Your Ultimate Guide For Freud Router Bits Reviews

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Every household needs a router bit in their toolbox because you'll never know when will it become handy one day.

This is why I have decided to give you one of those reliable Freud Router Bits reviews before you purchase any of them.

It is not enough that you have just a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to these things because no matter how much they cost, it still means that you will be spending money.

I'm used to not paying much attention about products before, but after I bought tools online and they arrived in bad shape, I felt ripped off.

I don't want this to happen to anyone, which is why I'm here to help you out with my reviews.


Top 3 Recommendations

The Best Freud Router Bits for You in 2021

Those products both works for first-timers and professional woodworkers.

This brand has always been known as high-end for their home improvement tools and for the most part, it won't disappoint you when you buy them.

I have to warn you about its price because, for a set of tools, this could come as pricey for most. It may be expensive, but it is still worth it.

Check out their detailed review below

Freud 91-100 13-Piece Router Bit Kit - The Best Overall

The first pick of the day is the best kit we could’ve found, and it also features the most number of router bits in one set. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the Freud 91-100 13-Piece Router Bit Kit.

There are some things that make this router kit the best one.

First off, it’s the sheer quality of the router bits.

They are manufactured from TiCo carbide - a titanium-cobalt alloy that Freud exclusively uses for all their cutting tools.

It is a hard and durable alloy that has incredible wear resistance, and it also features anti-corrosive properties. All in all, there’s no way these router bits will fail after a couple of months.

Secondly, we have to talk about their design.

Freud manufacturers used a computer-balanced process to create these bits while ensuring that they could endure high speeds and thick material while remaining vibration-free.

Also, thanks to their angle of penetration, these router bits minimize tear-out to a large extent.

The set comes with 13 pieces with ½-inch shanks, and thanks to the diversity of their application, they can go through any type of stock.

Aside from the standard bits that are used for the most common joints, you’ll also receive pieces such as an Ogee bit and a Flush trim bit that are not that common to find.

Moreover, they can be used with handheld and table routers. They come in an elegant case that has a specially designed socket for each bit, so there’s no worrying about losing them.

All in all, this is the set to get nowadays.

  • TiCo carbide structure
  • Computer-balanced design
  • Vibration-free
  • Diverse bits in the set
  • /

Freud 4-Piece Undersized Plywood Bit Set - Runner-Up

Unlike the previous kit, this Freud product features significantly fewer bits, but they’re all exceptionally well crafted, and their exceptional build is what lands them second place on our list. So, here’s the Freud 4-Piece Undersized Plywood Bit Set.

As with all Freud products, this set’s bits are made from TiCo carbide, their patented and specially formulated alloy that is highly durable and wear-resistant.

However, that’s not the only reason these bits attract so many customers - there’s also the versatility of application.

This set was generally intended to cut plywood that’s thick up to ¾ of an inch. Due to its high resistance, customers have started using these bits with various types of stock, including composition materials, hardwood, and softwood.

Same as the last kit, this one features bits with ½-inch shanks that can be used on handheld routers and table mounts.

The best thing about this set is the package it comes in. It is a compact, shelf-looking box that is manually carved and has four sockets for each bit. You can carry it with you and never lose track of any bit during your projects.

So, when we take everything into account, the bottom line is that these bits are phenomenal.

They are a bit expensive if you compare them to the previous pack, ratio-wise, but they’re still a terrific addition to your woodworking set of tools.

  • Various applications
  • Durable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Attractive packaging
  • A bit expensive

Freud 3-Piece Adjustable Cabinet Bit Set - The Best Cabinet Set

Even though this cabinet set features only three Freud bits, their application is so versatile, and their quality is so superb that we had to include them in this review list. So, here’s the Freud 3-Piece Adjustable Cabinet Bit Set.

If you love making cabinet doors, raised panels, or flat panel doors, this set will be perfect for you.

Since doing these projects will require you to make different joints and various profiles, you’ll be glad to know that these Freud bits are perfect for double-sided profiles, stub tenons, and extended tenons.

In terms of their design, they have a 1-inch dimension with ½-inch shanks. They can be used for different stocks whose thickness is anywhere between ⅝ of an inch and 1-½-inches. You’ll mostly use them for plywood, but they’re suitable for both hardwood and softwood.

They also come in an attractive cabinet box that’s made of high-quality wood and a glass cover. Each bit has a specialized socket designed for its shape, so you can always plant them there and never lose them.

Moreover, each bit has a perma-shield coating, which is a plastic polymer coating that protects objects from chemicals such as paint and wood polish.

Also, it improves the overall durability of the bit in terms of wear resistance and general longevity.

Overall, it’s a great set, and the only flaw it has is that the bits are intended for table-mounted routers. Aside from that, it’s perfect!

  • Perma-shield coating
  • Various application
  • Attractive cabinet
  • Excellent longevity
  • For table-mounted routers

Freud 15 Piece Advanced Bit Set - The Best Stacked Set

If you’re always dabbling in various projects and you need various bits to cover all the bases, the Freud 15 Piece Advanced Bit Set will be the perfect fit for you.

Same as with our first set, this Freud kit comes with an abundance of bits that have all major designs for creating joints and so much more.

There are fifteen bits in total, and they all have ¼-inch shanks, which is a bit different from the standard ½-inch design.

Furthermore, these bits can be used with table-mounted routers or even handheld models - the bottom line is that they’ll cut everything in their way, ranging from plywood to hardwood.

They’re made from Freud’s patented TiCo carbide alloy, and they also have the perma-shield coating that the previous set had.

Aside from the standard bits you use for most projects, such as the straight, dovetail, and cove bit, you’ll also receive bits for flushing, chamfering, and V-grooving. Overall, you’re set for all projects.

