Power Through With Amazon’s Best 14 Inch Bandsaw on the Market

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Bandsaws have revolutionized the woodworking craft ever since they hit the market.

They've proven to be one of the most useful tools that a carpenter can own, so it's no wonder they've evolved, and nowadays, we have so many different models and bandsaw profiles.

When it comes to this article, we'll offer you reviews of the models that fit the criteria for the best 14 inch bandsaw.

If you're new to this and you're not sure what's the difference between the 14-inch bandsaws and other sizes, stick around, and we'll go over it thoroughly in the buyer's guide section.

Let's see what they're all about!


Top 3 Recommendations

If reading the reviews is not going to cut it for you, here's a brief overview of the main characteristics from our favorite picks and recommendations.

Editor's Choices
WEN 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, Cast Iron Table*
JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Woodworking Bandsaw, 1-1/4 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (JWBS-14DXPRO)*
Best Selling
RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14" Deluxe Bandsaw*
Price not available
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best Overall
Deluxe Pick
Editor's Choices
WEN 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, Cast Iron Table*
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best Overall
JET 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Woodworking Bandsaw, 1-1/4 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (JWBS-14DXPRO)*
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Selling
RIKON Power Tools 10-326 14" Deluxe Bandsaw*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Deluxe Pick

Hot Releases: The Best 14 Inch Bandsaw Reviews

WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw - The Best Overall

We'll kick things off with a fantastic bandsaw that you've most definitely heard of.

If you haven't, stick around and hear some amazing things about the WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw.

If you've ever owned an average bandsaw, you know that mid-tier products usually run at either 2.5 or 3.5 amp motors, which are quite satisfactory.

However, WEN has surprised us with the 3966T model by integrating an amazing 9.5 amp motor that runs on two speeds - 1480 and 3280 FPM.

If that's not enough to amaze you, wait till you hear about the build of this machine.

It comes packed with everything that an up-and-coming carpenter needs, such as a miter gauge, a 3-in-1 dust port, a rip fence for straight cuts, and a work light that is somewhat necessary with these machines.

Moreover, this unit comes in three different packages - you can choose the machine only, bonus bandsaw blade, and a disc sander package.

Essentially, the only difference is the price aside from the fact that you can also choose between the 9, 10, and 14-inch models.

What truly impressed us was the speed and accuracy with which this benchtop band saw operates with any given material.

Whether you wish to use it on wood or metal, it'll do the job in minutes, depending on the amount, of course.

All in all, there's no point listing its benefits any longer since this is undoubtedly the best 14-inch bandsaw you'll find on today's market.

Make sure to see what it's about, and you will not regret it.

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Quality build
  • Packed with added features
  • Two-speed powerful motor
  • /

JET JWBS-14DXPRO Pro Bandsaw - Runner-Up

JET is one of the best companies when it comes to producing and distributing woodworking and metalworking equipment for over 50 years.

Bandsaws present a great deal of their repertoire, and the JET JWBS-14DXPRO Pro Bandsaw is a clear example of that.

The reason many experienced woodworkers choose the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Pro is due to its resaw capacity that makes it a truly authentic machine.

It has a 12-inch depth capacity that makes it ideal for resawing larger pieces of lumber that usually require a much stronger machine.

Since it's designed to battle with tough materials, it's quite reasonable that the machine itself is durable and resilient.

It has a cast-iron frame which eliminates the need to ever use a riser block, and it has a wide and sturdy table with a 15x15-inch dimension that will prove to be more than you'll ever need, no matter the project.

Aside from these amazing features, you'll be happy to know that it has a couple of safety innovations that'll prove to be more than useful in the course of time.

For example, the blade tracking window is large and located at a safe distance from the blades, so you won't have to worry about potential injuries.

Finally, the last thing we have to say is that precision and speed will not be your concern with the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Pro since it's a two-speed machine with 1500 and 3000 SFPM options.

All in all, there's not really a reason why this band saw isn't placed first on our list as it definitely fills out all the requirements.

We were personally more prone to choosing the WEN product, but you won't make a mistake by choosing this one.

  • Cast-iron frame
  • Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Pro safety features
  • Two-speed high-quality motor
  • Blade tracking window
  • /

RIKON Power Tools 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw - Deluxe Pick

14-inch bandsaws are quite expensive, as you can see from these reviews.

