The Best Bandsaw Blades for the Ultimate Woodworker – Top 8 List

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As you know, bandsaws are usually used to cut curves in a thick wood, which is something no other tool out there can do as efficiently. On the other hand, not all bandsaws prove to be as efficient in the long run, as there are some machines that can't cut it - metaphorically and literally. Many factors contribute to the overall quality of a bandsaw, but one of the most important ones is the quality of bandsaw blades.

You won't have a good time if you purchase an expensive band saw with cheap and low-quality blades. That's why we're here to bring you some good news!

You don't have to use the blades you'll get in the package since you can find the best bandsaw blades on Amazon for a low price. We have incoming reviews to prove it to you, so stick around and glance at our buyer's guide.


Top 3 Recommendations

The Best Blade For Bandsaw - Top 8 Reviews

DEWALT Band Saw Blade 32-7/8-Inch - The Best Overall

We'll open up our reviews with the fantastic product that comes from DeWALT facilities. It's the DEWALT Band Saw Blade 32-7/8-Inch.

We won't take up your time with these reviews as these products are generally straightforward - if it's quality-made, you buy it. That's a case in point with DeWALT bandsaw blades.

Firstly, DeWALT excels at manufacturing construction tools, machines, and all-around building equipment that are every handyman's dream. Therefore, you can expect that their bandsaw blades are nothing less in both value and quality.

These saw blades have a rugged molecular structure thanks to the added cobalt content that improves durability and wear-resistance. Furthermore, the Matrix 2 High-Speed Steel only adds more resistance and strength to this powerful product.

It's a relatively large and well-packed set of blades that have 24 TPI (teeth per inch), and it weighs only 136 grams.

Aside from cutting through wood and creating curves, you'll also go quickly through thick metal and metallic alloys. When we take a look at it and compare it with the rest of the products that we've seen, it's safe to say that this one is the best all-around band saw blade on the market right now.

  • 24 TPI
  • All-around
  • Strength
  • Wear-resistance
  • /

POWERTEC 13183X Blade 70-1/2-Inch x 1/8-Inch - Runner-Up

Next up is another quality bandsaw blade that comes from a trusted and reliable manufacturer, Powertec. Without further ado, here's the POWERTEC 13183X Blade 70-1/2-Inch x 1/8-Inch.

The reason we've chosen this Powertec set of blades as our runner-up was because it's the only product on this list that we can genuinely vouch for in the all-around department, aside from the DeWALT one. The thought that was put into manufacturing this blade has undoubtedly exceeded all expectations from the standpoints of efficiency, quality, and customer service.

It's a 70-1/2 inch blade in one piece that was crafted from carbon steel, a type of steel that has improved strength and durability thanks to the 2.5% carbon. Therefore, this blade is perfect for cutting metal, but it'll also do wonders when it comes to cutting curves in wood and designing furniture.

It does have a 14 TPI profile, which is the standard when it comes to bandsaw blades, but since the concentration of blade teeth is lower than with the DeWALT product, it is a bit of a letdown.

When you factor in the price with the quality and resilience of this blade, you'll come to the conclusion that it's probably the best idea to purchase it while it's still available. It doesn't have any cons, and it'll undoubtedly be a terrific addition to your woodworking set.

  • Carbon steel blade
  • 2nd best all-around bandsaw blade
  • Cheap
  • Resilience
  • TPI profile

Bosch BS80-6H 80-Inch X 1/2-Inch - Budget Pick

Even though bandsaw blades are generally affordable, you still shouldn't pay more to get more. Even quality products can sometimes be cheap, which is the case with the Bosch BS80-6H 80-Inch X 1/2-Inch.

You've heard of Bosch, and you know the quality of their products, regardless of the industry. Whether we're talking about vacuums, cookers, or your standard toolbox, Bosch is there with a brilliant solution. Such is the case with the bandsaw blades in question.

This bandsaw blade comes in one piece with an 80-inch length, and it's designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. Because of the nature of the elements used to produce this blade, it's safe to say that it'll work quite nicely with a variety of surfaces. However, these are probably the best band saw blades for wood that we've seen.

If you're concerned about getting the appropriate size for your band, saw, don't stress because Bosch's length will fit most bandsaw sizes and models.

Aside from its affordability, you'll also be happy to know that it resists heat-up, which makes it durable and provides an overall smoother operation.

The only flaw that we can spot right away is that this blade is not recommended for cutting through metals as the teeth are not that strong to withstand the thickness. It will cut through some non-ferrous metals, but it's best to keep it around for wood.

  • The best budget bandsaw blade
  • 6 TPI
  • Variety of sizes
  • Bosch’s credibility
  • Resists heat-up
  • Not suitable for metal

ENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades - Toughness

If you're looking for the best bandsaw blade for resawing, you've come to the right place. Here's the best we could find, the LENOX Tools Portable Band Saw Blades.

