Yonico Router Bit Review (2021 Updated)

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It could have been clearly exhausting to go through a lot of router bit reviews.

You may found yourself confused on what would actually work best for you. There are a lot of router bits out there and it could be overwhelming.

With that said, the Yonico router bit reviews might be able to help you.

I had some fair share of trouble going through router bit by router bit.

After all, there is a consideration that needs to be thought of like price, durability, and efficiency. Meanwhile, the main purpose of having a router bit is to be able to help you make all the necessary woodworking cuts.

With a number of brands of router bits to choose from, brands like Whiteside, Freud, and Eagle America are rooting for you to take on their side.

Arguably, the most important consideration would have to do with quality and how it is made. Getting a router bit for a cheap price does not necessarily mean cheap quality.


Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
YONICO Tongue and Groove Router Bits Set for 3/4-Inch Stock 1/2-Inch Cutting Depth 1/4-Inch Tongue 2...*
YONICO Cabinet Door Rail and Stile Router Bits Set 2 Bit Shaker 1/2-Inch Shank 12249*
Best Selling
YONICO Router Bits Set Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood 3 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 14323*
YONICO Tongue and Groove Router Bits Set for 3/4-Inch Stock 1/2-Inch Cutting Depth 1/4-Inch Tongue 2...*
YONICO Cabinet Door Rail and Stile Router Bits Set 2 Bit Shaker 1/2-Inch Shank 12249*
YONICO Router Bits Set Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood 3 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 14323*
Customer's Rating
Editor's Choices
YONICO Tongue and Groove Router Bits Set for 3/4-Inch Stock 1/2-Inch Cutting Depth 1/4-Inch Tongue 2...*
YONICO Tongue and Groove Router Bits Set for 3/4-Inch Stock 1/2-Inch Cutting Depth 1/4-Inch Tongue 2...*
Customer's Rating
YONICO Cabinet Door Rail and Stile Router Bits Set 2 Bit Shaker 1/2-Inch Shank 12249*
YONICO Cabinet Door Rail and Stile Router Bits Set 2 Bit Shaker 1/2-Inch Shank 12249*
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
YONICO Router Bits Set Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood 3 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 14323*
YONICO Router Bits Set Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood 3 Bit 1/2-Inch Shank 14323*
Customer's Rating

Top 5 Best Yonico Router Bit Reviews

Yonico Router Bits Tongue & Groove Set 15221 - The Best Overall

So, we’ll start off with the best overall set of router bits by Yonico that we could find, and that’s definitely the Yonico Router Bits Tongue & Groove Set 15221.

There are various versions of router bits that perform different actions, depending on the type of router you have and your latest project.

In this case, Yonico offers you a set of two reliable and durable router bits that are perfect for carving groove and tongue joints.

The experienced woodworkers will know that groove and tongue joints are almost always applied in the manufacturing of tables, floor tiles, and panels.

Essentially, it is a joint that consists of two boards that are connected edge-to-edge where a raised surface of one board fits the indentation on the other.

It is a well-known process in woodworking, and you’ll often encounter such joints if you’re just starting out. In case you try it out, these Yonico bits will be the perfect fit for you.

The cutter bits are made from C3 tungsten carbide, and it’s become a standard for manufacturing all sorts of cutting tools since it’s almost as twice as durable as steel, and it showed excellent durability over time.

Moreover, the bits are brazed with silver for additional strength, so you’ll have no trouble when it comes to determining the wood you want to work with - these bits will cut boards that are ¾-inch thick with ease.

Also, these bits are manufactured for fixed routers, meaning the models that are mounted on a router table.

They are generally considered more stable and enduring, and you might want to start with them if you’re a beginner.

All in all, they have excellent quality, they do the job, and they’re definitely affordable, so make sure to consider them.

  • The best for groove and tongue joints
  • Excellent quality
  • Tungsten carbide cutters
  • Deep cut
  • /

Yonico Router Bits Set Rail and Stile 12249 - The Best Rail and Stile Set

Moving on, the next set of router bits is also manufactured to create joints, but we’ll be talking about rails and stiles in this case.

Of course, Yonico has got you covered with the Yonico Router Bits Set Rail and Stile 12249.

Similar to the previous bits, this set is also capable of making deep cuts up to ⅜-inches. They’re more precise considering that rails and stiles are generally used to create wooden doors, and every cut needs to be perfect in order to assemble them.

The same thing as before is that these bits are also assembled by utilizing the strong tungsten carbide, which prolongs their life and also offers incredible strength.

It also has very low electrical resistivity, which is why it’s relatively safe with electronic tools and appliances.

They measure 6.25 x 5.25 x 3 inches and weigh only 1.25 lbs, so there won’t be any stress on your router, and you’ll be able to maneuver with ease.

