The Best Dado Blade – Top 9 Products Review

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When it comes to woodwork, sometimes skill alone isn’t enough. Sure, a formidable amount of knowledge can help you out in a major way.

But, in order to achieve perfection and a truly flawless piece of work, you need specialization in terms of tools.

Ever since the woodworking industry became influenced by modern technology, an array of different, useful tools appeared.

And perhaps the most amazing and useful of them is the dado blade. What is it, anyway?

Well, a dado blade is a special kind of circular saw blade that you use to cut stripes and slots in your woodworking piece.

It’s a set of twin blades that team up and only work on a selected section of your work, leaving the rest untouched.

Read the article below to find the best dado blade set on the market.


How Do the Dado Blades Work and How Can They Help You?
best 8 dado blade set

The dado blades work by joining forces and spinning in order to cut into the face of the board (any machinable material but usually it is wood) to create grooves.

It is into these grooves that the edges of another board is fixed. Many of them come with added chippers for additional width.

Combining natural skill and a versatile set of tools is the characteristic of a master woodworker. Mistakes, wrong incisions, and big messes would be a thing of the past if you opt to use a dado blade.

Now, there are many different dado blades on the market, and we are here to help you with the choice.

If you wish to have the ultimate cutting experience, sit back and enjoy the rest of our article!

Top 3 Recommendations

Top 9 Dado Blade Sets Available on the Market

After all the useful info, we are down to the final part of this article, the one you’ve been waiting for.

Our team has been testing the blades and acquiring reviews and complaints from woodworkers worldwide. All the data has been analyzed and compiled into this list.

Enjoy the best of the best in the dado blade world!

Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch Dado Set

For the best pick out there, we give you Amazon's Choice Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch Dado Set.

This professional stacked dado set is incredibly efficient in cutting grooves and dadoes at productive and fast rates, more than your average dado blade.

When it comes to the entire package, it carries full-body chippers, and a shim set explicitly made for tuning adjustments.

In terms of overall durability, you know you won't have any worries.

Its C-4 carbide set is capable of withstanding any kind of pressure and enables it to work with all types of wood - softwood, hardwood, and even plywood.

Furthermore, it has many tooth chippers that allow you to cover more extensive grounds and experiment with your DIY projects.

And the best part is that it comes at a reasonable price that positively reflects the overall quality and the build of this set. With every single cut, it'll provide accurate and sharp grooves and dadoes with ease.

All in all, there's not much to say about the flaws of this product since there aren't any. It's a purchase you'll appreciate!

  • Professional grade
  • A large number of tooth chippers
  • Sharp
  • Quality build
  • /

Freud 8" x 24T SD508 Super Dado Sets

If you're looking to make a quality purchase, and you're not exactly sure where to start, this is the place for you. We give you the Freud 8" x 24T SD508 Super Dado Sets.

All the industrial saw blades manufactured by Freud are made with utmost precision and sophisticated designs. The same goes for this set of dado blades.

Alongside the two quality blades, you'll also get six chippers, a shim set, and a compact carrying case for safe storage and transportation.

Yes, the price is a bit high.

However, if you count in the factor that this set is constructed out of titanium-cobalt alloy and high-density carbide mix to ensure maximum durability, efficiency, and performance, you'll be more than glad to empty your pockets.

It also features a silver I.C.E. coating that prevents rust and build-up on the blades, thus prolonging their lives.

However, it is pricey, so you should think twice before purchasing it. Still, it does pay off, and it's excellent for both professional and novice woodworkers.

All in all, you won't regret it.

  • Design
  • Silver coating
  • Titanium-cobalt alloy and high-density carbide mix
  • Efficiency
  • Price

DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set

Next up, we have another quality manufacturer with a fantastic product, the DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set.

Everyone who's into tools, equipment, and woodworking has undoubtedly heard of DEWALT and their products. They offer excellent quality for a reasonable price, and the same goes for this dado set.

First off, you'll notice the heavy-duty storage case that fits this dado set. It's elegant, comes in standard black and yellow manufacturer colors, and keeps your tools safely stored.

Next up, you'll notice the 8-inch, 24-tooth stacked blade that can efficiently cut up to 7000 RPMs.

The teeth are designed with a micro-grain carbide that allows you to create clean cuts without any splinters or debris that gets left behind.

It also features stainless steel shims that enable fine adjustments along the way.

