The Best Wood Chisels For Your Woodworking Project: Top 5 Reviews

If you are someone who takes woodworking seriously, then it is only fitting that you always have the right tools with you. It is so easy to get lost on the many products out there whose brand's claim that they are the best but are unavailable to deliver.

Well, I don't want you to fall into their traps and be one of those people who purchased their tools, only they find out that they wasted their money after they arrived in the mail. This is why this review would come in handy before you even purchase your desired hand tools. For today, I'm giving your the best wood chisels that are available in the market.

About Wood Chisels

I guess it is only proper that you have some details on what exactly what chisels are and what do they do. Chisels, in general, are meant to shape and cut the edges of your wooden project to form the desired look. They are not boxed just to work for wood because you could also use them for metals and even stone. You will need a hammer or a mallet to struck it with while you shape or cut your project.

As I have just mentioned above, there are various types of chisels and for this particular review, we'll be focusing on chisels for wood. They look pretty much the same because most if not all of them looks like a hand tool made of blade, especially their edges. There are others that have handles too, which I prefer.

12 Different Types of Chisels For Woodworking

1. Gouge: This type is perfect for sculpting. If you are dealing with tiny pieces of wood, then this is your best bet as a tool to make that happen. It is also perfect if you want to achieve some curves in your project. You will know it is a gouge type of chisel if you see that its cross-section is shaped like the letter U.

2. Butt: Believe it or not there is actually a chisel called butt. This one works if you want to shape some joints. You will know that it is the butt chisel when you two beveled sides with a straight edge.

3. Corner: This looks like a punch and it would help in cleaning some holes that are square in shape. It is also perfect for cleaning out some mortises and edges that have angles measuring 90 degrees. You will know that this is a corner chisel when you see its edge have an L shape.

4. Flooring: If you are looking for a tool that would address the repair of your floors, then this is the perfect chisel for it. Hence, its name. This is a special chisel that works specifically for repairing and removing flooring materials. You can cut and lift those said materials using this without having to worry about spending so much of your effort.

5. Carving: This particular chisel is for designing wood that requires so much details. If you are particular and meticulous about those details, then the corner chisel is the right tool for you.

6. Skew: If you need a good finish or a good trim for your project, then this one would work best for it. You will easily notice it having a 60-degree angle that is used to cut or shape the wooden material.

7. Slick: When using this chisel, you will need to be careful not striking it with a hammer or a mallet. This one is pretty huge and you will need some manual skills in order to use it.

8. Dovetail: Used this only if you are dealing with shaping or cutting those difficult joints shaped like a dove. This tool will make your life so much happier because it could carve easily through those hard edges.

9. Mortise: You will notice this chisel for having that thick blade, not to mention very rigid, which is ideal for creating mortises.

10. Paring: This is handy if you want to clean something out of a really tight space. Its long blade will help you deal with that situation.

11. Bevel Edge: This is for acute angles that could be so hard to penetrate sometimes by just using any chisel because of their beveled edges.

12. Framing: It looks like a butt chisel, only it is longer and it has a more flexible blade for shaping wooden edges. You will still to use a hammer or a mallet when using this.Now that you know the many different types of chisels, it is time that you learn about the best wood chisels that are available out there. You can easily buy these via Amazon, so you don't really need to look further to get a hold of them.

Why Wood Chisels Are Better Than Plastics?

There are also two kinds of chisels, which are wood and plastic. Some prefer plastic handles but personally, I’d rather choose the ones made of wood. Why? Because it gives you the right grip when working with it. If you are going to buy the plastic ones, make sure that they are of top quality and the plastics are quite heavy. They are good options if you are on a tight budget because they usually are more affordable than the wood ones.

The Best Wood Chisels on Market – Short Review

I have here the six best wood chisels for your wooden project and I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed in this review. This will guide you on their characteristics, price, and quality so you have an idea on what to buy before you get ripped off for some tools that don't deliver their worth.

It is a 3-piece chisel set that is made for all your woodworking projects. Its steel blades could stand heat, at it is not just made of ordinary steels but carbon steels. This means that you can count on its durability for a long time. It also has handles that could absorb shock so you don’t need to worry that it is going to fly from your hand while you are hammering it to finish your project.

It is among the best chisels out there that its brand is considered to be a staple in your toolbox if you are serious with your woodworking agenda. Its handles are also made of polypropylene, which means this is not easily deformed. Its blades are very much consistent so you know they could really cut and shape pretty much any wood. It won’t rust because its coat is made of lacquer. My favorite part about this product is that you can get a lifetime warranty upon purchasing it.