However, it's an investment that will prove to be fruitful in the long run as long as you choose the right one.

Let us tell you, the RIKON Power Tools 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw is undoubtedly one of those machines that will change the way you see woodworking.

Since these machines are quite capable of providing a quality service, it's natural that you can experiment with large and massive materials.

The good thing about the Rikon Power Tools 10-326 is that the 13-inch sawing depth will not only allow you to resaw but to cut through incredibly rough materials with ease.

It's completely capable of working with many different materials, including foam, plastic, and even non-ferrous metals.

Also, it's easy to use and has a lot of space, so you'll never have to worry about whether it'll fit the criteria for your next project.

The Rikon Power Tools 10-326 comes with the accessories and features that you'd normally expect from a premium pick, such as a quick-lock system, safety features, and an innovative rip fence.

Firstly, it can be extended for another 6 inches to help increase resawing capacity, and it can be adjusted with a few knobs.

There was one thing we didn't like, which is the angle adjustment for curved cutting on the table.

It was rather stiff, so it took a while to get the hang of it, but it ultimately worked quite well.

Also, the price is worrisome, but it's what you'd expect from such a machine.

Overall, you'll not regret purchasing the Rikon Power Tools 10-326.

  • Quality build
  • Resaw capacity
  • High-inch cutting capacity
  • Packed with features
  • Universal use
  • Angle adjustment
  • Price

JET JWBS-14SFX 14"Bandsaw - Steel Frame Build

As you know, these machines go through a lot while in action, so it's important to find a bandsaw that checks out all the boxes when it comes to durability.

That's why the following lines will be dedicated to the JET JWBS-14SFX 14"Bandsaw.

As we've already covered a JET product, there's no need to tell you that the quality of their units is practically unmatched by most companies in the industry so let's talk about this machine specifically.

The entire frame is built out of steel, which is common but not that much when it comes to 14-inch bandsaws.

Moreover, the cast-iron table offers 360 square inches of working surface for those of you who love using bandsaws for resawing.

Of course, you'll have no trouble cutting through the thickest lumber since it has a 1-3/4 HP motor that's capable of quite a lot.

Furthermore, angled cutting is also something that you can consider with the JET JWBS 14-inch bandsaw since the table can be tilted 45 degrees to the right and the miter gauge is there to help.

Resawing can cause quite a mess, which is why this machine has a 2-in-1 dust port to keep everything hygienic.

As far as the flaws go, there are two things that landed this machine in fourth place.

Firstly, it's the size. It is quite durable, but thanks to the steel frame, doors, and pin hinges combined with a cast-iron work table, this machine weighs 272 pounds.

Also, the price says a lot more about the JET brand than about the bandsaw itself.

All in all, it's an amazing 14-inch bandsaw that might not be worth the money, but it's undoubtedly worth the trouble of investing.

  • Wide and open working space
  • Durable steel construction
  • 45-degree table tilt
  • 2-in-1 dust port
  • Weight
  • Expensive

Delta 28-400 14-inch Band Saw - Heavy-Duty

Up next is another heavy-duty bandsaw that is the epitome of resilient and durable products.

Also, this is the best 14-inch bandsaw for the money on this list. Let's talk a bit about the Delta 28-400 14-inch Band Saw.

We should first mention the incredible motor abilities of this 14-inch bandsaw that are astounding.

It has a 1 HP motor that runs on 115V/230V, and it has two speeds - 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM.

Due to the build of this saw, it can cut through both wood and metal since the frame and the work table are tough enough to endure the pressure.

Moreover, the blade tracking capabilities of this bandsaw are increased thanks to the rubber-coated lower and upper wheels.

They are made out of aluminum and help secure the overall balance.

When it comes to cutting capacity, you'll be glad to know that the blades can run at a 6-inch height, which is more than reasonable for most of the materials.

Also, the ball-bearing blade guides will ensure accuracy and precise overall performance.

The main difference between this one and other 14-inch band saws that we reviewed is that this machine is not truly made for expert carpenters since it lacks some of the flexibility that the other offers.

It lacks some features that might not be necessary for beginners, but they are crucial for experts, such as the blade tracking window and a wider dust port.

Overall, it'll work quite well, and it'll be a great accessory in your arsenal.

