Yonico Router Bit Review

Yonico router bits are continually becoming popular with a lot of people, and this is for two main reasons. First, they are affordable and secondly, you get very good performance over the years for the affordable price.

The comprehensive Yonico router bit reviews here will help you in knowing more about the product and help in your future woodworking projects

Yonico Router Bit Features

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Before you look at the price at which you will get the router bits you want, it is usually a good idea to try and understand the features. It is for these features that you are paying the price you are paying for the router bits. One of the most important features to look at should be the durability of the router bits you want to purchase. Here are the key features that make the Yonico router bits stand out:

Industrial Grade Quality

One of the reasons why Yonico keeps releasing incredible router bits is because this is their main production line. Therefore, a lot of effort goes into making these bits. The manufacturing process takes center stage and you end up with fine quality router bits at a good price.

Carbide Cutters

The K-10 tungsten carbide cutters that are made of these router bits have a high level of resistance to abrasion. Their sharp blades also make your work more efficient and will deliver a longer useful life for cutting through wooden surfaces. For router bits, good performance and longevity are two of the most important things you should always look for.

Steel body

Other than solid performance, a good hardened steel body is a plus for your router bits. This is because such a strengthened body provides quality support while you are using the router bits. In case the router bits you are using are not hardened, a breaking router in the course of your project might set you back.


The anti-kickback feature is specially designed to protect you while you are using the router bits. It is generally used for manual feeding. What happens is that it protects you and ensures that while in use, you do not overfeed the material you are using. Your sharpening process will still continue without any challenges.

Benefits of the Yonico Router Bits

As you can expect, there are a lot of manufacturers who produce some fine quality router bits in the market at the moment. For a relatively new entrant like Yonico, you could find yourself wondering whether it can actually perform as you would love it too. Well, it does surpass expectations, and here are some reasons why:

Ideal for beginners

In case you are just starting out on woodwork and you need the right router bits that will not hurt your budget, this is exactly what you should be looking for. It would be a good option and even serve as a good investment for you in case you are still trying to figure out what works best for you.

Good for softer wood

Yonico router bits are generally suitable for softer wood. In case you are thinking about using other types of bits on soft wood and worried that they could damage the wood, these bits will do you some justice. However, take note that if you frequently use them on hardwood, they might easily get blunt.

Infrequent use

These router bits are generally best used in projects where you do not plan to use the bits so much. Therefore, they are ideal for smaller woodworking tasks. You can also use them on a project by project basis, particularly on projects that you work on alone.


When you purchase or are planning to purchase these router bits, you might wonder about how the performance will turn out over the years. In terms of durability, these router bits have been tested time and again and they have proved to be quite the durable set, so you can go ahead and make your purchase in good faith.

Fine cuts

The quality of cuts you get is decent. You might not always get that perfect smooth finish you desire, but the quality will be better than what you can get from most of the router bits in the market at the moment.

Bargain purchase

Good value for money – This is something that users of Yonico router bits have become accustomed to. It is a guarantee, especially when you consider the fact that you will be getting the best router bits at an awesome price.

Best Yonico Bit Reviews

We will take a close look at the bits offered by the company through the Yonico router bit review here. Read on!

Yonico 14522 5 Bit Straight/Dado Router Bit Set ½ Inch Shank

This is a good set for your workshop, given that they are industrial grade quality router bits. This makes it an excellent choice in case you need straight cut routing. With the industrial grade carbide from which it is made, each time you make a cut, these bits assure you a chip free and smooth performance. It is also available with a wooden storage case.

Yonico 13622 6 Bit Roundover Router Bit Set ½ Inch Shank

These are very good bits, and more so at an incredibly affordable price too. They have a reinforced steel body that makes them more durable and will serve you well for a very long time. These router bits are also designed to resist buildup through a special coating.

The fact that you have a lifetime warranty when you purchase these router bits shows you just how much faith the manufacturer has in their ability to serve you well for a very long time.

Yonico 17502 50 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set C3 Carbide ½ Inch Shank

This is one of the bit sets that gets a 5-star rating from most of those who have used the set because you get good value for your money. There are 50 different router bits of fine quality. These router bits are designed with K-10 carbide cutters.

More impressive is the fact that all this is available basically for the same price at which you would normally get single router bits.

Yonico 13515 5 Bit Bullnose Router Bit Set with C3 Carbide Tipped ½ Inch Shank

In case you consider yourself the ideal DIY person, this is an ideal set for you, and for a good reason. In terms of quality, Yonico has always delivered on their products. This pack works great, and thanks to the C3 tungsten carbide cutters, you can use them for a very long time.

Their bodies are hardened with steel, making them an incredible option for you too in terms of sustainable performance.

Yonico 17702 70 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set Carbide ½ Inch Shank

What makes this set stand out from most of the others in the market is the fact that it comes with even longer shanks than the predecessors. The length notwithstanding, the quality packed into these bits will definitely impress the ultimate handyman.

The longer shanks are a good option in the sense that they allow you maximum room for adjustment, especially when working on both router table projects and handheld projects.


As a handyman, you need to debunk certain myths in order to get the most value out of the tools and products you use from time to time. We hope the Yonico router bit review here helped you in this. Yonico is a trusted brand and any pro woodworker would recommend it any single day as best router bits on the market. It is an affordable and highly efficient brand, so you get the best of both worlds.

Should you choose Yonico router bits? Of course, you should. Besides, it is always a good idea to know just the right type of router that will work well for you. These router bits will deliver impressive performance and quality on any woodworking project you undertake.

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