23 Important Miter Saw Safety Tips You Need to Know to Avoid Accidents

Nobody can deny the significance of the miter saw in woodworking shops. It’s a versatile tool, which is useful to many woodwork projects. It helps you make cuts and shape boards before moving to more powerful machines. There are several choices on the market and so the capacities of each miter saw change.

What does not change is the safety rules regarding these tools. It doesn’t take much to get injured when using the miter saw. From minor injuries to severe accidents, anything can happen if you are not careful. And one can never be too careful with such tools. This is a list of miter saw safety tips you cannot ignore if you use the tool and care to avoid injuries.

How to avoid accidents when you use the miter saw

  • #1: Wear goggles or glasses. To enhance face protection, you can also wear a face shield. You should also cover your ears
  • #2:  Avoid wearing jewelry, loose clothes or gloves
  • #3: The guards must operate well. If you notice that any of them is not well-adjusted or fails to return to its position, fix it
  • #4:  Before you adjust or repair any parts, unplug the machine
  • #5:  Keep your fingers and hands at least 6 inches away from the blade
  • #6Don’t use just any blade. Only use the recommended blade size and accessories for this miter saw
  • #7:  Make sure the lower guard is clean to have better visibility
  • #8:  Don’t forget to check the blade on a regular basis. You should keep the blade and its mechanism well tightened
  • #9: Make sure the washers and all fasteners of the blade are secured and in top notch condition
  • #10: Don’t forget to clamp the material you use against the fence so that you won’t put your fingers in the blade path
  • #11: Do not cut the board in very small pieces
  • #12: Avoid freehand operations
  • #13: When the material you use is long, it should be supported at the same height as the table
  • #14: Never approach the cutting area when the blade is in operation. Wait till it is fully stopped
  • #15: To avoid injuries by accidental contact with the blade, remember to release the trigger switch when the work is done. This will allow the blade to stop working. Once this is done, raise the blade from the board/cutting area
  • #16: When you use a sliding miter saw, begin your work with the closest blade to you, plunge downward, and lastly push it forward as you are cutting the board
  • #17: Remove any other tools from the saw table
  • #18: Make sure the motor runs at its full speed before you begin cutting
  • #19: Check that the miter saw is OFF when you plug it in
  • #20: Unplug the miter saw when your job is done
  • #21: Do not leave the miter saw from your hands until it has stopped fully
  • #22: Never use the miter saw in wet environments
  • #23: Never use this electric tool in flammable environments

2 Extra Safety Tips before You start Using the Miter Saw

  • Even if you are experienced in woodworking, devote some time to read the instructions of your new miter saw. There are upgrades and certainly various differences among these tools.
  • Don’t use the miter saw unless you already have experience and are a professional wood-worker. Make sure you understand how the tool works and follow all the instructions provided.

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