Also, they are a bit pricier in comparison with other bit sets on the market, but their overall price is generally low, and they should last you a while with proper care.

The thing we really didn’t like was the tear-out. It is common with router bits, but you’d expect that such things wouldn’t be a concern with a higher price tag.

However, you can battle against tear-out by using a backer board during cutting.

  • Durable set
  • Perfect for designing cabinets and wooden doors
  • Lightweight
  • Precise
  • A bit pricey
  • Tear-out

Yonico Router Bits Set Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood 14323 - Budget Pick

The fact that router bits are generally cheap doesn’t mean that you should go all out and buy the most expensive one, especially if you’re talking about dado bits. So, here’s our budget pick, the Yonico Router Bits Dado Set 14323.

The first thing we want to tell you is that, unlike with the previous sets, these bits are actually not limited to tabletop routers. They are versatile and can be used with both handheld routers and on CNC machines, aside from table routers.

The second impressive thing is the price-to-quality ratio. It is one of the rare sets that is sub-$20, and it even comes with three separate bits - ½, ¼, and ½-inch dado bits for plywood, and all shanks are ½-inch.

Overall, these are the standard dimensions for router bits, so it’s unlikely that you’ll miss the one you need.

As far as their build is concerned, we have another C3 micro-grain tungsten blades, which is perfect for most types of wooden stock that are often used in woodworking. Also, you can find the same set with the ¼-inch shanks if that’s what you need.

We were able to test them, and the end result was quite impressive. The edges on the stock were quite sharp, and there was little to no debris in the end.

Also, lower-quality bits will sometimes require you to go over a cutting line multiple times to get the desired deep cut, but there were no such issues with these Yonico bits.

All in all, they were quite well, and there’s no reason not to purchase them if you’re building a new cabinet or a bookshelf.

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Three bits in the package
  • Tungsten blades
  • /

Yonico Router Bits Set Cabinet Door Raised Panel 12335 - The Best Ogee Rail Bits

Next, we have one last router bit set to present to you, and then we’ll move on to some concrete details in the following paragraphs. Until then, here’s the Yonico Router 3-Bit Set 12335 review.

Same as in our second review, we’ll also be focusing on rails and stiles, but we’ll be talking more about Ogee-style woodworking.

Generally, Ogee is a pattern with two curves that widen towards the edges and then narrow down to create a distinctive shape.

Many people like this style and utilize it for cabinet doors and wooden doors, which is why there’s a demand for bits that are capable of producing such patterns.

Of course, Yonico has the answer with this set that features three bits with ½-inch shanks that can be used for stocks that are up to 1-inch thick. They are made to be used with table routers for the precision that’s needed to create the rails and stiles, and they do weigh a bit more than usual, about 2.05 lbs.

They measure 9.25 x 4.5 x 3.75 inches and have round shanks with a straight flute.

Of course, the build is made of trademark tungsten carbide that is absolutely necessary in this case since creating Ogee-style rails is a bit more complex than carving out standard joints.

Overall, you won’t find a single thing wrong with them except for the price. They are the most expensive bit set on our list, and it’s for a reason - the quality is superb!

If you’re in need of a durable set that’ll do the job, this is definitely our recommendation.

  • The best Ogee-style bits
  • Three bits
  • Excellent precision
  • Great quality
  • Expensive

Yonico Router Bits Set 50 Bit 17502 - The Complete Set

Finally, you would have to ponder on the price. Is it at a reasonable price?

This would lead us to the next consideration which would be shipping. For every purchase of any set of the router bit, how much would it cost you?

Thereafter, think about the durability of the router bit. Does it last long? Or, do you need to buy another one to compensate?

The usual buyers of router bits are those that does woodworking for a living and those who have been doing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tasks for a significant amount of time.

For those who are new to router bits and woodworking, you may need to shy away from buying router bits on your own.

Made in China, Yonico is a lesser-known brand for router bits. Upon checking on their website, they claim to provide the best value in router bits.

In addition, Yonico asserts that they provide these router bits at an ultimately competitive price that does not compromise their highest standards on quality.

Say, you buy their Yonico Router Bits Set 50 Bit 17502, you would be getting a well-adorned solid wood storage case where the 50 professional quality router bits are encased.

Apart from that, you are ensured of quality products wherein they promise their consumers, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

Everything You Need to Know About Yonico Router Bit

1. Industrial Quality

Since the main product line of Yonico tools is router bits, there are several sets attributed to this product line. There are generally established features of these router bit sets.

One of its key features is industrial quality

Since they pride on providing reasonably-priced router bits with the utmost quality, the manufacturing takes center stage.

2. C3 Tungsten Carbide Cutters

It has been manufactured with K-10 carbide cutters that are mainly responsible for abrasion resistance.

