42cc.

Included in its package are safety kits such as Face shield, gloves, and ear protection to ensure safety while using.

The Gas pole saw is suitable for heavy-duty tasks due to its unique features. On a quick check the gas pole saw comes with a bulky weight of 30.9 pounds. We guess that is why it has a shoulder strap for comfortability in handling. It comes with a sharp chainsaw blade of 12-inches.

Also, It has a two-cycle, air-cooled engine which delivers 42 cc of engine power. This engine has a fuel tank capacity of 700mL that allows a gas and oil mixture in ratio 40:1. Likewise, the engine is EPA satisfied which means it releases fewer emissions into the air and its conserves fuel usage.

One fantastic feature is that the trimmer is adjustable to any desired angle without having to change body position. Embedded in the Gas pole saw is an emergency off button in case of any danger.

You can adjust the gas-powered pole saw from 8.2 to 11.4 feet with the aid of a pole extension. It is compatible with many other attachments and pieces so its regarded as a one-stop saw.


  • 12-inches bar.
  • EPA certified two-cycle engine with 42cc engine power.
  • Emergency off button.
  • Compactible with many attachments.
  • Bulk weight of 30 pounds.
  • Fuel tank capacity of 700 mL.
  • Presence of a shoulder harness.


Having a heavy-duty pole saw like this will help to accomplish more garden task effectively and also save money on fuel.

  • The presence of shoulder strap provides comfortability
  • Environmental-friendly
  • It can perform heavy-duty tasks
  • The extension pole can loosen easily due to a weak driving rod

Poulan Pro PP258TP – Best Budget-Friendly Pole Saw

Trimming and pruning yard trees come easy with the use of a Gas powered pole saw. Such a pole saw like the Poulan Pro PP258TP has the power to cut off tree branches no more than 6-inches in diameter.

This Gas pole saw consist of an 8-inch size saw bar powerful enough to cut tree branches not more than 6-inches in diameter. It has a unique body build that assures it longer shelf life.

The Poulan Pro PP258TP saw can cut unwanted tree parts of 12-inches diameter, all thanks to the presence of an extended extension pole reaching 12-inches.

On the overall, the pole saw has a general size dimension of 96 x 11.5 x 11 inches and weighs 20 pounds.

Being dependent on gasoline as a source of power, the Poulan Pro PP258TP saw consist of a 2-stroke 25 cc engine which makes it heavy-duty and provides enough power to cut off thickened branches.

Starting up the saw is quite easy due to the presence of Surefire technology. The sure-fire technology allows the machine to start automatically with a single pull. It is a multipurpose pole saw as it compatible with all Prolink attachments.

To cap it all the Poulan Pro PP258TP saw comes with a 2-year warranty giving you a lasting assurance.


  • Has a bar of 8-inches length.
  • Pole extension up to 12-inches reach.
  • A 2-stroke engine type with 25 cc engine power.
  • 20 pounds weight.


The product has an excellent starting technology and delivers enough power to accomplish cutting tasks in a garden. It is a multi-purpose saw and has a 2-year warranty, hence highly recommendable.

  • It is highly ergonomic to handle
  • Has an engine power idea for thickened lumbers of 6-inches
  • Can adjust up to a height of 12-feet long
  • It is versatile has it comes with Prolink attachments
  • The shaft of the saw bends easily

Poulan Pro PR25PS Gas Pole Saw – Best Versatile Pole Saw

Highly comfortable, durable, and easy to use - Poulan Pro PR25PS gas pole saw boasts of unique features that give it a real market value. Your pruning and trimming activity are yet to become more natural with a gas pole saw like this.

The Poulan Pro PR25PS gas pole saw allows for standard trimming, bush clearing, edging, and tree pruning activities due to its powerful features. It comes with size dimensions around 39.8 x 10.2 x 10 inches and weighs 14 pounds.

A 2 stroke engine with the power of 25cc and the combined feature of an 8-inch bar allows for thick bush clearing or tree pruning. The 2-stroke engine means it allows for specific percentage of the mixture of both oil and gasoline to provide power. The presence of an auto-oiler allows for the pole saw’s ease of use.

