What’s The Best Drill Bits For You: The Top 5 Reviews

When it comes to drilling, most experts will tell you that having a good drilling driver is only a half of the whole job. In order to make sure that you get the results that you’ve wanted, a quality drill bit is completely mandatory.

It serves as the mediator that transfers all the force into a final, refined result. You can have the best drill driver, but all is in vain if you have a faulty drill bit at your disposal. For best woodworking results, you need the best drill bit sets.

Out of all the tool parts that exist, the market for drill bits is perhaps one of the biggest. Therefore, it’s hard for beginners and even intermediate drillers to navigate correctly in that area.

That’s why we’ve compiled a guide that will help you get the most out of your drilling experience and help you reach perfection while working. The system is much simpler than you thought, as you’ll see yourself.

Uses Of Drill Bit Sets

It’s hard to round up a general use for all the different drill bit sets, as there are countless types of different materials, types of work and so on. The general consensus is that the drill bit is the most efficient tool to remove excess material and drill a hole in a certain object, whatever it may be.

Given the fact that industry has evolved quite a bit in recent times, there are numerous kinds of bits that serve different purposes. We’ve decided to round up the most important ones and list their use, just so that you can choose the one that fits your needs the most. So, let’s get started, shall we:

Brad point bits

This is perhaps the best-known type of drill bits and it’s used exclusively for wood. There isn’t a wooden material these bad boys can’t slice through. You recognize them when you see the small sharp point at the top of the bit, after the twist. An essential for every kit.

​Auger drill bits

These are much different than the Brad point ones because of their shape and specialty. They employ a lightweight, wide spiral in order to create big and deep holes. They’re very useful when it comes to foundation work and the construction of various types of furniture.

Wood spade bits

The name says it all – they’re shaped like spades. Without the usual spiraling shaft, their main goal is to create wide holes and the moment in which they are used the most is the beginning of every project. Out of all the hole-specialized drill bits, these just might be the most versatile and effective.

HSS (high-speed steel) drill bits

Now we’re moving on to the heavyweights. These drill bits are the most expensive and are marked with a distinctive shade of black. What’s so special about them is the widespread industrial use with all metals, regardless of the thickness or the resilience.

You can find ones coated with titanium or cobalt, and in rare cases – even diamond point tips may be included for maximum penetration.

Masonry drill bits

This type of bits is ideal for any kind of stone surface, as they are built to withstand the enormous pressure and break the atomic structure of any given material. They’re also the most customizable drill bits and can come with all sorts of different shafts and tips, depending on their goal use.

SDS bits

Now, this type isn’t all that used in the DIY industry, it’s more of a handy tool for professionals. They only fit an SDS chuck mechanism and don’t work on any other type of driver. You can use them for specialized drilling tasks, but don’t expect to need them early on.

Countersink drill bits

Need a screw hole but not sure which bit to use to create the most aesthetic and unnoticeable hole? Look no further than the countersink drill bits. They not only help you create screw holes, but they are also equipped with a little widening at the beginning of the bit itself, in order to create room for the head.

If you want to screw something in, this type of drill bit will immensely help you in creating the most unnoticeable holes imaginable.

Other, more specialized drill bits

Although you may see bits for different materials as specialized, that’s not necessarily true, as they have a wide body of work and are pretty adaptable. More specialized bits are usually the ones who have their use dictated by very specific situations and shapes of holes and chucks.

Out of these, the most important and most significant ones are the following:

  • The plug cutter – It’s used to cut out wooden plugs so you can cover screw heads for better-looking projects and cleaner surface.
  • The hinge cutter – This special bit is reinforced with carbide and used drill holes in all kinds of doors so that hinges can be placed or replaced
  • Spearheaded glass cutters – These titanium or carbide reinforced bits are one of the most valued in the entire business, as they allow you perform precise incisions on glass surfaces. They’re the best because they never cause cracks and help you accomplish any glass-related task.
  • Flexible bits – These are somewhat new on the market and it sure was a revolution. There is often a situation where the driver can’t reach and the flexible body with a connection to the driver solves these issues and makes no place unreachable.
  • Screwdriver bits – When you’re in need of screwing a surface that needs exceptional tightness and stability, that’s where these bad boys come in handy. They are also great of taking a part large structures and loosening otherwise tight screws. Flat-headed ones, Phillips and Posidriv are just some of the sub-categories that are mean for different screw types.

Now that we’ve covered the most significant varieties of drill bit types, it’s evident that their use is virtually unlimited. You really can’t imagine a workshop that doesn’t have at least one complete set with each one of these. Depending on the manufacturer and frequency for use, it’s important to have spares.

Things To Look For When Buying Drill Bit Sets

If you have the best drill bit set, all the problems in the world seem less significant. You can then simply focus on the details of your project and get the maximum out of it. If you know what kind of material you’re aiming for – the guide gets a little bit simpler. You only have to focus on these few parameters and factors in the game.

What is the range of use that you intend for the drill bit set? – Meaning that if you are only going to experiment with some DIY projects, there is no point in overspending on a set full of specialized drill bits. Always know the width of your work plans and buy according to that. There are awesome single-pieces sold at very renowned appliance stores and you can create your own set!

Check if the bits are compatible with your drill driver! – Even though the market is getting standardized, there are certain bits and drivers that have different fitting outlets which may mess up the process. Don’t hesitate to ask for the exact measurements if you shop online or if you’re at the store. Buying bits that don’t fit is a waste of money and time.

Cheaper and less durable or expensive and more durable? – Ah yes, the ancient question that has baffled even the most skilled drillers. If you have money to spare and if you want to try new types, don’t hesitate to opt for a cheaper option just to try it out. If it fits and everything is okay, move on to a more respectable and expensive brand. Safety is always a priority.

