SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Are you in need of a router table that you would like to use for the tasks that you have to accomplish? You have to look for a router table that is highly rated. Otherwise it will be hard for you to use that table. If you would check out the many router tables that are in the market right now, you will find so many products that might catch your eye. One product that you can check out is SKIL RAS900 Router Table.


Features of SKIL RAS900 Router Table

You have to be aware of the different features that you can expect to get from this product otherwise, how will you know if it is the best one for you? Here are the features that you can expect to get from this product:

  • Laminated MDF Top – This will make it easy for the items that you will use to glide easily through the table top. It will not require a lot of effort for you to do this.
  • Dust Port – This table is equipped with a dust port that will allow you to have a cleaner working area. It will be able to get rid of the dust and waste that may be available on the area.
  • Bit Height Gauge – It will be far easier to cut different materials accurately and without much problem​
  • 2 Pc. Featherboards – This will be very helpful for you so that you can work on your guides accurately​
  • ​Quick Clamp Router Mount – This does not require inserts so you can use the router that you need by simply clamping them where you need to place them.

Benefits of Using SKIL RAS900 Router Table


Here are just some of the benefits that you can get when you make use of this product:

  • Comes with Accessory Containers – When you are working, you are most likely following a certain time frame and this might cause you to place your work tools all over the place. Since this product comes with an accessory container, you can easily arrange your products so that you will never lose them again.
  • Has Starter/Pin Guard – The curves that you are going to encounter with woodworking is more common than you think so this feature will be very useful for you. This router table will allow you to make curves accurately.
  • ​Featherboards are on Point – Featherboards are highly essential when you are working because they will allow you to see what you are doing. This can increase the accuracy of the various cuts that you will make.

Is this the best router table for you? It will be up to you to decide.

Guide to Using This Product


1. Make sure that you will assemble everything correctly before you start using this product.

2. Pay attention to the type of materials that you will use when using this product. Do remember that it might not be able to take heavy materials because of its foldable legs and plastic parts.

3. Attach the router correctly to give you precise and accurate work each time you use this product. Make sure that the router is also at the right height before you start working.

Guide to Maintaining and Cleaning

1. Check the product if there are loose parts. If some parts are already loose, you may want to send it back if it is still under the warranty so that the parts can be replaced or repaired.

2. Do not expose this router table to extreme weather conditions. It will still get affected if you would expose it to severe temperatures.

3. Don’t overload the router since this can cause trouble not only to your project but also your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this router table worth it?

  • If you would consider the many benefits that this router table can give, it is worth it for its price. It can also give the same features that other higher priced router table can give.

2. Is the featherboard of this router table essential?

  • Yes, you can make use of the featherboard in order to create more precise and accurate cuts that you will not be able to achieve without the 2 featherboards of this router table.

3. Will clamping routers be easy?

  • As compared to manually adjusting the router table to accommodate the type of router that you have, clamping can be easier because fixing it will not be a big deal.

As compared to manually adjusting the router table to accommodate the type of router that you have, clamping can be easier because fixing it will not be a big deal.


Do you think that this is the best router table for you? Apparently for a lot of hobbyists and other individuals, they do like this router table a lot because of the things that it can provide. If you would like to finish a certain project or you would like to start with one, do not hesitate to purchase this product. It can give you what you need.

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