Yonico Router Bit Review

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It could have been clearly exhausting to go through a lot of router bit reviews. You may found yourself confused on what would actually work best for you. There are a lot of router bits out there and it could be overwhelming. With that said, the Yonico router bit reviews might be able to help you.

I had some fair share of trouble going through router bit by router bit. After all, there is a consideration that needs to be thought of like price, durability, and efficiency. Meanwhile, the main purpose of having a router bit is to be able to help you make all the necessary woodworking cuts.

With a number of brands of router bits to choose from, brands like Whiteside, Freud, and Eagle America are rooting for you to take on their side. Arguably, the most important consideration would have to do with quality and how it is made. Getting a router bit for a cheap price does not necessarily mean cheap quality.

Next, you would have to ponder on the price. Is it at a reasonable price? This would lead us to the next consideration which would be shipping. For every purchase of any set of the router bit, how much would it cost you?

Thereafter, think about the durability of the router bit. Does it last long? Or, do you need to buy another one to compensate?

The usual buyers of router bits are those that does woodworking for a living and those who have been doing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tasks for a significant amount of time. For those who are new to router bits and woodworking, you may need to shy away from buying router bits on your own.

Made in China, Yonico is a lesser-known brand for router bits. Upon checking on their website, they claim to provide the best value in router bits. In addition, Yonico asserts that they provide these router bits at an ultimately competitive price that does not compromise their highest standards on quality.

Via: Amazon.com

Say, you buy their 50 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set C3 Carbide ½ Shank Yonico 17502, you would be getting a well-adorned solid wood storage case where the 50 professional quality router bits are encased. Apart from that, you are ensured of quality products wherein they promise their consumers, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

Industrial Quality

Since the main product line of Yonico tools is router bits, there are several sets attributed to this product line. There are generally established features of these router bit sets. One of its key features is industrial quality. Since they pride on providing reasonably-priced router bits with the utmost quality, the manufacturing takes center stage.

C3 Tungsten Carbide Cutters

It has been manufactured with K-10 carbide cutters that are mainly responsible for abrasion resistance. Along with that, extremely sharp blades are employed to build high strength for longer cutting life. This feature is crucial since longevity and good router bit performance is always the main concern.

Solid, Hardened Steel Body

In addition, a solid hardened steel body has become a crucial feature as well. The solid steel body provides support throughout the whole duration it is used within the router. If this piece is of low quality, you may find yourself being hampered by a breaking router bit during your woodworking task.

Anti-kickback design

Meanwhile, the anti-kickback design is a safety feature. It has been used mainly for manual feeding. What it does is that it does not allow the operator from overfeeding material. Even with this feature, it does not create any problem in the sharpening process and cutting ability of the bit.

Build-up Resistant Coating

When you look closely on router bits, you would be able to check on their coating. On that note, Yonico router bits have build-up resistant coating. This only means that the bit does not have any run on its shaft or any kind of the drip. This would ease the router operations by preventing resin build-up and pitch.

Lubricated Bearings

Apart from that, the lubricated bearing is part of a feature as well as this crucial in making sure the router bits are just gliding smoothly. To eliminate vibrations, the Yonico router bits are precision balanced.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All in all, Yonico claims that since these key features are incorporated on their router bits then that would please their consumers. After all, they were entitled to proclaim in their site that they give “the best value in router bits, period”.

To check on what the users of Yonico router bit have to say on this product, I scoured the Internet and have gone through reputable woodworking forums and online tool shops. In general, they have provided a fairly favorable review on this brand.

On the other, we can look into other alternatives for router bits apart from Yonico. There are three other options you can take a look into for router bits. It is namely: Whiteside, Eagle America, and Freud.

Like Yonico router bits, the Whiteside manufactures router bits in the same manner. It also uses high-quality micro grain carbide to ensure quality upon usage.

With over 40 years of experience and a consistent number one for router bits by a woodworking magazine, this U.S.-based company has been considered a little pricier than its Chinese counterpart.

Still made in U.S.A., Eagle America provides the highest quality in the making of its router bits making it an easy favorite amongst woodworkers. In comparison to Yonico, Eagle America provides a smoother finish on hardwood such as oak.

The Freud router bits boats of precision as it router bit goes through 35 manufacturing steps to perfection. This Italian brand has been a powerful force in the woodworking industry. Like the aforementioned brands, Freud provides product support and warranties in contrast with Yonico.

By going through the features and benefits of Yonico router bits and knowing more on your alternate options, you save time in deciding what route bit to purchase and focus more on the work that needs to be done.

Is It Worth A Try?

As previously mentioned, there had been several renowned manufacturers of router bits. For a newcomer like Yonico, you may find yourself thinking, “Is this product going to perform as expected?”On that note, here are other points that you can ponder on when considering Yonico router bits.

  • It could work well with beginners. If you are looking to check on the router bits that would fit your budget, Yonico is for you. You can view this as an investment for testing router bits while you are still starting.
  • This works best with softer woods. If used with hard word, there is a tendency for it to become blunt.
  • It can be employed for one project at a time. You may use these for a certain kind of project only that you work on.
  • This may be a better option for small woodworking plants wherein the router bits need not be used up too much.

Expectations on Yonico Router Bits

  • Over time, the durability of these router bits has been tested. So far, the marginal lasting time had been proven.
  • It provides a decent quality cut however you may not always get a smooth finish.
  • You get value for your money. Yonico router bits that come at an affordable price.


The convenience of knowing what router bit works best for you will not only save you time but help you to become efficient. Since the Yonico router bits are gaining popularity nowadays, it helps to know what this brand can offer in terms of delivering a quality woodworking project.When you are armed with knowledge for router bits, you are able to maximize its purpose. The reason why it exists and is utilized in your router is to bring a wood into a certain shape, form it, cut it and design further.With that said, you can click here to see what the product looks like and see for yourself.

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