How To Make A Featherboard That 100% WORKING!

how to make a featherboard

Before we discuss how to make a featherboard. Let’s start off describing what a featherboard is. It is a 3/4x 3 x11 inch piece of wood that is cut from a piece of larger wood that has a straight grain.

The featherboard is cut cross ways at a 30-degree or 45-degree angle with many fingers or "feathers cut 1/8 of an inch" apart across the grain of the featherboard. In this way, the fingers will bend in the direction that the piece of wood will travel.

Now, that we know what the featherboard we can see why they are used.

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How To Use A Featherboard With Woodworking Tools?

how to use a featherboard

More than a woodworking accessory, a featherboard is also known to be a safety device. It is an even wood piece which has notable elastic, slender fingers on the other side of the plane.

There is a concrete reason why it is called the featherboard. It is basically a board that has a string of fingers formed on the other end of it that motions much like a feather.

The purpose of these fingers is to give steady force to clasp the stock steadfastly alongside fences and tabletops. The angle permits stock to go through in a linear course while simultaneously refusing to go along with the motion in the opposed track.

A good way to utilize this is when using it conjunction with motionless power cutting devices such as router table, radial arm saw and the table saw.

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How to Make Sash Windows That 100% WORKING!

how to make a window sash

Sash windows have served many homes since they were invented in the 17th century. They acquired prominence in Victorian times, due to their simplicity, functionality and antiquated beauty but have waned in popularity in the last 50 years or so.

Sash windows are now enjoying resurgence thanks to people being more enlightened on their aesthetic value. As a result a lot of restoration work is currently being undertaken to return old buildings to their original form incorporating sash windows as vital visual elements.

By the time you’re through reading this article on how to make a sash window, you should have minimal problems installing one for your home, and hopefully you shall also enjoy the learning process.

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DeWalt DWS709 Vs DWS779 Miter Saws – Review and Comparison

dws709 vs dws779

Woodworking is a demanding yet creative endeavor that requires knowledge, skill, and the proper tools to be successful.

It is important to note that joinery that fits well does not happen by chance but is carefully calculated from start to finish. One piece of machinery that is indispensable to this process is the miter saw.

Choosing a good Dewalt miter saw might not be so easy due to the expansive collection which proves tricky without the right information.

Check out our comparison of the DWS709 vs. DWS779, which are the two best miter saws from DeWalt. This will help you make the right choice that fit your purpose.

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How to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring with Romex

how to replace knob and tube wiring with romex

Old houses often face the problems of knob and tube wiring. You will have to do the wiring system very efficiently.

There are many professionals who can do this wiring like a pro. You should hire them in case you are unable to this properly. This is a thing that you cannot take for granted.

In the basement area, the wires are mostly visible. You can see the rubber coated wires hanging from the ceiling. The wires are mainly attached to the joist portion and covered by porcelain knob.

The wiring method is little but tricky but you should know how to replace knob and tube wiring with romex.

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Why Is Heartwood Darker In Color Than Sapwood?

why is heartwood darker in color than sapwood

Have you ever, at least as a child, used a trunk of a tree as a chair, maybe just to rest your aching feet during the stroll through the woods? Now, you are counting the growth rings to find out for how long the tree lived before it met its old nemesis, the axe.

But have you ever wondered why the inner part of the tree is darker than the outer part? And do you know why is heartwood darker in color than sapwood?

Let us start with the inner, darker part, also known as heartwood. But don't let the name deceive you - it is not a living part of a tree. Its main function is to provide a mechanical support to the tree.

As it grows and as the tree becomes older so does the heartwood become thicker. Heartwoods durability did not go unnoticed by skillful carpenters who use it almost exclusively for building furniture.

On the other hand, sapwood, or the lighter part of the tree, will not be readily used by any kind of craftsman. It contains a lot of moisture, which makes it susceptible to fungus and it doesn't look as rich and beautiful as heartwood.

But it still has a vital function in the tree. It transfers water and minerals from the roots to the every leaf which decorates the crown of the tree.

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What Are Brad Nailers Used For? Amazing Things You Need To Know

what are brad nailers used for

Couldn't you finish your task without any nailer jamming? It’s time to own electrically powered brad nailers. These versatile tools will be your perfect companion for any job site.

So, what are brad nailers used for? Let’s consult our post to find out the answers to this question as well as other amazing things about these tools.

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How To Use The Finger Joint Router Bit that 100% WORKING!

how to use a finger joint router bit

If you are into woodworking, a finger joint bit router is a must in your toolbox. This tool helps in lengthening wood works if you want to connect one piece of wood to another.

It does make woodworking easier and faster, but I have to say that without the right instructions, it would still be difficult to use.

Don't worry, because today, you will learn how to use a finger joint router bit by the end of this article.

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How to Build a Folding Picnic Table

how to build a folding picnic table

A folding picnic table is an innovative way to save space and resources.

It’s a table and a set of picnic benches combined! You basically can transform it into two park benches when not in use and put it back together when the need arises. It’s a nifty piece of furniture which can most definitely fill your picnic and outdoor needs.

But apart from fulfilling your usual needs, a folding picnic table also adds extra bonuses like versatility to the mix.

Here are some tips which you can refer to on how to build a folding picnic table. With some basic knowledge and know-how in sketching and construction, and an ability to follow instructions, making your own set can be very easy!

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How Long Does Wood Glue Take to Dry

how long does wood glue take to dry

When working with wood, it is inevitable that wood glue will be used to secure a joint. The instructions on the bottle may indicate a particular drying time, but is that the time that it takes the glue to dry or is that the waiting period required for taking off the wood clamps?

The question is, how long does wood glue take to dry?

There are a number of factors that will influence the drying time. There are also a number of ways to test whether the glue is in fact dry or not.

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