What’s The Best Drill Bits For You: The Top 7 Reviews

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When it comes to drilling, most experts will tell you that having a good drilling driver is only a half of the whole job. In order to make sure that you get the results that you’ve wanted, a quality drill bit is completely mandatory.

It serves as the mediator that transfers all the force into a final, refined result. You can have the best drill driver, but all is in vain if you have a faulty drill bit at your disposal. For best woodworking results, you need the best drill bit sets.

Out of all the tool parts that exist, the market for drill bits is perhaps one of the biggest. Therefore, it’s hard for beginners and even intermediate drillers to navigate correctly in that area.

That’s why we’ve compiled a guide that will help you get the most out of your drilling experience and help you reach perfection while working. The system is much simpler than you thought, as you’ll see yourself.


Top 3 Recommendations

The Top 7 Drill Bit Sets for You - Short Reviews

Now that all the theoretic parts have been explained, one more crucial part awaits you – the choice itself.

Now, we know that the parameters and factors are numerous, so we’ve spent countless hours in testing different sets and their abilities, in order to gain insight into the matter of which are true top 7 in the drill bit world.

These sets are truly exceptional and are bound to take your work to the next level.

DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Titanium, 14-Piece - Durability

If you’re looking for a premium product, search no more because you can’t go wrong with the DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Titanium, 14-Piece.

This set of titanium pilot points removes all the hard work from drilling.

Usually, once you touch the wall with the point and start drilling, it results in messy holes that require further polishing. This set works on contact, allowing you to create clean holes with ease.

Also, the no-spin shanks prevent slipping and allow you to do a steady job.

Moreover, the titanium may seem like overkill, but considering that drilling is hard work, it requires the best out there.

This set of drill bits is ideal for wood, plastic, and concrete with the right extensions, but drilling wood is your best bet.

Furthermore, the price they go far is undoubtedly worth the trouble of ordering this product.

Of course, you can order them in a 45 and 80-piece set if you plan on doing some hardcore drilling. But, these 14 pieces that come in 1/6 to 1/2-inch size will undoubtedly be a magnificent addition to your set.

And with a tapered web that adds more durability, you’ll be drilling holes in no time!

  • Titanium bits
  • Durability
  • No-spin shanks
  • Tapered web
  • /

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361) - Universal

Moving on, we give you another DeWALT product, the Titanium Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361).

Similar to their previous product, this one also has bits that are made out of titanium, a low density, and high strength metal, which serves as a perfect material needed for rough and robust drilling.

As is the case with all DeWALT products, they are incredibly durable and offer a lifelong tool to help you in your building endeavors.

Also, this product is suitable for almost any type of surface - ranging from wood to non-ferrous metals - and all residential and commercial applications.

However, you shouldn’t make a mistake of trying to drill through more durable metals since it will probably result in breaking the bits. In all other cases, they should work just fine.

A vital mention also goes to the clip latch. Having this kind of feature goes a long way in security and overall protection.

All in all, a 21-bit set that drills clean holes on contact is an excellent investment that you should consider.

They are a bit pricier than your regular bit-kit, but if you take into consideration that you’ll get 21 durable bits with remarkable durability, that should even the trade.

  • 21-bit set
  • Durability
  • Latch protection
  • Universality
  • Drills only through non-ferrous metals

Bosch Drilling and Driving Mixed Set MS4091 - Amazon’s Choice

When it comes to versatility and overall quality, Bosch never disappoints; this product is here to prove that. Take a look at the Bosch Drilling and Driving Mixed Set MS4091.

You never know what exact type of bit and extensions you need until you come face to face with the surface that requires drilling.

In that case, you need all the reinforcements, and Bosch offers just that. This kit comes with 91 pieces of driver and drill bits, and one of them will certainly do the trick.

In terms of quality, these bits are designed to lessen the impact that drilling causes to the crew head, but also improve the power and resilience that drilling requires.

Also, the bits with split tips are great for an easy start through most of the standard drilling surfaces.

Even though the size of this kit may concern you, it’s perfectly portable and easy to organize alongside your standard tools.

Also, next to the titanium and masonry drill bits, it comes with a ratchet screwdriver and a magnetic extension pen.

It is a bit heavy in price compared to some other products, but that Bosch quality will pay off in the long run.

  • Versatile
  • Quality
  • Lessen the impact to the screw head
  • Accessories and extensions
  • Price

CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case - Professional Use

For those looking for professional drill bits that will bring the power to an emphasis, we give you the CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case.

All the professionals know that a good drilling driver is never enough and that a durable set of drill bits is equally essential. And for more demanding jobs, this kit will come in quite handy.

