10 Outdoor Decorating Tips For The Pool

The area around a pool calls for a little bit of extra landscaping attention, particularly in preparation for summertime when the pool becomes the focal point of the yard. The good news is that you have tons of different great ideas to choose from when you want to make your pool more inviting and appealing. Here are quick looks at 10 of our favorite ways to enhance the look of your outdoor pool.

1) Try Shade Sails Instead Of Umbrellas

Shading the area around the pool is an important part of making it comfortable. Rather than sticking with the traditional umbrellas, consider using shade sails instead. These shades are surprisingly flexible and take up a minimal amount of room; shade sails are also handy because they don't obstruct your view.

2) Don't Be Afraid To Go Exotic

Even attached to the most modest suburban home, there's something decadent about a pool according to Outdoor Art Pros. Embrace the luxury of a residential pool and feel free to walk on the wild side when picking out your decorations. This is the perfect place to go for a tropical look.

3) Emphasize In-Ground Shapes With Decorative Stones

Crushed stones, gravel, and pebbles all make excellent ground treatments for use in the vicinity of a pool. The evoke the feel of a warm tropical beach and do an excellent job of accentuating a pool. Highlight the open spaces around the water by using decorative stones as ground cover.

4) Invest In Better Garden Furniture

When the weather is warm, the pool can become the focal point of your home life. Keep this in mind when you're picking out garden furniture for the pool area. A few extra dollars invested in more durable and comfortable pieces will dramatically increase the warmth and comfort of your pool and the yard around it. Consider the existing palette of your pool area (concrete, decks, garden plants, etc) when choosing your furniture colors.

5) Try A Pergola For A Sitting Area

Pergolas lend an air of bucolic charm to any outdoor setting, and they just might be the perfect way to shade a poolside seating area. Besides making hot, sunny afternoons more bearable, pergolas also do a superb job of making your pool feel more elegant for nighttime entertaining.

6) Use Natural Stone For Elevation Changes

If the area around your pool features changes in elevation, low vertical walls may be required to manage the different levels. These are opportunities to make your pool area look a little classier! Finish those walls in natural stone to create a rustic but luxurious feel.

7) Always Use More Plants

It's impossible to overestimate the positive impact that thriving plants can have in your yard. Green growing things can make a pool area feel more vibrant and intimate. Whether you use plants to define separate areas or simply to decorate one large one, you can count on them to soften and warm the feeling of your outdoor space.

8) Don't Forget Lighting

Prepare your pool for use at dusk and in the evenings as well by investing in some quality outdoor lights. Lanterns are available in a range of different styles to match virtually any decor scheme.

9) Light Your Pool With Recessed LEDs

If you already know you're going to be getting lots of nighttime mileage out of your pool, splurge on this distinctive and safety-promoting way to highlight the edge of the water.

10) Break Out Your Potted Plants

Don't restrict your favorite plants to the edges and corners of your pool area! Pull potted plants out into the open to liven up the whole outdoor space.

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