How to Glue Glass to Wood: Do it in Easy Steps

Whether you're a fan of do-it-yourself tips and tricks or you'd just like to learn some handy skills for the home, you've probably read up on different woodworking techniques.

A good skill to learn to be able to maintain several parts of your home is how to glue glass to wood.

Be it having to glue a wooden frame to a piece of glass or having to glue a glass table top to a wooden base, there are things to think about before beginning.

Knowing the glue you should use as well as the steps you'd have to take to properly glue the two materials together is the key to doing a good job. This would also ensure that your end product will last for a long time.

Being able to learn how to glue glass to wood - and other simple but nifty DIY tricks for the home will not only save you money from having to call a professional repair person.

It will save you time and energy as well as give you a sense of satisfaction of being able to assemble or fix things in your home.


The Best Glue for the Job

Choosing the right glue for attaching glass to wood is essential as it will be the adhesive to stick together the two materials.

Having good glue will ensure a strong bond between the glass and the wood, also ensuring its durability.

Here's a list of the best (or at least very helpful) glue options for gluing glass to wood:

how to attach glass to wood
  • Silicone Sealant: Since glass doesn't shrink or swell when the humidity and temperature changes like wood, you could go with an elastomeric silicone sealant, which is flexible. This will make up for the rigidity of the glass to the weather changes.
  • Polymer Adhesive: You can use this along with sealant if you need clear glue so it won't show much - such as using glass.
  • UV Glue: Cured using UV lights, this kind of glue is good for glass as it is not only durable but it also dries clear as water.
  • Weldbond Glue: A versatile glue which is less toxic and can be used for different surfaces and materials - including glass.
  • Hot Glue: Quick to dry and also less toxic, hot glue can be used to glue wood to glass, though the durability isn't as good as the other types.

Keep in mind that when you are gluing glass to wood, one of the key factors to think about and consider is the visibility of the glue you are using.

For glass which is either translucent or completely transparent, you'd need glue which dries as clear as possible so it won't show.

Steps in Gluing Glass to Wood

Gluing wood to glass, either for the purpose of decorating or to fix something which has detached, could be quite challenging.

Aside from having to avoid showing beads or globs of glue on the glass, you'd also have to be careful of how you handle the materials, including the glue in some cases.

1. Prepare and Clean Your Materials

does hot glue work on glass
  • Have everything you need on hand: the wooden pieces, the glass pieces, the glue you will use to stick them together and cloth to clean your materials
  • Clean the surface of both the glass and the wood to ensure that the glue will adhere properly and well. Use a lint-free cloth for best results.
  • For the glass piece, you'd first have to spray it with a chemical glass cleaner (on both sides) before wiping it dry. You can use a natural glass cleaner too for equally good results.
  • For the wooden piece, use a damp cloth to completely rid its surface of any debris or dust.

2. Apply the Glue

Squeeze out or spread a very fine layer of glue to the edge of the glass you'd like to attach to the wood.

Quick as you can, try lining up the pieces precisely for a good fit.

3. Secure the Pieces Together

  • If you have to, hold both pieces together until they dry or until they're stable enough to be let alone.
  • Usually the drying time would be indicated on the packaging of the glue you are using. Follow directions for best results.

4. For Simple Tasks

  • For simple tasks such as ornamental projects or for kids' toys, you can choose to use hot glue and a glue gun.
  • It's basically the same procedure with a few alterations.
  • Clean the pieces.
  • Place the glue stick in the glue gun and turn it on.
  • Once the glue is hot and it begins to drip, proceed to apply the glue in a thin line to the edge of the wood or the glass.
  • Stick both the pieces together and hold them for a while to dry.
  • Hot glue may not be as durable as other glass adhesives but it dries quickly and is less toxic, making it perfect for simpler projects.

Other Tips and Tricks – Glass and Wood


glue wood to glass
  • In the event of some of your glue going to the surface of the glass which it doesn't need to go to, you can gently remove it with a razor blade, especially when it hasn't fully hardened yet.
  • Silicone glue, which happens to be the best option, gives off toxic fumes when being used. For safety, use a face mask and protective gloves when using this glue.
  • Make sure to read directions for use for any type of glue you're using so you don't end up doing more harm than good in your projects.


Now that you have enough information to help you out in learning how to glue glass to wood, you can start looking for projects to do in your home.

You can either find broken things which need to be fixed or you can be bold and try starting on an entirely new project.

Knowing how to glue glass to wood the proper way is extremely useful especially if you'd like to save time, money and energy.

Also, learning clever woodworking tricks at home can make you a handy and efficient homeowner.

Find the best glue for your needs and practice doing the different steps listed previously and soon you'll be quite skilled at gluing glass to wood!

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