However, a minor issue might occur with some shims, and that's a burr on the edges. Still, you can always contact the manufacturer for that.

This Amazon's Choice product may leave breathless with its functions and applications, but it may be pricier than it should go for.

Still, a dado set that efficiently cuts flat-bottomed holes with ease is something to bear in mind once you're purchasing for a new set.

  • Reliable
  • Heavy-duty storage
  • Micro-grain carbide
  • Stainless steel shims
  • Burr on shim’s edges
  • Price

MIBRO 416381 Dado Blade Set

As for our fourth product, we recommend you take a good look at this product since it's probably one of the best. We present to you the MIBRO 416381 Dado Blade Set.

Coming from MIBRO Group, a reliable manufacturer in the woodworking world, this product has been one of the customer's favorites for quite some time now, and continues to impress.

Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you'll undoubtedly enjoy the perks this product offers. It can efficiently cut grooves with a delicate smoothness or do it with grains with every type of wood used for carpentry.

This set has two standard 8-inch outer blades and seven metal shims for adjustments, while the slot width ranges from ¼-inch to 13/16-inch.

Like the previous product, carbide is the primary material used to manufacture the dado blades, which is quite efficient in terms of longevity.

Also, this product is one of the cheapest ones you'll find on the market right now.

However, if you plan on creating grooves with flat bottoms, you'll find yourself in a pickle with this product. A lot of customers noted that it's not that precise while creating flat-bottomed holes.

Still, it's a fantastic product for the money that you should consider purchasing.

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Beginner and professional use
  • Smooth grooves
  • Durability
  • Flat-bottomed holes

Freud 8" x 20T Cutter Set (SBOX8)

We have another product coming from Freud, and it's a product you'll definitely like.

If you're searching for a different option to classic dado sets, you're in for a treat. This set specializes in creating perfect box joints made out of any type of wood - ranging from hardwood to plywood.

Like the previous product, it's also constructed out of titanium-cobalt alloy, and high-density carbide mix. The blade itself is silver coated for prolonged life and to prevent rusting.

Also, the blades and chippers that come with this set have Freud's unique design with anti-kickback features that boost safety in all working environments, which is crucial when working with these tools.

Speaking of design, it's essential to mention the technology behind the carbide grain mix of this tool. In most cases, the larger the carbide grain, the edge will wear faster.

That's why Freud's product measures one micron, unlike other products with five microns.

Still, this set for creating box joints has limited applications, so you might want to consider purchasing standard dado blades.

Nevertheless, it's a fantastic product that belongs in your tool collection.

  • Box joints
  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Anti-kickback features
  • Limited applications

Oshlun SBJ-0830 8-Inch Box and Finger Joint Set

Sometimes, it's not a smart idea to go straight away for the premium product. If you decide to dig a little deeper, you can find products like the Oshlun SBJ-0830 8-Inch Box and Finger Joint Set.

First off, it's a two-blade set, and like the previous product, it specializes in box joints and finger joints. They are standard 8-inch blades with 30 teeth that provide maximum efficiency and clean cuts and grooves for your joints.

It's constructed with premium and professional-grade C-4 carbide that stays sharp and doesn't wear off that easily in time.

Also, combined with tungsten steel that's known for hardness and durability, you know you're getting a quality product.

It comes in its storage case that safeguards the tools in a compact and precise manner. Also, it's incredibly affordable for Amazon's Choice product that offers everything you need and more.

Still, it does not come in different widths, which may be troublesome for some of you. Pay attention to the width you need and see if it's a smart idea to get this one.

Aside from that, it's as good as it gets!

  • Box and finger joints
  • C-4 carbide
  • Storage case
  • Affordable
  • No different widths

IRWIN Dado Stacked Blade Set 1811865

Next, we have an essential dado blade set that every woodworker should use at least once in their lifetime. We give you the IRWIN Dado Stacked Blade Set 1811865.

This incredible set that comes straight from Irwin can do a lot - it makes groove and tongue cuts, rabbets, and more.

The great news is that the carbide blades are resharpenable, which is a huge bonus when it comes to tools like these. 

Being exposed to heat-treated environments with a lot of debris flying around tends to wear off the blades and dull them.

A vital mention goes to the features that make it heat-resistant and non-stick. The coating allows it to be sharp and precise, but also not to stick.

