Safety cautions of the router table

Router tables are the power tools in woodworking since they are beneficial for many works, like neat edges, complicated and detailed designs, safe joint and other things of woodworking. However, workers often forgot risks of operating router tables because they control wood boards instead of touching the machine.

Safety cautions

Accident often happens when people don’t pay attention to the mechanical operations. Therefore, you are required to learning about safety cautions of router tables so that you keep the good performance as well as the best protection.

Manufacturer’s manual

Every type of router tables carries the specific safety warnings so you must read its instruction before using, even if you’re a beginner or a professional. The introduction includes special features and precautions but also describing the operating process of the table.

Suitable clothes


Loose clothes and jewelry are the cause of the accidents when using the router table. These clothes are easy to twist the bits when you don’t pay attention to it or are concentrating on wood boards. And because the bits don’t have covers meaning they are out of the table, danger rates are very high. Hence, you should wear an apron or fit clothes and remove all jewelry as working with the router table.

Safe distance

Keep a safe distance from the router table if you are turning on it. The accident often occurs when workers take an overview of a wood boards. Sometimes, they forgot the sharp bit and rely on the table to have a clear view of hidden parts. Remember that the bit easily cut your fingers when you have an unconsciously light touch with it.

Turning off the tool if you want to repair the bit or other relevant sharp things. If you want to supervise your work, just move your spot into another side. The risks of cutters are very serious so you have to be careful as operating the tool.

Large wood boards

It’s safer to hold a large piece than a small one on the router table. That means you keep your hands far from the working bits as working with a large board. The small requires the short distance and increases the risk of stuck wood particles. It’s harmful that the bits can shoot particles toward your face or hit your eyes. Even if you hold tightly the wood and direct a good move, the damage rates are very high with a small piece. It’s the safest that you work with some things you can place on the table and use the top as the assistant.

Protecting equipment


It’s the recommendation that workers should wear protective equipment as doing with power tools. It’s the safe rules with people working on the router table so you have to wear an apron, eye protection, gloves, and other protective equipment before starting.

Follow these tips to protect yourself and keep the work safe and smooth. You should spend some time for making the protection instead of having injuries or lacking some fingers of your hands. This is a serious problem if you don’t pay attention of your safe.

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