How to Glue Glass to Wood: Do it in Easy Steps

how to glue glass to wood

Whether you're a fan of do-it-yourself tips and tricks or you'd just like to learn some handy skills for the home, you've probably read up on different woodworking techniques.

A good skill to learn to be able to maintain several parts of your home is how to glue glass to wood. Be it having to glue a wooden frame to a piece of glass or having to glue a glass table top to a wooden base, there are things to think about before beginning.

Knowing the glue you should use as well as the steps you'd have to take to properly glue the two materials together is the key to doing a good job. This would also ensure that your end product will last for a long time.

Being able to learn how to glue glass to wood - and other simple but nifty DIY tricks for the home will not only save you money from having to call a professional repair person. It will save you time and energy as well as give you a sense of satisfaction of being able to assemble or fix things in your home.

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How To Make Wooden Drawer Slides That 100% WORKING!

how to make wooden drawer slides

Anything with wood makes wonders. It is an understated charm to any piece of furniture that you may have a chance of noticing in your friend’s living room. It gives off a certain sense of functionality and practicality with this kind of material.

Moreover, one of the most needed piece of furniture is the drawer. The drawer helps a lot on organizing your stuff given that you may put your things in there.

With the durability of wood, you can make wooden drawers that could be paired along with wooden drawer slide.

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How To Fix A Warped Table Top That 100% Working

how to fix warped wood table top

Every now and then we'd experience having our table tops warped and it is often not a pretty sight. It is also not advisable to muscle through manually making it flat again because most of the time, you could end up completely ruining it. There are steps on how to fix warped wood table top right way.

If you are on a budget, it is best to handle this yourself as one of those do-it-yourself (DYI) projects. Not only will you save money from hiring a professional, but you get to learn as well and have that sense of fulfillment after you have finished it.

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What Is Whitewood And Why It Is The Best Choice For Woodworking

what is whitewood

While strolling through the furniture stores, gazing at all those shiny and brand new household items, there’s a high ninety, or furthermore, ninety-nine percent chances that you’ve bumped into a label that said “one hundred percent whitewood.” And chances are, let’s say a hundred percent that the item on which the aforementioned label was, is way more affordable than hard maple or Chinese cedar.

You must’ve wondered, even for a second, why? What is Whitewood and Why is it cheaper? It all looks the same to an inexperienced eye.

In case you’re experienced in woodworks, you should probably go and read some of our other articles. However, it is strongly recommended that you stay and continue reading just to double-check your current knowledge. Anyways, it’s the text below you can find everything about whitewood you always wanted to know.

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What to Do When Polyurethane Won’t Dry – The Best Solution

how to fix sticky polyurethane

Woodworking is never a simple task. 

So, we are not surprised to find putting on coats of finish is challenging. It’s the final step, and I know that when something wrong happens, you may feel terrible like it’s all devastated. 

Fortunately, in the post, you can get what to do when polyurethane won’t dry and how to tackle the situation.

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The Best Scroll Saw You Can Find In 2020 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

best scroll saw

Hey there! I’m pretty sure you’re not just here to take a glance but also learn some nice stuff about the scroll saw. 

Basically, a scroll saw is a type of saw used for creating intricate cuts and curves in a range of materials. Even though you can make a perfect cut with a scroll saw, shopping for a good one to get the job done could be a bit tasking.

But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. 

So to help through the stress of choosing a nice scroll saw for your work, we have brought together some of our top picks for the best scroll saws on the market today.

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Best Circular Saws: Comparison, Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2020)

Best Circular Saws

A circular saw is a hand-held electric saw for handling wood cutting tasks. It delivers the same power has most small-sized models of table saw would. However, they are inherently more portable and more flexible to move around.

Moreover, depending on the type you buy, circular saws are made of high-quality carbide blades with a diameter ranging from 4.5 to 7.25 inches. There also exist types either left-handed or right-handed depending on where the engine motor is placed. Its flexibility allows its users to make quick, faster rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or both.

Therefore, this tool is handy for DIY projects such as home framing, sheetrock cutting, and deck building.  And in this article, we give the best option of circular saws you can always use for wood cutting projects in a home or professional setting.

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Essential Tools for Every Homeowner’s Toolbox

essential tools for homeowners

An important part of being a homeowner is having the ability to fix any damages that occurs to your property.

In most cases, these will be fairly minor jobs that you won’t require much experience to complete. By doing it yourself, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. However, in order to do this, you will need to have access to high-quality tools.

To make sure that you are well-equipped to take on any challenge, let’s look at some of the essential tools that any homeowner should have.

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