Starting up the machinery is quite easy, with the presence of features such as a SureFire fuel delivery system, a spring assist, and an automatic return stop switch.

This Gas pole saw comes with a 3-piece attachable shaft for transport and storage. A chain tensioning system on the pole saw ensures you use the right tightness while working. A 3-inch extension is also included to allows it reach 12-feet for overhead trimming.


  • Has an 8-inch bar length.
  • 2-stroke engine type which delivers 25cc of power.
  • Auto oil dispenser for lubrication.
  • 14-pounds weight.
  • 3-inches extension.
  • Prolink attachment compatible.
  • Chain tensioning system.


It can last you for a bit of a lifetime as it is made up of durable components.

  • Lower price
  • It comes with Prolink attachment feature
  • It has an automatic oiler for lubrication while using
  • It is ergonomic to use and handle
  • Can reach 12-feet for overhead cutting
  • It is much smaller than the previous model of Prolan Pro

Blue Max 53542 Gasoline Pole Saw – Best Professional Pole Saw

Highly powered by a reliable and robust gasoline engine, the Bluemax Gasoline Pole saw is the best for both home and professional use.

The ability of the 2- cycle engine to deliver 32 cc engine power and the fact it weighs 21.9 pounds shows that it can perform heavy-duty tasks.

This equipment comes with an Anti-vibration system which helps to reduce tension or fatigue. For a timely start-up, the gasoline pole saw features a fuel primer to remove air from the fuel tank.

It also comes with an automatic clutch for safe and secure starting. Included in the box is a 10-inches long bar to enhance easy cuttings. A telescopic pole of 71-inches allows the equipment to cut at the height of 10 feet.

To cap it all the equipment comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • 10-inches bar.
  • Weighs 21.9 pounds.
  • Has a two-cycle engine delivering 32 cc of engine power.
  • Features Telescopic pole of 71-inches.
  • It can reach a height of 10 ft.


If you need a heavy-duty gas pole saw, then you should consider getting this model of pole saw.

  • It is incredibly comfortable to use
  • It has a reliable and powerful engine
  • Can reach up to 10-feet with the extra pole extension
  • Comes with a capacity to handle branches of thicker diameter easily
  • Oil leaks occur after some time
  • Highly expensive

Echo Gas Engine Pole Pruner – Best With Superior Features

The Echo pole gas saw is a durable and reliable gas pruner with superior grade features. It comes as a gas saw with size dimensions 80 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs 30 pounds (which is quite a bulky weight).

The gas pruner is a type of saw that has a 12-inch bar length available for making thickened cut up to 10-inches diameter. It features a two-cycle engine which delivers 25.4 cc of engine power.

It comes with an automatic oiler which helps lube the saw for fast cuttings and reduces heat build-up.

It can be adjusted to a pole length of 107-inches which can reach 14-feet in height for overhead cutting.


  • 25.4cc engine power
  • Automatic chain oiler.
  • 107.inch pole length.
  • Weighs 30 pounds.
  • Quickstart technology.


It is highly effective and won’t give you any hassles with its usage.

  • It has a reduced effort starter
  • It does not generate lots of heat
  • It can reach high trees
  • It is bulky

Factors to Consider When Buying A Gas Powered Pole Saw

With the use of a pole saw you would find it easy to cut off tree parts out of reach without the need for an extendable or ladder.

However, there are different brands of Gas-powered pole saws. This prompts a need to consider some essential factors when selecting any of it types. This includes:

1. Price

best gas pole saws to buy

Of course, you do need to consider your purchasing power when it comes to choosing the right gas pole saw. Quite frankly, you have to keep in mind that price usually equates to quality.

While many of this type of saws come at a well-suited price for the quality, many will be considered quite expensive at a special price (usually if it’s the best quality).

However, if your budget cuts below 300$, you can still afford to get a mid-quality one. If you can afford more than that price. Then your best option is to go for the right quality pole saw as it will last you in the long run.

