Bosch RA1171 Benchtop Router Table

There is a chance that you would like to purchase your very own router table at the soonest possible time but you are confused with your many choices. After browsing through a lot of router tables, you might find yourself confused. The various choices seem to offer various things. One router table will surely stand out though – the Bosch RA1171 Benchtop router table. Do not get confused with this model and the Bosch RA1181 Benchtop router table because they are different from each other.

You have to remember the importance of choosing the right product. As a woodworker, you would have to work with different materials depending on what you plan on making. The right benchtop table will not only take a lot less space than other materials, it will also help you in doing your various tasks.

Benefits of Using Bosch RA1171

  • Two Featherboards – You can be sure that you will be using the right featherboards that you can apply on the fence and table. Adjusting the featherboards will be easy.
  • Dual Outlet Switch – The dual outlet switch will make sure that the machine will not open immediately when not in use. This lessens the chance of someone getting into any accidents.
  • Made from Aluminum and Wood – You can be sure that this is one sturdy table that will not wobble when being used. You need not worry about trying to create heavy objects with the use of this router table.

It is quite obvious this router table is made with things that will make it safer than other router tables that you might see although there may be a difference with the construction of this router table as compared to others.

Guide to Using Benchtop Router Tables

It will be important to take note of the following things when using Bosch RA1171.

  • Always make sure that the safety pin is securely in place so that when you are not using the product, you will not worry about it turning on suddenly.
  • Place it in a secure place. This will lessen the chances that you will move it from one place to another. Although it is lightweight, it can still be bad for you to move heavy objects around. Plus, the accessories you may have placed on the side of the table may fall off.
  •  Secure the product when you are not using it. This way, when there are other people who might wander near your table, you do not have to worry about accidents that might occur when the table suddenly turns on.

Guide to Maintaining and Cleaning

Want to make sure that your table will last a long time? Here is a guide on how you can maintain and clean Bosch RA1171:

  • Store the table in a safe place wherein it can be free from drips and exposure to water.
  • If there are some things that would need to be changed or repaired, you would have to contact a professional to do it immediately for you. Trying to make use of the product when there is something wrong with it can cause further problems and might worsen the table’s condition.
  • Clean it from time to time to ensure that no wood shavings are stuck on the sides of the table.

You have to remember that sharpening the tools that you will use can also be helpful in maintaining the use of this product well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bosch RA1171 designed for heavy duty work?

You can be pretty sure that you will be able to do heavy duty work with the use of this table. This cabinet style table will allow you to work for a long period of time.

2. Is it safe to use?

With all the safety pins that the benchtop table has, you can be sure that this is safe to use. The plastic cover switch can also help you turn it off at the soonest possible time. For the Bosch 1171, it comes with a dual switch cover which will ensure that the table will not turn on suddenly.


There are a lot of pros and advantages that users can get when you use the Bosch RA1171 benchtop router table. Their prices may be a bit steeper than their other counterparts but you can be sure that you will get what you deserve. You may think that the price is a bit steep but with the various features that it can give, it will be worth it. Hopefully, you will make the right decision.

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