What Kind of Router Bit Is Perfect for Trimming Laminated Materials?

There are so many router bits out there and each of them is for a different use.

If you are asking what kind of router bit to trim laminate is the perfect one for your project, then I got the answer right here.

There is a specific router bit for laminated items like a tabletop. It is hard to cut it without the right tool because it is thin and it requires precise cutting.

You can't just use any router bit for this particular project because the laminated material could be very fragile and that it easily breaks.

Before you get the right tool for this, I would suggest determining first what kind of laminated material you will be dealing with here.

You must know that router bits could be out of steel and sometimes carbide.


What Is a Steel Router Bit?

how to trim laminate countertop edges

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A steel router bit could be used for a laminated project but you must be aware that this needs sharpening most of the time. It is a must to maintain its ability to cut.

I could be a little bit of a hassle for some to always sharpen it but it is worth anyway because it is highly affordable.

What Is a Carbide Router Bit?

how to trim laminate countertop

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A carbide router bit is actually more perfect for laminated wood projects.

First, it is more durable and it could easily cut a fragile and highly sensitive material like a laminated countertop.

As I said earlier, this project requires precise and accurate cutting and the carbide is just the right fit for this because it is meant to cut the delicate parts of the laminated area.

This tool is just a little bit more expensive than the steel router bit, though, but trust me when I say that it is totally worth it.

Now that you know the usual router bits and what they are made of for this specific project, it is time that you know the different kinds and what exactly are they called.

You need it because you have to be specific with their kind when you go to your local hardware store or an online shop.

The Two Popular Kinds of Router for Laminated Wood

1. Flush Trim Router Bits

flush trim router bit

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This bit is also known as one of those piloted bits.

You could recognize such bits because they have a distinct bearing within them and it serves as a pattern or a guide to the laminated material that you want to cut.

This is perfect for delicate cutting, especially the ones that have thin surface of lamination going on from the edge of a material that needs to be cut.

This tool is unique because of its pilot bearings that works like cutting edges.

You could use it anywhere in the surface of your project whether it is in the top, bottom of even sides of it.

how to trim laminate countertop without a router

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To use it is also relatively easy.

All you need to do is move the bearing to the surface that needs cutting. Once you do that, you will notice that you have just created a pattern bit.

You can rough cut the material just a little bit bigger than your pattern or template. Once that is done, you will see that this router bit would have more finishes pieces that would match the template you had it on.

Simply attach the pattern that you want and use it as a guide for your cutting and then remove as you go on to your next working surface. What I love about it is that it could cut a lot of pieces all in one session so it does save me a lot time.

I highly recommend this router bit if you are trying to cut a laminated material with curves. This is perfect if you want to achieve a very detailed shape on the material.

What it does exactly is it trims one side of the laminated surface and it flushes the other side. An example would be a countertop edge and its leveled sides.

If you would notice a perfectly curved and leveled countertop, it is because of this specific tool.

Imagine if you have to do it yourself manually, it is going to cause pain in your shoulders and you won’t even get the kind of finish that you need.

And by the way, it is also known as a handheld router, so if you hear that from a salesperson at the hardware, you know what they’re talking about.

The Freud 42-116 Bearing Flush Trim Bit is my personal favorite.

I like this one because it is made of ground carbide with titanium, which means it could last for a really long time. You won’t even have to worry about it rusting because that is just impossible with this one.

Freud 42-116: 1/2" (Dia.) Bearing Flush Trim Bit*
  • Specs: Bearing Dia. 1/2", Number of Cutters 2, Overall Dia. 1/2", Overall Length 4-3/8", Shank Dia. 1/2", Carbide Height 2"
  • Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods
  • Use on hand-held or table-mounted routers
  • Freud Perma-SHIELD Coating

2. Chamfer Router Bits

You will immediately recognize this router bit because it is shaped like a cone almost looking like a toy top.

It is perfect if you want to achieve edges of your project in a round shape. It is commonly used for plastic laminate.

If you want to keep your plastic laminates in tuck and not chipping at the corner after being cut, then this tool is your best bet.

I do recommend the Whiteside Router Bits 2306 Chamfer Bit with 45-Degree 1-1/16-Inch Cutting Length.

Aside from its price being reasonable, it is more light and the company selling it has been producing it for years, so you can be assured of its quality.

Whiteside Router Bits 2306 Chamfer Bit with 45-Degree 1-1/16-Inch Cutting Length*
  • Whiteside Router Bits are made with Premium Carbide
  • Precision ground for proper balance at high RPM
  • Industrial Quality


Always know first the type of laminate you will be dealing with whether it is plastic or for wood because the kind of router bit that you will use will depend on that.

Don’t be afraid to ask people at your local hardware store for recommendations as well since they will be the one who can see exactly the kind of project you will be dealing with.


Router bits for laminate are made of two materials. One if made of steel and the other is out of carbide.

The former is cheaper than the latter however, you will need to sharpen it a lot of times if not always to make sure that their cutting works. 

Router bits made of carbide are more expensive but you don’t have to worry about sharpening them, which saves you a lot of time

And finally, the two known router bits for laminates are the flush trim and chamfer, which is also known as beveled blade.

The first one is perfect for curved items and it has its own bearing. The latter is also ideal for rounded edges but it is more applicable for plastic laminates.

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