  • It does its work when it comes to shaping and cutting wood and it does it with style. Its black handle looks so classy and its blade are sturdy.
  • When it comes to durability, you can count on it lasting for a long time, especially when it doesn’t rust.


  • It might be hard for rookie woodworkers to use it because it is something professionals would use. But even then, if this is your first time, you will get the hang of it faster than you would imagine.

This is a 6-piece set, which would require you to use a wooden mallet in order to push it while cutting or shaping your project. Although, there are some who could also use their hands manually with it because it provides a firm grip with its handle that is slim and contour. This means you will be more comfortable handling it, not to mention your cuts will be precise.


  • Its blade is made of high carbon steel so you can guarantee that it could cut that it could produce a good edge retention.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are first timer in woodworking or a professional in this field, you would be able to use these chisels because it is so not hard to figure it out.
  • It has a very slim handle that is perfect to acquire an accurate grip and you will be able to take control of whatever it is that you cutting.
  • This comes with the following chisels- 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 1".
  • It also has a carrying case to make sure that your tools have a place that you could keep them safe.


  • The price could be seen as expensive for most people.

This is a European brand and it is made in Czech Republic.


  • Its blades are not like the usual carbon steel because this one is out a tempered chrome-manganese steel. It was created fine grained and even hardened to Rc 59.
  • The chisel sizes available are 1/4", 1/2", 13/16" and 1 1/32"
  • The bevel level of this one is 25 degrees, which is perfect for getting finer shapes and details.
  • You can be assured that its handle won’t easily look worn out because it is covered with lacquer and its material is made from European Beechwood.
  • Blades are reliable to cut and shape and it could stand any amount of pounding that you would do when you use a hammer or a mallet.


  • This is once again expensive for a set of chisels. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money for it, then it is fine.

Another European product that is really being embraced all over the world now. This comes with the following measurements: Bailey Chisel 1/4-Inch 16-977 - Bailey Chisel 1/2-Inch 16-978 - Bailey Chisel 3/4-Inch 16-979 - Bailey Chisel 1 -Inch 16-980 - Bailey Chisel 1-1/4-Inch.


  • Its edges are enough to grind and cut the wood in a really precise manner.
  • Its handle is made of Hardwood and its blade is covered with lacquer so you can guarantee that it won’t rust.
  • I’m loving the handle of this set because they really look classy! Plus, it is so easy to hold them and they don’t slip right off your hands while you do your work with it.
  • Its steel is made of high quality carbon-chrome so its edge is perfectly retained.


  • The shipping might take a while if you are living in the West Coast.
  • The price could be a little steep for some too..

This comes with 3 chisels that look elegant and sophisticated because of the Japanese touch to its design.They are known to be sharp and efficient for your woodworking project.


  • Its blade is made of both hard and soft steels and it works to hold the edge far better than other tools
  • Its steels are forged black, so you can guarantee durability and longevity of this product.


  • You have to hone it all the time. It might take a lot of your time sharpening it though but once you do, it is still worth it.
  • It is one of those expensive chisel set that is worth it but still the price is not doing you any favor if you’re on a budget.

This one is made in Germany and it comes with 6 pieces of chisels with sizes that are 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 26 mm. The blades are inserted in a hooped hornbeam handle, which would makes it easier for you to hold it and you are guaranteed that it won’t slip your hand while in the middle of hammering it. The brand, Two Cherries, is known to be of high quality so this is going to be really worth your money. The company has been around since 1858. Its steels is also made of high quality carbon and 61° Rockwell was used to harden it. This means this is sharper than most chisels.


  • This comes with a wooden box to store all these chisels to prevent them from rusting.
  • It is known for its edge retention.
  • Its handle are made of wood that look elegant.


  • You might need to hone or sharpen this on a regular basis.
  • Its price is really expensive among the others and not ideal if you are trying to be frugal.


You can’t own a complete toolbox without the best chisels. It takes some thorough research before you can really buy the right set and brand the works for you. The 7 best chisels that are in here are your best bet for quality, durability and affordability. Although most of them are really expensive, but you can’t put a price on precision and other great performances that a good chisel could offer.

Now, the verdict as to what is the best among these 7 chisels that are here, I have to go for the Irwin Marples Woodworking Chisel Set. It is of high quality but the price for me is really still very affordable. Sure, it could be pricey for a chisel set, but it is worth it so in the end, the consumer is going to win.

I hope that these reviews of the best chisels out there would help you decide before you buy and spend something that would affect the quality of your work. Keep in mind that quality over quantity is your goal here. Although it is better if the price is really cheap, but don’t dwell on that because at the end of the day, it is best to have a high quality set that could last a long time than the cheap ones that would tend to make you buy again because of their poor quality.

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