Their quality is superb, the same as with all Freud bits, and they have excellent resistance to wear and great outer-layer protection.

They are expensive, considering the quality and the number of bits that come in the package, which is why you’ll have to set aside a lot of money.

However, they’re certainly worth it, and you should definitely purchase them.

  • Superb quality
  • Great build
  • For table-mounted and handheld routers
  • Expensive

8-PCS Freud ROUTER BIT SET - The Best Dovetail Bit Set

Finally, we’re down to the last bit set in this review article, and it’s another classic Freud product that you have to love. Here’s the 8-PCS Freud ROUTER BIT SET.

We won’t bore you with plenty of details since this is the most straightforward Freud product you can find. You get what you’ve paid for, and it’s a nice overall price for an 8-piece router bit set.

All bits are made from Freud’s signature building material, and their main application is creating dovetail joints. They have an anti-kickback design, patented titanium-carbide tips, and terrific wear resistance.

They’re compatible with most table-mounted routers, and they can even be used for certain jigs and fence systems. So, why is it in fifth place?

Well, there are two reasons that it wasn’t placed higher up.

First, it’s a specialized kit that doesn’t offer much versatility to its user, unlike some of the previous kits.

Secondly, we feel that the price could be lower considering the application of these bits. Other than that, it’s quite straightforward - it’s a great pick, and you should own it.

About The Freud Router Bits

freud router bit set


The Freud Router Bits package includes 6 tools when you order it.

The brand also claims that their tools are capable of cutting all kinds of woods. Whether it is a plywood, a hardwood or a softwood, it is guaranteed that their bits could cut them without you having to exert a lot of effort and energy.

The company also makes sure that it comes with a box for you to store these router bits. I personally love the storage box that is made of wood, as it looks very classy.

This brand also claims that you could either use it with your bare hands or you could mount it on a table specifically made for this kind of activity.

It is not exactly for anyone who is on a budget. This is perfect for cutting and fixing your countertops.

Advantages of the Freud Router Bits

Being known as a high-end brand, this product won't disappoint when it comes to its features and benefits for woodworkers.

Here are some of the advantages you can get when you buy this set.

  • Quality: This product brags about its TiCo Hi-Density Carbide, which helps in cutting wooden materials like no other router bits would do. You'll love that its warranty is for a lifetime, which just proves that these bits are of great quality.
  • Sizes Available: It has 6 bits that you could use for many different styles of cutting wood. Expect a clean cut with these ones as it ranges from diameters with 1/4", 1 inch to 1/8 inch.
  • Portability: This is so handy that you can bring it anywhere.
  • Trimming and Plushing Quality: It is ideal if you will use this to trimming a ratio of 1:1 for a wooden project. The cut would not only be clean but it will also be precised.
freud router bits

Customers Satisfaction

I’m very vigilant when it comes to doing my research about products that I use a lot at home. I have searched all over the Internet about this product and so far, I have seen a lot of positive feedbacks.

I’m very particular and meticulous when it comes to recommending home improvement tools to people, which is why I have to look at what others have to say as well with their experiences regarding this brand and products.

Although it is not probably the perfect router bit set that is out there because let’s face it, you can’t really please everybody. Expect that there will always be some flaws, but the important thing is if it actually works and it delivers what it claims it would.

So far, I have seen a lot of satisfied customers and they are enjoying what they have paid for saying it is worth it.

Alternative Product

Many would say that this brand works for them just right, but I can tell you that there are other products that would also be better for your project.

The price is itself would be a huge difference and here are some of my alternative recommendations.

Whiteside Router Bits

Its carbide is of premium quality that it can do the same thing that Freud Router bits can when it comes to cutting and trimming wood.

If you are meticulous about the edges of your countertop or your project, then this one would provide a precise cut and its balance is guaranteed with a high number of RPM.

The difference it has with Freud Router Bits is actually its price.

As much as I want it to be less expensive than the former, this one is even pricier if you try to buy it online.

Timberline Router Bits

This package is also a good alternative because it has tools that are unique that are so hard to find in the United States.

This one has this 1/2 bit shank that is known for its stronger and stiffer ability to cut and trim your wooden project.

It is something that the Freud Router Bits don’t have, so if you are someone who wants to take advantage of that, this might be the product for you.


Are Freud router bits any good?

The Freud brand is generally regarded as a high-quality brand by many woodworking groups and communities.

After some research and testing, we came to agree with the general understanding that their bits are terrific.

Are Freud and Diablo router bits the same?

In terms of application and design, they are quite similar, but there are some minor differences that separate them.

Practically, you won’t feel a difference in action, but some people prefer one brand over the other due to some small things, such as Diablo’s gold coating.

Are Freud bits carbide?

Yes, Freud’s bits utilize TiCo carbide - an alloy made from titanium and cobalt that is quite durable.

Final Thoughts

Bottomline, the Freud Router Bits set is ideal for cutting and trimming wooden materials, especially if you are dealing with countertops.

This could solve your problem in getting that precise cut with the clean edge that any woodworker is looking for when cutting a tabletop or countertops.

There you have it - these are the best Freud bits that you can find on the market.

If you need a recommendation, you should try out the Freud 91-100 13-Piece Router Bit Kit. It’s got everything you need for any project, and the quality is unmatched by anything that we’ve seen.

Freud 91-100: 13 Piece Super Bit Set, One Size, Perma-shield Coating Red*
  • Specs: Shank Dia. 1/2"
  • Set comes in Freud’s unique shadow box case that can hang on the wall or mount on the bench to keep bits handy and safe.
  • Cuts all composition materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods.
  • Use on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers.
  • Also contains a 2-cutter version of: 34-124 and 38-106

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