How to Get Gorilla Glue Off Skin That 100% WORKING!

Gorilla glue is a bonding product which assists you in completing a task.

It is water resistant, immune to extreme temperatures and imperceptible glue that ensures you have best results when finishing any construction project.

It works better on various surfaces such as wood, metals, stone, glass, ceramics, and foam. It also bonds well with other materials such as plastics, rubber, and leather.

This product provides adhesive properties which are essential for bonding various surfaces.

Working with gloves on is one way to keep your hands from sticking but if it gets stuck to your fingertips, it will be troublesome trying to remove it.

Damage of skin tissues is a common phenomenon when using gorilla glue, thus a lot of care is required to prevent the skin coming in contact with it.

Read below to know how to get gorilla glue off skin.


Get Gorilla Glue Off Skin in Easy Steps

Gorilla glue is a tiresome glue to remove because it dries quickly and creates a very strong bond.

Exfoliation and oil are the most widely used as means of removing glue once it dries up, although they may not produce the best results.

Powerful gorilla glue product takes more time to dry. In these cases, you may require to leave them to marsh on their own.

The following are steps that you can follow to remove gorilla glue from your skin.

1. Desquamate

This process is known as exfoliating. Utilize a pumice stone, or any form of rough or bumpy materials to scratch your skin.

Use it strongly although in a moderate motion in order to prevent injury to the skin tissues.

how to remove gorilla glue from skin

Next, keep changing the direction by using your fingers to minimize friction that may cause skin burns.

Do this for some minutes, and then you may stop when the glue seems to stick or take a longer time to peel off.

If it persists you can utilize a rough piece of wood or bulky index card.

2. Apply Some Oil

  • You can use one the following oil-formed materials onto your skin for a couple of minutes. Hand and body lotions, sunflower oil, baby body oil or olive virgin oil are all tender on your skin. Maximize the potency by adding heat for about 10-20 seconds either in the microwave or by adding salt to increase friction.
  • Lip balm, nonstick cooking spray, lip gloss, petroleum jelly or any other oil-build makeup eraser are also recommended options. You can also use Argan oil alongside raw Shea oil as it has excellent qualities of being a solvent.
  • Polyglycol hands and body lotion are also recommended for purposes of removing gorilla glue from skin.
how to get gorilla glue off hands

3. You Can Use a Blunt Edge to Rasp Your Skin

Utilize a blunt tool, such as a butter knife or your fingernails to get gorilla glue off skin.

Do this while the glue is still wet, do not wait until it dries up, as then it will turn out to be a difficult task.

Do not use sharp objects because they cause injury to skin tissues.

4. It is Recommended to Rub Your Hands With Extracts of Citrus

You can either use lemon or lime to rub off the glue. Also, you can scrap your hands with citrus oil.

This technique may lead to injuries if the glue has formed cracked, dried or punctures on the skin.

5. You Can Wait for a Couple of Days

This technique will allow the glue to wear off with the frequent growth of your skin. The stains will eventually disappear completely in five to six days.

Patience is highly recommended instead of corrosive chemicals which may cause skin damage or skin infections.

It is suggested that your hands should be nicely moisturized by using hand and body lotions as you wait for the glue to peel off on its own.

You should always keep in mind that Gorilla glue is very strong and it can easily dry the skin and lead to cracking of the skin.

6. Use Domestically Artificial Mixture

You can easily wipe your hands with a mixture that eliminates glue easily.

The following mixture works effectively in removing Gorilla glue off your skin. These are soda ash (10-15%), liquid soap (1-3%) and water together as a universal solvent.

7. Wash Your Hands With Soap or Liquid Detergents

how to get gorilla glue off fingers

This kind of glue gets thicker when it comes into contact with water, thus this technique may not be much effective unless you wash the glue before it dries up.

You are supposed to wash the skin with a lot of water.

The highly recommended soap that helps in getting rid of gorilla glue on your skin is liquid detergents.

Avoid using it if you have delicate skin.

8. Use of Acetone

Take a bowl and refill it with acetone, or any other solvent that is used as a polish remover. Position your hands in the acetone then leave it for three to five minutes.

After getting your fingers out of the bowl; gently try to separate the bonded fingers without applying any force as it might lead to tissue damage.

If the glue is tightly held between the fingers or on the skin surface place your hands back into the bowl and wait for six to ten minutes.

Keep on repeating the same procedure until you can carefully separate your fingers or remove the gorilla glue from the skin surface.

After carefully removing gorilla glue from your fingers or your hands, gently wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Apply a moisturizing body lotion with your fingers or any skin surface in order to retain natural oils extracted by acetone and gorilla glue.

9. Wipe With a Wet Cloth

Only after the gorilla glue dries, getting rid of it becomes very easy.

It is suggested that you simply soak a piece of cloth in cold water and use it for wiping off gorilla glue from your fingers or from your skin surface.

However, this process only works better if the glue has not yet dried.

If the glue dries up so quickly you are recommended to drop this technique and try another alternative method.


One is recommended not to continuously utilize acetone, alcohol and other solvents.

This is due to the fact that they easily eliminate your natural skin oils which increase the corrosiveness of the glue.

Dipping your hands in these solvents can be a better option but continuous usage of them might lead to tissue damage.

Also, do not use soda ash and vinegar because they minimize the rate at which skin cells grow, therefore reducing the healing process.

Now stop worrying about how to get gorilla glue off skin and start woodworking.

how do i get gorilla glue off my hands

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