You'll find a use for this product in all spheres of woodworking and carpentry, especially when you're manufacturing joints.

It's quite affordable and will last you a long time.

One thing to remember is that this is a beginner's set, so you should not use it for professional work since it might dull the blades. Standard woodwork will do the trick with this set.

  • Affordable
  • Heat-resistant
  • Non-stick
  • Application
  • Not for professional use

STCKD Dado Blade Set - Efficiency

If you need something to get the job done now and efficiently, search no further than the STCKD Dado Blade Set.

Naturally, dado blades come in sets of two, and, in this case, you’ll receive 8 x 12-inch blades with 12 teeth each that are resharpenable using the standard sharpening gear, automatic or manual.

Moreover, the overall accuracy is increased thanks to the ⅝-inch laser cut.

It cuts clear angles, but you can use these blades to rip wood across the grain, and you’ll still get efficient results.

The blades are durable thanks to the micro-carbide titanium build that works wonders in terms of overall durability.

Also, it’s not prone to rust, and you can even forget to clean it from time to time, and you won’t see any damage to them. Speaking of this, we mustn’t forget to add some information about the perma-shield coating that protects the blades from heat and gumming.

You can’t ask for much when it comes to dado blades - the bottom line is that they’re sharp, durable, and deliver with each cut. On the other hand, these blades might be a bit overpriced, which is where we’ll deduct a point.

Aside from that, they’re as good as it gets.

  • Micro-carbide titanium build
  • Non-corrosive
  • Perma-shield coating
  • Solid design
  • Overpriced

Amana Tool 651030 Carbide-Tipped Dado Blades - Premium Se

If testing out new products tires you and you just want to get something that’ll last you for years, it’s time to test out the Amana Tool Carbide-Tipped Dado Blades.

This set of blades is as straightforward as it gets - you get the standard two blades and four chippers.

The blades are made of premium materials, and they have an alternate top bevel (ATB) on every sixth tooth for angled cuts.

The hook angle is set to 15 degrees, and each blade has 24 teeth, which is quite handy when working with hardwood.

Moreover, the outside blade has hollow-ground plates, which enable clear cuts and smooth finishes.

These blades are industrial-quality, and they’re made from carbide-tipped alloys that protect the blades at high temperatures that stem from frequent friction that occurs when you’re cutting without pauses.

You’ll be able to expand the width thanks to the chippers; you’ll get anywhere between ¼ to 13/16 in., but you can purchase separate chippers for these blades to expand the width up to 1 inch.

The thing we don’t like is that it’s not a standard ⅝-inch arbor, which might pose some problems when sliding them on the saw.

On the other hand, the resulting project will be smooth, so it’s worth the hassle.

  • Industrial-grade quality
  • Premium pick
  • 15-degree hook angle
  • Carbide-tipped
  • A bit smaller than ⅝ arbor

The Benefits of a Dado Blade

best dado blade set for the money

Ever since its inception, the dado blade has always been one of the best possible choices for enriching your tool collection.

  • Usually, in the industry, tools are rated by their versatility. If you take that into consideration, there are few tools on the market that can match the myriad of things the dado blade can accomplish.
  • If you are in need of dadoes and grooves in your work, you won’t have to hassle with regular circular saws.
  • The double cut that the dado blade can achieve is unmatched and will leave you with clean and natural slots.
  • You can also experiment and also make tenons and rabbets with this amazing tool.
  • Even a box joint can be in consideration, as the dado blade was tailor-made for versatile performances.
  • The best benefit of the dado blade is perhaps the saving of your money. As the blade can be connected with just about any radial arm saw or table saw, you will pretty much be just purchasing an add-on.

Furthermore, the bottom line is that you are making a small investment that yields incredible results. If you are willing to test this theory for yourself, don’t hesitate to head to your local appliance store.

Many have active testing areas for you to assess the quality of the product.

What to Look for When Buying a Dado Blade?

1. Quality and Price

best dado blade set reviews

A common mistake by many woodworkers is sacrificing quality just to save money. This is somewhat the fault of the market.

Since it’s so big, prices to pay can vary greatly and cause confusion.

Just because different manufacturers compete with each other, doesn’t mean you have to be swindled. A good, hard look at the product you’re buying will be the solution to just about any dilemma.

All in all, everything is pretty clear and in the majority of cases – you indeed get what you pay for.