2. Engine Power

This is one major factor that separates a gas-powered pole saw from its counterparts (electric-corded and battery-powered).

This has to do with the powerful capabilities of the pole saw. The engine power determines the extent your pole saw can make a suitable cut.

Also, to avoid breaks and saw pinches, it is best advised to choose a Gas pole of at least two cycles with engine power from 25 upwards.

3. Length And Extension

In cutting tall trees and branches, one needs to look into through the extendable capabilities of the Gas pole saw.

So if you are a DIYer and you probably got trees with higher branches, then you will need a lengthy pole saw.

4. Weight

It’s one thing to get a full extendable gas pole saw: the other side is the weight balance.

Most gas pole saws are quite powerful, and this contributes to their weighty size.

A massive pole saw with no equal bearing to the power can be quite strenuous while using, hence causing muscle strains (fatigue) and causes inefficiency. 

Therefore, bear in mind to check the power to weight ratio of the Gas power pole saw.

top gas pole saws

5. Vibrations And Noise

Gas pole saw are not electric or battery operated. Therefore, they tend to give out a lot of noise and vibrations while in use.

However, some of the pole saws come with less dampening noise than the other. Since noise can contribute to tiredness and fatigue, consider getting a saw type with less dampening noise.

6. Brand Type

best gas pole saw reviews

A comprising quality of a gas powered pole saw stems from the brand manufacturer.

Very well-known brands such as; Husqvarna, Bluemax, and Poulon will never let you down with any inferior quality product.

They deliver the best term with durability, warranty, and safety conditions.

7. Safety

Most primitive and cheap models of gas-powered pole saws are quite dangerous and come with a lot of safety risks. So whenever, you are selecting a new pole saw in the market always check through their safety features.

In the best-case scenario, a gas pole saw with Anti-vibration grip, Anti-slip grip and have an ergonomic handle is considered safe to use than any gas pole saw without those features.

FAQs About Gas Pole Saws

Most times, it is always advisable to have a list of things to keep in mind when buying necessary tools like a manual pole saw.

So to ensure you get the best of your desire, check out the things to consider when you want to purchase your manual pole saw.

1. What is the Price Range of Gas Pole Saw?

best gas powered pole saws

The price range for a gas pole depends on the quality of the product. While some cheap models could come at a price range of 50$-70$, the best quality could have a price ranging from 450$ to 750$.

2. How Does Blade Thickness Affect the Efficiency With Cutting?

The blade length on the chainsaw component of a gas pole saw is a direct factor which determines the value of branch diameter the equipment can cut. There are different thickness for pole saws — thickness range from 0.5-inches to 10 inches and above.

Howbeit, you did expect a 10-inch to cut a larger branch diameter than a lesser one should.

3. To What Length Does a Pole Saw Extend?

best lightweight gas pole saw

Depending on the model of pole saw you get. There are types with pole extensions of 6-inches. The most standard and best quality pole saw come with extensions up to the length of 11-inches.

However, the highest extension possible for most pole saws is 17-inches extension.

4. What Makes a Gas-powered Pole Saw Better Than an Electric or Battery-operated One?

The use of a battery-operated pole saw will require frequent charges before it can achieve the best cut. Also, it’s the least powerful and can run for barely one hour on every charge.

As for electric pole saw, you do require a readily available AC-power supply and those cords could limit you. However, with a gas pole saw your boundaries know no end.

The fact that they produce more power makes them the best option for heavy-duty tasks.

5. Can One Use a Gas Pole Saw Like Any Regular Saw?

This is a big NO as pole saws were specially designed for pruning and trimming trees. As powerful as they are they are not built for use as any regular type of saws.

To Wind Up

We can’t make or impose buying of any of these gas pole saws on you. 

However, in a bid to provide the essential guide to make your best buy of a quality pole saw. We have crafted out a complete review of some of the best gas pole saws (of top quality brands) you can ever get in the market today.

So choose wisely!

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