Along with that, extremely sharp blades are employed to build high strength for longer cutting life. This feature is crucial since longevity and good router bit performance is always the main concern.

3. Solid, Hardened Steel Body

In addition, a solid hardened steel body has become a crucial feature as well. The solid steel body provides support throughout the whole duration it is used within the router.

If this piece is of low quality, you may find yourself being hampered by a breaking router bit during your woodworking task.

4. Anti-kickback Design

Meanwhile, the anti-kickback design is a safety feature. It has been used mainly for manual feeding.

What it does is that it does not allow the operator from overfeeding material. Even with this feature, it does not create any problem in the sharpening process and cutting ability of the bit.

5. Build-up Resistant Coating

When you look closely on router bits, you would be able to check on their coating. On that note, Yonico router bits have build-up resistant coating.

This only means that the bit does not have any run on its shaft or any kind of the drip. This would ease the router operations by preventing resin build-up and pitch.

6. Lubricated Bearings

Apart from that, the lubricated bearing is part of a feature as well as this crucial in making sure the router bits are just gliding smoothly.

To eliminate vibrations, the Yonico router bits are precision balanced.

7. Satisfaction Guaranteed

yonico router bits review

All in all, Yonico claims that since these key features are incorporated on their router bits then that would please their consumers.

After all, they were entitled to proclaim in their site that they give “the best value in router bits, period”.

To check on what the users of Yonico router bit have to say on this product, I scoured the Internet and have gone through reputable woodworking forums and online tool shops.

In general, they have provided a fairly favorable review on this brand.

On the other, we can look into other alternatives for router bits apart from Yonico.

There are three other options you can take a look into for router bits. It is namely: Whiteside, Eagle America, and Freud.

Like Yonico router bits, the Whiteside manufactures router bits in the same manner. It also uses high-quality micro grain carbide to ensure quality upon usage.

With over 40 years of experience and a consistent number one for router bits by a woodworking magazine, this US-based company has been considered a little pricier than its Chinese counterpart.

Still made in US, Eagle America provides the highest quality in the making of its router bits making it an easy favorite amongst woodworkers.

In comparison to Yonico, Eagle America provides a smoother finish on hardwood such as oak.

The Freud router bits boats of precision as it router bit goes through 35 manufacturing steps to perfection. This Italian brand has been a powerful force in the woodworking industry.

Like the aforementioned brands, Freud provides product support and warranties in contrast with Yonico.

By going through the features and benefits of Yonico router bits and knowing more on your alternate options, you save time in deciding what route bit to purchase and focus more on the work that needs to be done.

8. Is It Worth A Try?

As previously mentioned, there had been several renowned manufacturers of router bits.

For a newcomer like Yonico, you may find yourself thinking, “Is this product going to perform as expected?

On that note, here are other points that you can ponder on when considering Yonico router bits.

  • It could work well with beginners. If you are looking to check on the router bits that would fit your budget, Yonico is for you. You can view this as an investment for testing router bits while you are still starting.
  • This works best with softer woods. If used with hard word, there is a tendency for it to become blunt.
  • It can be employed for one project at a time. You may use these for a certain kind of project only that you work on.
  • This may be a better option for small woodworking plants wherein the router bits need not be used up too much.

9. Expectations on Yonico Router Bits

  • Over time, the durability of these router bits has been tested. So far, the marginal lasting time had been proven.
  • It provides a decent quality cut however you may not always get a smooth finish.
  • You get value for your money. Yonico router bits that come at an affordable price.


Is Yonico a good brand for router bits?


Yonico has a huge line of router bits, and the ones that we mentioned in the article are just some of the best that we decided to single out. Their bits have been tested, and the quality is always superb.

However, there are some cheaper models that will not always get you that smooth of a finish, but that’s what you get for a low price.

Otherwise, the quality rises with the price.

What carbide does Yonico use?

As we mentioned, all Yonico router bits utilize the durable C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide alloy that is incredible in strength and durability.

How to use Yonico router bits?

This is the easy part.

Once you connect them to the router, they’ll do the job for you.

It does depend on the type of router and the specifications of bits, but once you connect them, your job is to control the router.

Final Thoughts - Summary

The convenience of knowing what router bit works best for you will not only save you time but help you to become efficient.

Since the Yonico router bits are gaining popularity nowadays, it helps to know what this brand can offer in terms of delivering a quality woodworking project.

We hope that you’ve learned something from this Yonico router bit review and that you’ll carry that knowledge with you.

If you still need a direct recommendation from us, it’s undoubtedly the Yonico Router Bits Tongue & Groove Set 15221.

It has the best price-to-quality ratio, and it is perfect for the standard joints that we all make.

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