This cobalt-steel set of bits with titanium coating is not just ideal for plastic and wood but cuts through metal like a knife through butter.

Even though there are only five pieces in this set, different steps allow you to customize your drilling sequence in fifty sizes, thus ensuring you’re set for every occasion.

A non-walking drill tip that is the main feature of this product improves not only stability but faster and smoother drills as well, even through steel sheets.

Also, next to the smooth and nicely shaped holes, you’ll feel little to no vibrations and shocks that usually occur during drilling.

However, bear in mind that if you’re a novice in the world of drilling appliances, you should probably invest in something a bit more practical and straightforward. If that’s not the case, this is an excellent pick for you!

  • Strength and power
  • Non-walking drill tip
  • Durability
  • No vibrations or shocks
  • Practicality

COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set - Quick Change

Next up is a customer favorite, a product that undoubtedly satisfies all your desires. We present to you the COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set.

When it comes to the construction of the bits, they are made with classic HSS constructions and hardened with titanium coating.

However, the edge itself is set with staggered teeth allowing for precise countersinking, thus making this product stable in all terms of discussions.

Furthermore, the flute form ensures that any debris that gets stuck in the way or on the bits is cleared, which results in a cleaner and smoother drilling. Plus, it amounts to a process that decreases heat and friction.

But the main attraction of this product is the quick-change feature that everyone will enjoy. The hex shank fits into all power tools, thus allowing you to switch between the bits with ease.

It’s universal and goes well with all the common types of drilling surfaces - steel sheets, aluminum plates, wood, plastic, and PVC.

Just be aware that the price does account a bit for the durability of this product. It may not last you forever, but it’ll certainly do the job for this price.

  • Standard HSS construction with titanium coating
  • Precise countersinking
  • Flute form
  • Quick-change
  • Durability

Makita B-65399 Impact Gold Titanium Drill Bit Set - TiN Coating

If we’re talking about quality and the materials put into maintaining that standard, Makita’s B-65399 Impact Gold Titanium Drill Bit Set needs to be in this conversation.

Makita has long been in the conversations among the best power tool companies, not just in the US but also in the world. Putting your trust in this company will undoubtedly pan out.

Besides, why wouldn’t you invest in a product that is designed to drill through both wood and plastic, but also cast iron and stainless steel?

Overall, classic titanium bits are designed to last longer and be highly effective.
However, by introducing a titanium nitride coating into the mix, the final product prolongs its longevity by 2.5 times higher than regular bits.

Also, the 135-degree split-tip adds a quickness to this set and reduces tip walking, which exponentially helps you do the job.

Some customers have noticed a wobbling sensation that results in vibrations and shocks that disturb the entire drilling process.

It’s most likely due to the combination of the exact drill bit and the surface you’re drilling, so make sure to use the right extension for the dedicated surface.

Overall, it’s a fantastic product to have, and you’ll not regret it.

  • Universality
  • Titanium-nitride coating
  • 135-degree split tips
  • Vibrations

amoolo Cobalt Drill Bit Set (13 pcs), M35 HSS Metal Drill Bits - M35 Grade

Finally, it’s down to the last product, the fantastic amoolo Cobalt Drill Bit Set (13 pcs), M35 HSS Metal Drill Bits.

Drills that most commonly use cobalt as a primary material for their bits are actually not entirely made from cobalt.

It’s a steel alloy with the 5% addition of cobalt that is inserted into the mix. This type of material is incredibly resistant to heat and wear - something that is the crucial characteristic of all drill bits.

The spiral groove design that these bits have enables them to clear debris and particles quickly, thus resulting in a quick and gentle, polished finish. The starter holes are elegant and rounded, thus making the entire experience more comfortable.

It goes great with wood and plastic, but also with stainless steel and cast iron. Just remember not to use these bits with glass or ceramics, and especially not high-treated steel.

Also, it has a 90-days return policy, so if you’re not satisfied with this product, you’ll be covered.

The set itself is quite compact and straightforward, so you can carry it with yourself at all times without worrying about organization and storage.

To conclude, this product will go a long way with your power-tool kit.

  • M35 Grade Alloy
  • Quality
  • Return policy
  • Does not work with certain surfaces

Uses of Drill Bit Sets

best durable drill bit set

It’s hard to round up a general use for all the different drill bit sets, as there are countless types of different materials, types of work and so on.

The general consensus is that the drill bit is the most efficient tool to remove excess material and drill a hole in a certain object, whatever it may be.

Given the fact that industry has evolved quite a bit in recent times, there are numerous kinds of bits that serve different purposes.

We’ve decided to round up the most important ones and list their use, just so that you can choose the one that fits your needs the most.

