Tips for using router table fence

Having twice the useful quality of the router by setting up the router table in your workshop. You can gain many benefits, like rub off the rough edges, remove the rest molding and give a right shape to small projects in an easy and safe way. Learn some tips to use it efficiently.

Create the own moldings

It’s easier and quicker to cut the own moldings if you do by the router table instead of a router only without others’ help. The table is able to hold boards tightly by itself and make them less wide. It’s a hard task with a router since you need hold a board in one hand and a router in another. With a router table, grab a feather board in one hand and take the push stick in another to keep your fingers safe from harm or injury.

Begin from narrowing the bit against the router, setting the router at the lowest edge and moving slightly to achieve the desired height. To keep away red marks on the bit from burning, move a board gradually and steadily without pausing. The speed of moving relies on wood types and the bit.

Easy last-fiber routing

Make the last fiber fit and have the approximate shape of a cube block by a table. Move the piece to securely fix on the wood place and force it forward to pass the bit. Keep the slight moving on the fence in order to ensure the edge touches the fence during the cutting process.

That makes the bit unlimited in guiding and carrying because the fence directs the cut. Moreover, it’s easy to tight pieces as the same broad for all. The table also removes small pieces of boards in the course of chopping, cutting, or breaking the hard surface into the smooth.

Remove completely redundant material on boundary lines

You need spend more time to installing for smoothing the edges. It’s important to force the left side of a fence into a narrow space and manage the arrangement in a straight line. When the fence has not been adjusted yet, fasten a plastic layer to the left side with a narrow strip for an alignment. With this method, you can easily take it off as done.

Follow these tips to complete this installation successfully:

– First, smooth the edges up to the wood edging is applicable

– Second, ease the cutting marks on the edges

– Final, put the edges in fit together

Done manually in routing a pivot point

It’s easy to make small pieces in a shape with the router table which allow to free your hands. Use your free hand to rotate the board against the bit in the way direct it along the bit. Maintain the force relying on the pivot during moving and cutting the bit.

If you feel more confident to manage the wood cutting with a router table, replace a router into a table type to work efficiently and easily. A table makes you become the professional with the high-quality wood products.

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