2. Respected Brand

A brand means much in the dado blade world.

Reputation is also significant, so respected brands always invest in improving their quality and pleasing their loyal customers.

Since so many people buy from them, money is not a problem and they always want to stay ahead of the pack. So, for starters, a respected brand is what you should aim for.

A less known brand from, let’s say, from the Asian market, will often be made from a lower quality material.

This may put both you and your work in danger. You don’t want injuries as much as you don’t want a dado bottom that’s not precise.

Precision is the next important thing on the checklist.

3. Adaptability to Different Blades

good dado blade set

The final thing you should be looking out for is the adaptability to different blades.

Many manufacturers cite this as one of the main goals – to have their dado blades connect to every saw.

Keep in mind that there are still brands who produce dado blades only for their saw, or for a limited number of models.

Ask around before purchasing and you should be pretty much fine.

How to Use a Dado Blade, Anyway?

Using dado blades of any type or brand is pretty simple.

  • The only thing that can vary across models is the width of the cut and the way to set it up. When setting up the saws on the arbor, you should take a look at the distance between them and measure the width of the gap thoroughly.
  • Also, when adding the blades on the arbor and before use – check the dado throat plate.
  • Never remove that part of a blade, as that can bring many risks to the table. Risks are unwanted in the woodworking business. No matter how majestic your piece may turn out to be, it’s all in vain if you are putting yourself in danger.
  • Check if there are spacers (for increasing width) included with the set and apply them carefully.
  • The only other thing you need to take care of is the speed of work. Rememberyou’re not in a hurry! Slow and precise cuts are the way to go. That way, you can stop at any time and correctly assess the state of the cut and how do you want to continue.

Everything else is pretty much self-evident and included in the manuals. Use protection and good luck with the cuts!


Does my cutting depend on the type of wood and if so, how?

​Yes, of course. Dado blades are made out of industrial grade, stainless steel or titanium. Therefore, no material is a problem for them to cut.

You only need to assess the line of the tree fibers and check how fast the saw goes. When you know all that, just adjust the speed accordingly.

what is the best dado blade set

Are warranties regular in the dado blade world?

Certainly. Most manufacturers include 5+ year warranties or life warranties. The longer the warranty, the more respected the brand.

The length of it shows how much faith the company puts in their blades.

How to deal with mistakes?

the best dado blade set

Like with any profession, crooker cuts and overly deep incisions are a normal thing and they shouldn’t be treated overly dramatic. Just turn the saw off and assess the situation.

Take a deep breath and check the severity and devise a plan on how to continue. In some cases, throwing away the entire piece may be required.

When not, just increase the depth or the width and everything will be okay!

What about protection equipment?

Like with any sharp object – attention is of the utmost importance! Industrial grade gloves are the first things you should think of purchasing.

Remember – your fingers are more important than the piece! You can make a new piece of work, but not new fingers.

Also, think of getting protective goggles and a mask.

Wood can be cut to very small, barely visible pieces and therefore can sometimes get stuck in your eyes and in your respiratory system.

Years of exposure sawdust can cause severe lung problems or even damaged eyesight. Don’t even think about stepping into the workshop without the needed equipment!

What about the manuals?

best dado blade set for sawstop

Whether you’re buying in your local store or ordering over Amazon, there should always be a clearly signified table of contents.

It’s common courtesy that a manual is included with your dado blades, but here are instances where it isn’t.

Don’t even consider those brands! Every manufacturer should aim their products at both novices and advanced woodworkers.

A brand that doesn’t respect this is most likely not to respect other regulations.

Conclusion - Final Thoughts

If you're planning on starting a woodworking project, you certainly need the right tools, to begin with.

Yes, you can go for the budget pick while you're still getting in the woodworking world, and you're not sure what exactly to use, but once you gain some experience, you'll know that the Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch Dado Set is the right set for you.

It offers everything a premium and affordable dado blade set should have, and more.

The sheer strength, durability, precision, and overall quality is unmatched on the market right now. You'll undoubtedly enjoy using this product.

Still, every other product on this list will do the trick, so read the article above and learn about the dado blades and find the one that best fits you!

Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch 42 Tooth Stack Dado Set with 5/8-Inch Arbor*
  • Professional grade C-4 carbide
  • Full body chippers
  • Precision ground carbide tips
  • Storage/Carrying Case
  • Shim set for fine adjustments

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