So, let’s get started, shall we

1. Brad Point Bits

best drill bit driver set

This is perhaps the best-known type of drill bits and it’s used exclusively for wood.

There isn’t a wooden material these bad boys can’t slice through. You recognize them when you see the small sharp point at the top of the bit, after the twist. An essential for every kit.

2. Auger Drill Bits

These are much different than the Brad point ones because of their shape and specialty. They employ a lightweight, wide spiral in order to create big and deep holes.

They’re very useful when it comes to foundation work and the construction of various types of furniture.

3. Wood Spade Bits

best drill bit sets for wood

The name says it all – they are shaped like spades.

Without the usual spiraling shaft, their main goal is to create wide holes and the moment in which they are used the most is the beginning of every project.

Out of all the hole-specialized drill bits, these just might be the most versatile and effective.

4. HSS (High-speed Steel) Drill Bits

Now we’re moving on to the heavyweights. These drill bits are the most expensive and are marked with a distinctive shade of black.

What’s so special about them is the widespread industrial use with all metals, regardless of the thickness or the resilience.

You can find ones coated with titanium or cobalt, and in rare cases – even diamond point tips may be included for maximum penetration.

5. Masonry Drill Bits

best drill bit sets brand

This type of bits is ideal for any kind of stone surface, as they are built to withstand the enormous pressure and break the atomic structure of any given material.

They’re also the most customizable drill bits and can come with all sorts of different shafts and tips, depending on their goal use.

6. SDS Bits 

Now, this type isn’t all that used in the DIY industry, it’s more of a handy tool for professionals.

They only fit an SDS chuck mechanism and don’t work on any other type of driver.

You can use them for specialized drilling tasks, but don’t expect to need them early on.

the best drill bit sets

7. Countersink Drill Bits

the best masonry drill bit sets

Need a screw hole but not sure which bit to use to create the most aesthetic and unnoticeable hole? Look no further than the countersink drill bits.

They not only help you create screw holes, but they are also equipped with a little widening at the beginning of the bit itself, in order to create room for the head.

If you want to screw something in, this type of drill bit will immensely help you in creating the most unnoticeable holes imaginable.

8. Other, More Specialized Drill Bits

best drill bit sets for metal

Although you may see bits for different materials as specialized, that’s not necessarily true, as they have a wide body of work and are pretty adaptable.

More specialized bits are usually the ones who have their use dictated by very specific situations and shapes of holes and chucks.

Out of these, the most important and most significant ones are the following:

  • The plug cutter – It’s used to cut out wooden plugs so you can cover screw heads for better-looking projects and cleaner surface.
  • The hinge cutter – This special bit is reinforced with carbide and used drill holes in all kinds of doors so that hinges can be placed or replaced
  • Spearheaded glass cutters – These titanium or carbide reinforced bits are one of the most valued in the entire business, as they allow you perform precise incisions on glass surfaces. They’re the best because they never cause cracks and help you accomplish any glass-related task.
  • Flexible bits – These are somewhat new on the market and it sure was a revolution. There is often a situation where the driver can’t reach and the flexible body with a connection to the driver solves these issues and makes no place unreachable.
  • Screwdriver bits – When you’re in need of screwing a surface that needs exceptional tightness and stability, that’s where these bad boys come in handy. They are also great of taking a part large structures and loosening otherwise tight screws. Flat-headed ones, Phillips and Posidriv are just some of the sub-categories that are mean for different screw types.

Now that we’ve covered the most significant varieties of drill bit types, it’s evident that their use is virtually unlimited. You really can’t imagine a workshop that doesn’t have at least one complete set with each one of these.

Depending on the manufacturer and frequency for use, it’s important to have spares.

Things to Look for When Buying Drill Bit Sets

If you have the best drill bit set, all the problems in the world seem less significant. You can then simply focus on the details of your project and get the maximum out of it.

If you know what kind of material you’re aiming for – the guide gets a little bit simpler. You only have to focus on these few parameters and factors in the game.

best drill bit sets review
  • What is the range of use that you intend for the drill bit set? – Meaning that if you are only going to experiment with some DIY projects, there is no point in overspending on a set full of specialized drill bits. Always know the width of your work plans and buy according to that. There are awesome single-pieces sold at very renowned appliance stores and you can create your own set!
  • Check if the bits are compatible with your drill driver! – Even though the market is getting standardized, there are certain bits and drivers that have different fitting outlets which may mess up the process. Don’t hesitate to ask for the exact measurements if you shop online or if you’re at the store. Buying bits that don’t fit is a waste of money and time.
  • Cheaper and less durable or expensive and more durable? – Ah yes, the ancient question that has baffled even the most skilled drillers. If you have money to spare and if you want to try new types, don’t hesitate to opt for a cheaper option just to try it out. If it fits and everything is okay, move on to a more respectable and expensive brand. Safety is always a priority.
  • How many spare bits are in the set? – We can’t stress the importance of this factor enough. The whole set becomes much less valuable if there is only one drill bit per type. Many problems may arise if it breaks and you are left without it. Always scan every set carefully, just to see if there are at least 2 or 3 spares for each bit. That’s both a money saver and a time saver.