Firstly, we should note that this band saw blade has 18 TPI (teeth per inch), which is crucial when it comes to cutting thick lumber, especially when resawing. The LENOX portable band saw blades would prove to be a long-lasting companion as they're shatter-resistant and bend, so they won't break that easily.

What we like most about these blades is that they're perfect for metal. Testing has shown that they'll keep their longevity with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and you can also still use them for cutting wood. However, this is probably the best band saw blade for metal that we've seen so far. Of course, the DeWALT is up there as well, but this blade is specially designed for rough surfaces.

These bandsaws blades are pricier than your average set, which comes as the only flaw. Still, they're perfectly well-crafted and quality-made. Besides, having this Amazon's Choice product will undoubtedly make every home improvement at least a bit easier.

  • The best for metal
  • 18 teeth per inch
  • Longevity
  • Price

OLSON SAW 6-TPI Skip Saw Blade - Industrial-Grade

Moving on, we have another durable bandsaw blade that meets all the criteria that make up the best. Let's talk a bit about the OLSON SAW 6-TPI Skip Saw Blade.

This product comes from a manufacturer that specializes in developing bandsaws and the additional equipment that comes along with them, including bandsaw blades. Most of their products are produced and distributed from China, but that shouldn't pose a question regarding their quality, as the actions will speak for themselves.

Firstly, it weighs only 0.11 lbs, and it has an easy installation process. Now, even though it's lightweight, that shouldn't be a factor regarding its toughness since it's perfectly equipped to cut through most common woodworking surfaces, including plastic and some soft metals.

Also, their blades come in different lengths and designs, so you should consider the type of bandsaw you have beforehand. They support all vertical and standing 2-wheel bandsaws, and they have regular and skip-tooth profiles.

Aside from the lack of information on their official website, we can say that this product has held its ground during testing, and it certainly belongs on this list.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • The skip-tooth band saw blade design
  • Not reliable enough

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade - Silicon Steel

Timber Wolf is a reliable brand when it comes to woodworking goods. They mainly manufacture hunting knives and blades, but this bandsaw blade also stands out in the crowd. Here's the Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade.

Thanks to the innate nature of the elements used to comprise this blade, it's safe to say that it's ideal for resawing thick lumber with less pressure. Even though carbon steel is most optimal when it comes to manufacturing these blades, silicon steel offers flexibility and low-tension that results in perfectly cut wood.

Due to the Timber Wolf brand and the abilities of this blade, the price is a bit higher than you'd expect from a standard band saw blade, but that's what you get for a quality product. Also, Timber Wolf offers various designs to their blades, including the skip-tooth design, 5-tooth pattern, and a thin-kerf blade.

Overall, the benefits of owning this blade are longevity and quality cutting. Of course, since these blades are primarily used for resawing, it might not be that smooth of a process, but it'll still get the job done.

  • Silicon steel
  • Longevity
  • Timber Wolf Brand
  • Resawing
  • No smooth cutting

WEN BB7250 Woodcutting Bandsaw Blade - Reliable

If you're in dire need of a bandsaw blade, but there are too many options for you to choose from, pick the reliable one and get it over with. Here's the WEN BB7250 Woodcutting Bandsaw Blade.

Why is this the most reliable bandsaw blade? Well, it's not impressive, but it's certainly what you need as it fits the requirements of your standard blade.

This Amazon's Choice blade is actually explicitly designed, but not exclusively, to be used with the WEN 3962 bandsaw, and it's a 72- inch, one-piece blade. As the WEN 3962 is your standard-sized, 2-speed bandsaw, you can use this blade with similar band saws.

It has a hook-style design that differs significantly from your regular or skip-tooth blade design, and it features 6 TPI (teeth per inch). Hook-style blades are excellent to use with thick pieces of wood and metal as they can "bite" through the surface under a given rake angle; in this case, a 10-degree angle.

After testing it for ourselves, we've included that it's a fantastic piece of equipment if you need to cut wooden surfaces. However, it's not recommended for any kind of metal as it won't be enough to cut through. Still, it's an unbelievably tough product that you should consider.

  • Reliable
  • Hook-style blade
  • 6 TPI
  • 10-degree rake angle
  • Not great for metallic surfaces

Timber Wolf 99 3/4" x 1/4" Band Saw Blade - Heavy-Duty

We have one final product up for review, and that's the Timber Wolf 99 3/4" x 1/4" Band Saw Blade, a blade similar to one that we've already covered but still unique.