How many spare bits are in the set? – We can’t stress the importance of this factor enough. The whole set becomes much less valuable if there is only one drill bit per type. Many problems may arise if it breaks and you are left without it. Always scan every set carefully, just to see if there are at least 2 or 3 spares for each bit. That’s both a money saver and a time saver.

The Top 5 Drill Bit Sets For You - Short Reviews

Now that all the theoretic parts have been explained, one more crucial part awaits you – the choice itself. Now, we know that the parameters and factors are numerous, so we’ve spent countless hours in testing different sets and their abilities, in order to gain insight into the matter of which are true top 5 in the drill bit world. These sets are truly exceptional and are bound to take your work to the next level.

Via: Amazon.com

It’s no surprise to see Makita near the top of yet another top 5 tools list because we all know how much they pride themselves on versatility and all-around quality. An unorthodox, but very useful drill bit set.


  • The set includes metal drill bits, brad points and spades for ultimate application on all surfaces – all in all, 66 pieces.
  • Excellent packaging within the box, all the compartments are clearly separated.
  • An additional area under the tray, for inserting additional pieces.
  • Portable box


  • Portability and good packaging
  • A large number of pieces for different materials.
  • Includes fastening options with power bits and nutsetters.


  • No spares included.
  • The product doesn’t come with a warranty.

Via: Amazon.com

DeWalt is certainly a name that you would expect on a list as difficult to crack as this one. Although this DeWalt drill bit set lacks in numbers, it certainly makes up for in supreme quality and reliability.


  • A heavy-duty case that can withstand almost any type of impact.
  • 14 bits that are strengthened with carbide and steel.
  • All of the bits are able to work on the toughest materials, even stainless steel.
  • The new Pilot Point tip is implemented for ultimate precision.


  • Incredible resilience
  • The bits perform well both in heat and in the cold.
  • Cobalt-alloy adds tons of strength to the impact.


  • Even though they are top-notch, 14 bits is a small quantity.
  • They tend not to fit with some driver models, which may be a problem.

Via: Amazon.com

Drill America went with an unorthodox method here and we can’t help but admire the cost-effective packaging and the setup that requires almost no space at all. The bits are a beauty, too.


  • An excellent set of 29 bits, in different sizes and shapes.
  • Every bit is made out of an alloy of cobalt and steel, along with a hold oxide finish.
  • Even though the pack is small, it’s organized and has all the compartments.
  • Special spirals are implemented to reduce debris scattering.


  • A 3-year warranty
  • Very reasonable price
  • Resilience and reliability, because of the cobalt foundations and the gold oxide lubricant.


  • They don’t fit some chucks in a number of drivers
  • Customer service is somewhat subpar

Via: Amazon.com

As we’re nearing the top, we have an old American classic in a modern and improved form. Irwin tools really outdid themselves with this model right here and when you take a look, it’s not hard to see why.


  • 29-bit pieces for everything from 0.5 mm holes to big gapes of 2+ cm.
  • An innovative box that allows easy handling of the bits, without a chaotic design.
  • Every bit is infused with 5% pure cobalt to fight heat, force and abrasion.
  • The box also includes removable cartridges that you can redesign if you want.


  • Excellent results when working on industrial-grade steel.
  • Very efficient rotation and durability.
  • The price-to-quality ratio is impeccable.


  • No specialized drill bits included.

Via: Amazon.com

Now, many of you might think that this Portamate drill bit set comes as a surprise winner, but this is no accident. When cross-referencing the tests and the reviews, it was clear who was the obvious winner and holder of the top spot on this list.


  • An astonishing 300 drill bits are included in the set, for every possible surface and material.
  • Even additional accessories are added, just so you can experiment and broaden your options.
  • Six trays in total house HSS bits, carbide ones, masonry bits and a lot of different, specialized extensions.
  • Although the case may be a little bit heavy, it’s perfectly portable.


  • All the bits were tested separately and performed exceptionally.
  • The sheer number and the variety of them, practically more than you’ll ever need.
  • The price-to-performance ratio is impeccable.


  • There are some accounts that the box hatches tend to break.
  • The heaviness can sometimes be a burden.

Drill Bits: Safety Tips

Many people ignore this part, but we can’t stress the importance of a safe work environment. It will make you focus on your project easier and allow you to avoid fearing for your life or the loss of a limb or two. The guidelines are both simple and crucial and you should respect each and every one of them.

  • Never apply too much pressure to the drill because it can slip and damage the project, or even injure you.
  • Secure the piece you’re working on, which means having it stand firm without even the slightest hint of shifting and moving.
  • Protective gear is a must, which means – thick goggles, a mask to protect respiratory organs from debris and, of course, earplugs to avoid damage from the drilling noise.
  • Make sure the drill bit is secured tightly – if it’s not, you can risk either the project getting damaged or the bit being ejected like a bullet in a random direction.
  • Baggy clothing is a big no-no – too loose and you might get your bones crushed or wrists snapped because of the force with which the drill can tighten the fabric.

The Final Verdict - Which Drill Bit Set Is The Best?

Now that we’ve passed the treacherous grounds of the drill bit world, it’s time to round up once again and choose the best possible answer to the question – what is the best drill bit set nowadays? To answer that, we can go with the winner – the Portamate set and it’s plethora of accessories and bits. It’s excellent for pros and those who have more money to spend, but it’s not the ideal choice for beginners.

If you’re a novice, you can’t go wrong if you opt to choose the Irwin Tools set, or the Drill America one. They provide excellent value, have light packaging and are even more than you need in the early days of your drilling.

If you choose any model off this list, it will be an improvement to your woodworking work habits and performance, as all the models we’ve featured are exceptional in their own way. It’s just a matter of what do you prefer. Good luck and may your drills run smooth!

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