Drill Bits: Safety Tips

Many people ignore this part, but we can’t stress the importance of a safe work environment. It will make you focus on your project easier and allow you to avoid fearing for your life or the loss of a limb or two.

The guidelines are both simple and crucial and you should respect each and every one of them.


  • Never apply too much pressure to the drill because it can slip and damage the project, or even injure you.
  • Secure the piece you’re working on, which means having it stand firm without even the slightest hint of shifting and moving.
  • Protective gear is a must, which means – thick goggles, a mask to protect respiratory organs from debris and, of course, earplugs to avoid damage from the drilling noise.
  • Make sure the drill bit is secured tightly – if it’s not, you can risk either the project getting damaged or the bit being ejected like a bullet in a random direction.
  • Baggy clothing is a big no-no – too loose and you might get your bones crushed or wrists snapped because of the force with which the drill can tighten the fabric.


What are the best longest-lasting drill bits?

Based on our research, the DEWALT 14-Piece Drill Bit Set has shown the best overall durability compared to any other drill bit set.

Several factors contribute to this, including the strong stainless steel build with a titanium finish that protects the bits from sawdust and debris.

Also, the titanium layer protects the bits from rusting and makes them easier to clean.

Overall, you’ll hardly find a more durable bit set for drills than this one.

Are cobalt drill bits better than HSS?

best drill bit sets for the money

Both types of bits have their advantages, but we’d give an upper edge to cobalt drill bits for one reason.

The cobalt alloy is generally used with machines and objects that need to withstand high temperatures. In the case of drilling, the friction heats up the bits quite a lot, and the cobalt alloy is undoubtedly a better choice than hardened steel.

Yes, some argument can be made that hardened steel will last longer, but cobalt bits will let you operate at high speeds without pausing to cool the machine off.

What’s better - titanium or cobalt drill bits?

It is a similar answer as the previous one.

However, in this case, titanium is much more suited for thicker materials that generally require you to make pauses during the cutting process, so there’s really no need to use high-speed bits made of cobalt.

Also, titanium serves as a nice finish for the bits since it protects them from debris and moisture.

On the other hand, cobalt drill bits certainly make the job end faster, so it’s a matter of preference in this case.

Are Makita drill bits any good?

Yes, Makita is a well-known company that specializes in designing and manufacturing different types of woodworking and metalworking tools, as well as accessories.

We’ve had the chance to test some out, and we can say with confidence that they’re quite durable and sharp.

Who makes the best cobalt drill bits?

When a question like this arises, you naturally have to look at some of the biggest manufacturers of drills and their spare parts, such as DeWalt, Irwin Tools, Makita, Milwaukee, and many more.

When it comes to cobalt bits, in particular, we’d have to give an edge to DeWalt since their cobalt bits have been sold so many times, and the customer response has never shown any type of flaws or mistakes in the design.

Their bits are durable, work great, and they’re affordable, which is something we all love to hear.

The Final Verdict: Which Drill Bit Set Is the Best?

Several factors go into making a perfect drill - human skill, excellent machine, and fantastic drilling bits. They are crucial in creating that first hole, and once you’re in, a combination of adequate parts will amount to a job-well-done.

That is why you should own the DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Titanium, 14-Piece.

It is a fantastic product whose results speak for themselves. Durability, longevity, and the general quality that DeWALT brings to the table is unmatched by any other product on the market right now.

And if you consider that is extremely affordable, the answer is right before you - this is the drill bit set for you!

Don’t lose nerves, time, and patience with decadent sets that only bring misery to your everyday chores and invest in the best out there.

DEWALT Drill Bit Set, Titanium, 14-Piece (DW1354),Yellow*
  • Connectable accessory storage system to optimize storage space of the drill bits for wood, metal and plastic
  • Patented bit-bar design of the drill bits allows easy removal of bits and customizable placement
  • Clear lid allows you to easily see contents at glance
  • DEWALT drill bit set comes with clip latch for secure closing
  • Small Bulk Storage size fits inside the Small and Medium ToughCase plus (sold separately) - Ideal for organizing loose bits

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