There really isn't anything spectacular to note regarding this blade as it's straightforward enough with its characteristics. It's your standard milled-teeth blade that fits most band saws that you might encounter or own.

Similar to the previous Timber Wolf product, this one is also made with silicon steel that reinforces the blade and prolongs its lifetime. It's ideal for woodcutting due to the properties of silicon steel and its strength level. When you combine that with the 6 teeth per inch design, you get the mix that cuts easily through every wooden surface.

Also, it's a low-tension blade, which means that you won't require that much horsepower to make it work. It's also lightweight, weighing only 4.8 oz - an ideal number for a low-tension blade.

The reason it's in the last place is due to the combination of price and quality. We've seen band saw blades like this one go for a much lower price, so it's perfectly reasonable that we take it as a flaw. Aside from this, it's a perfectly well-crafted blade that you should probably own.

  • Silicon steel reinforcement
  • Perfect for wood
  • Milled-tooth design
  • Price-to-quality ratio

What's There to Know About the Best Band Saw Blades? Buyer's Guide

This article is a no-brainer - you see a good band saw blade, and you buy it; it's that simple.

But what is a good blade?

There are several factors that help us eliminate the bad from the good, and it's no easy task to find them. It's got to do with the sole fact that bandsaw blades are so straightforward, and you can't really find a distinguishing characteristic in a sea of similar products.

That's why we're here with this buyer's guide. Stick around, and we'll clarify some of the obvious and not-so-obvious things.

1. Design

best band saw blade brand

In general, band saw blades mainly differ by their design in the sense of their application.

On the other hand, there are designs that have fewer teeth, but they are more durable and resilient by nature. Such is the skip-tooth design, which is literally that - each tooth has a gap before and after the other, and they are usually angled, which helps with cutting through thick lumber and plywood.

Namely, band saw blades consist of teeth, and that's how we usually make a distinction. For example, the first product that we've reviewed, the DEWALT Band Saw Blade 32-7/8-Inch, is a high-quality blade with 24 teeth per inch, which is incredible. That means that the blade is no ordinary product for cutting wood, as it can pierce and swerve through metal with ease, thanks to the strong quality of teeth and their number.

You can also find spiral blades that are ideal for cutting in a circular fashion or even the reverse skip-tooth. Overall, it depends on the application and the material you'll be cutting. If you're a beginner and this is too confusing for you, we strongly suggest you go for the standard tooth profile, and you won't regret it.

2. Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

Another thing we should mention is probably something that you've figured out by now, but it doesn't hurt to say. You'll often see TPI measurements when it comes to bandsaw blades which stand for teeth per inch. Again, determining the quality of a blade is not equal to a higher number but to the degree and quality of manufacturing.

3. Material

Of course, the main metallic material used to build bandsaw blades is steel, as is the case with almost any metallic product that requires any durability. However, there are different alloys that constitute a good mix for the manufacturing process of a bandsaw blade. For example, we've seen that silicon steel is a fantastic solution for those who want both flexibility and strength.

On the other hand, they can cost twice as much as your regular blade, so if you don't plan on cutting any industrial-grade material, you can easily go for a lesser model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best band saw blades?

A vague answer would be blades that are built with durability in mind and overall longevity. These products are not that expensive, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to go for the best, even if it's a bit more expensive than what you expected.

What is the best general-purpose bandsaw blade?

It is, without a doubt, the DEWALT Band Saw Blade 32-7/8-Inch.

Aside from being a trusted manufacturer, DeWALT had impressed with this blade when it came to cutting through wood, metal, or plastic.

How do I choose a bandsaw blade?

best band saw blade for brass

The two main things that you should consider are the material that the blade is built from and its application.

Of course, you'll also have to see if the size and length fit your band saw, but overall, you'll do quite well whichever blade you pick from this list.

What is the best bandsaw blade for cutting steel?

Our runner-up, the POWERTEC 13183X Blade 70-1/2-Inch x 1/8-Inch, has proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to bimetal cutting.

Also, you can try products such as the WEN BB7250 Woodcutting Bandsaw Blade, with the hook-style profile.

What size bandsaw blade do i need?

As we said, it depends on the application. If you plan on resawing and cutting thicker wood, you'll do fine with 3 TPI blades.

If you require a blade for general woodworking, you'll need a 3-8 TPI blade, and higher TPI blades would stay reserved for cutting through metal with a slower tempo.

Final Thoughts - Summary

We hope that we've been through enough to explain some of the things that constitute a well-built bandsaw blade and how they work.

When it comes to reviews, we have to say that we've been dazzled with the DEWALT Band Saw Blade 32-7/8-Inch and the POWERTEC 13183X Blade 70-1/2-Inch x 1/8-Inch.

They undoubtedly have our recommendations and are the best bandsaw blades out there.

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