Knowing How to Use a Craftsman Router

Are you excited to level up your edge shaping and joinery cutting? You definitely have chosen to look at the right equipment.

The craftsman router allows you to smoothly switch between a fixed base and a plunge allowing you to swap from trim to carving dados, without you wasting time.

It is ideally one of the most flexible pieces of woodworking equipment there is in the market that you can use.

There are two kinds of wood routers that can be used. These are the plunge router and the fixed router.

The plunge router allows you to modify the depth of the cut while using the tool. This can be utilized when you would want to start from the middle of a piece of wood.

It can also be used to fix the depth or progressively increase the depth of the cut.

Meanwhile, the fixed router lets you set the depth of the cut. It continually stays fixed throughout the whole duration of usage.

It is the rule of the thumb to know to how to use your tool before actually using it.

You might think that using the craftsman router could be a bit complicated, but it does actually work the magic pretty well if you know how to use it. You can take your time and practice to make sure you carve out the perfect wood.

You don’t have to worry if you have never tried to use a router before, because this one’s pretty easy to use just make sure that you remember that it has a 12-amp, and two horsepower variable speed motor power so you always have to take proper precautions when using it.


how to use a craftsman router table

First things first, you need to put it all together like the cutting bits, collet wrench, wrench and the edge guide, etc.

Make sure you follow the instruction manual when putting it all together because setting it up could make a big difference on the performance of the router.

Here are some tips on how you can set-up your router.

Know the Bit Parts

Regardless of what kind of router you are using, it is imperative to know what are the various parts that help your router do its job.

Though there could be a lot of parts that go along with the router, you only have to keep in mind the common parts.

  • Roman Ogee: Otherwise known as an Ogee bit, the Roman Ogee cuts through in an edge of stock an elaborate S-shaped profile.
  • Straight Cutting Dado Bit: In the middle of a piece of wood, a square channel is created by the straight cutting dado bit.
  • Rabbeting Bit: To cut a square dado profile into the edge of a piece of wood, the rabbeting bit is used.
  • Cove Bit: To achieve a rounded concave profile on the edge of stock, a cove bit is utilized.Since you already know the correct bit parts that are to be used for the job, it is best to understand as well how to install it appropriately. Foremost, one should check that the bit is both clean and sharp. Upon installation, an estimated ¾ of the shank needs to be put inside the collet. Tighten it securely into the collet before usage.Always remember that if the router bit is not mounted fittingly, it will vibrate. This will result to a rough finish which could be very dangerous.
how to use a craftsman router

How to Use this Power Tool?

If you are the router in a top-up position, it would be best to move from left to right. This would help you move to the opposite direction which is rotating. This helps you to gain better control on this tool.

Since this is a woodworking power tool, its main usage would be, obviously, on wood.

You could be using this on oak and other woods that have a really strong grain. With this said, there would always be a tendency for the wood to splinter.

First, you have to make sure that the bit is in proper condition for using. It is supposed to be clean and sharp. 

Cut with the grain rather than against it. Make a lot of passes at a cut to avoid any wood splinter.

Safety Tips and Techniques

Make sure that while you’re doing all that, the equipment is not yet plugged.

You also would need to set the depth of the cut before you actually turn on the router.

Check the thickness of your wood and how far you want to cut into it. You can turn the fine adjustment dial just until the bit touches your work table.

And then, you can lock down the motor clamp and turn the fine adjustment to zero before releasing the knob.

You would also need to set the variable speed dial first and set the speed that works for you.

Hold the router away and turn it on and make sure that you take a good grip on both handles.

You might also want to keep your legs in spread stance while you slowly introduce the router to the material and make your cut.

You have to keep a consistent speed and make sure you don’t overreach. Just let the router flow smoothly through the cut you want.

craftsman router table

Protective Gear

This might take some little while to practice. Please be reminded that safety is at the utmost priority for any procedure you would be doing using this tool.

On that note, protective gear should be worn at all times during the procedure. Keep in mind to wear protective glasses to protect your eyes. There are instances of flying debris that may enter the eyes.

Also, ear defenders are helpful as well. This is to protect your ears from noise.


It sure helps if you read the guidelines from time to time.

Also, keep the owner’s manual handy so as you can check what is deemed suitable for the tool and your situation. Safety must be ensured at all times.

You may also want to visit an expert from a local repair center near you for any further queries.

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