  • Stable and precise
  • Blade tracking
  • Cutting capacity
  • Storage space
  • Steel frame
  • Lack of added features

Grizzly Industrial G0555LX 1 HP Deluxe Bandsaw - Strong Abilities

The last band saw on our list is a treat, and it undoubtedly deserves a nicer spot on this list.

However, due to strong competition, it landed in sixth place, but it's still a major asset.

Here's the Grizzly Industrial G0555LX 1 HP Deluxe Bandsaw.

The first thing that might interest you, as would every customer, is the price.

You'll be happy to know that this is the most affordable bandsaw on this review list, and it's the only one that's sub-$1000.

However, that doesn't mean that it's not impressive since it's certainly one of the best band saws that the market has to offer.

As far as its specifications go, this 14-inch band saw has a truly powerful 1 HP motor that runs on 1725 feet per minute.

Moreover, the table can be tilted for easier angled cutting up to 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left.

The Grizzly G0555LX has a 13-1/2" throat capacity and a 4-inch dust port to keep everything running smoothly.

What it doesn't have is the performance to show in comparison with the previous 14-inch band saws.

It's good in its own regard, but the previous products are too much in comparison.

  • Throat capacity
  • Affordable
  • 1 HP motor
  • Added features
  • Falls short in comparison with other products

14-inch Band Saws; Where to Find Them and How to Choose - Buying Guide

The following lines will include some of the features and tips that we think you should consider before purchasing a 14-inch band saw.

Stay tuned and find out more!

1. Build

Unlike 9-inch and 10-inch models, 14-inch band saws are demanded due to their extreme durability and ability to cut through larger pieces of wooden objects.

Still, not every 14-inch band saw is good, which is why you should firstly look at the materials used to make the device.

Namely, the materials that are the most common are aluminum and iron alloys, such as steel, cast iron, and carbon steel.

In practice, carbon steel is probably the best quality, but it's way too expensive for you to consider it since you'll do very well with a steel band saw.

If, however, you want to save money, aluminum band saws are extremely well crafted and will serve and perform for a couple of years without a hitch.

2. Motor Capacity

best 14 inch bandsaw 2022

As is the case with the most engine-powered machines, the main unit that measures their strength is horsepower.

Generally, most of the 14-inch bandsaws 5-9 amp motors that run somewhere between 1 and 3 HP. In the end, it solely depends on what you need and how well it'll work for you.

From our experience, if you haven't used a bandsaw before, it's best to start with a 1 HP; 3 amp motor and work your way up the scale.

3. Heavy-Duty or Lightweight

Again, the best way to decide is by listing the things that you'll use the bandsaw for.

Heavy-duty machines are excellent when it comes to resawing and ripping lumber, but they have their flaws.

They are not portable and will work a bit slower with thicker wood.

On the other hand, lightweight band saws are excellent for DIY projects in the garage that don't require much time to finish.

If you're a weekend carpenter, a lightweight model will be a great pick for you!

4. Price

Price is an important segment to this buyer's guide since a standard band saw kit can cost quite a lot, not to mention the products from reliable and long-standing manufacturers.

In essence, you should always look for 14-inch band saws that range somewhere between $1000 and $1500.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 14-inch band saw?

After researching and testing these machines, the award for the best one has to go to the WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw.

WEN is undoubtedly the best manufacturer when it comes to woodworking equipment, and this band saw is another example of that.

What does a 14-inch bandsaw mean?

best resaw blade for 14 inch bandsaw

It's a standard band saw whose wheels are 14 inches in diameter - not to be confused with the cutting height of the machine.

What size bandsaw should I buy?

It depends on the type of work you plan on doing.

If you're an experienced carpenter and you want to try something challenging, a 14-inch saw is a way to go.

What blade size should you get for a 14-in. band saw?

In terms of blade profile, you should consider lower-teethed blades since you'll probably use the machine for resawing.

When it comes to size, the standard is 93-1/2 inches.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

In the end, only one band saw can prevail, and that's surely the WEN 3966T 14-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO Pro Bandsaw and the RIKON Power Tools 10-326 Deluxe Bandsaw have put up a fair fight, but there's no denying that WEN is dominating every step of the way.

If, however, you're not a fan of their machines, JET, and Rikon are the staples of the woodworking community, and you won't regret your decision if you buy their products.

Overall, every saw on this list is worth your attention, so feel free to check them out and choose the best 14 inch bandsaw for you!

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