Ryobi Cordless Pole Saw Review (2023 Updated)

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A quick question though – Do you even know that backyard garden of yours could be pretty difficult to maintain without the right tool? This becomes much difficult, especially when you have tall trees looking down on you with unwanted branches.

Just like they say, there is always a solution to a problem (I may not agree totally with that though but useful here).

A good pole saw can be a handy tool for the upkeep of your yard. That’s why we present you the Ryobi cordless electric pole saw!


Ryobi cordless pole saw review: The details

Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw without Battery and Charger

Ryobi is a brand well known to produce quality tools over the years, and with the creation of this cordless pole saw comes a taste of their high quality work.

One interesting thing about the Ryobi cordless electric pole saw is that it offers quite a number of good features, which we are going to talk about.

1. Features

- Item weight: 7.4 pounds

- Product dimension: 41 x 6.3 x 10.3 inches

- Batteries: 1 lithium-ion battery

- Power source: battery

- Material: metal

- Cutting head pole

- Automatic oiler

- Intermediate pole

- 18V handle pole

- Scabbard/blade cover

- Operator’s manual

2. Design

ryobi pole saw design

Firstly, the design of the cordless electric pole saw is such that it is constructed to be very easy to use. This absolutely makes it a good option when you have a fair amount of work to do. The recommendation starts with its fair lightweight, which makes it very easy to saw through limbs without much effort on the part of the user.

The extendable pole is quite a comfortable one, unlike some pole saws that come with an excessive strong pole which makes such poles to be quite difficult to handle and control.

Also, some could be more annoying as they feature loose poles. But with the Ryobi cordless electric pole saw, you just get the perfect and comfortable option for a pole to work with.

3. Extension

Furthermore, this cordless electric pole saw features a slightly angled, fixed cutting head consisting of an 8-inch saw bar and chain coupled with a pole reaching any length from 6.5 feet to 9.5 feet.

The extendable pruner is no doubt made to help you get down the hard-to-reach branches. The diameter cut of the saw bar is up to 6-inches.

Also, the angled cutting head helps to easily remove branches in tight spaces without damaging and breaking through the surrounding ones.

4. Efficiency: Automatic oiler mechanism

Another good thing about this cordless pole saw is that it features an automatic oiler to ensure smooth operation while working on various sizes of branches. The oiler sure helps to increase its efficiency.

Getting good cuts from the chain may be difficult if the chain is not properly oiled. The oiler supplies oil according to the need. This means you don’t have to oil the pole saw manually or better still worry whether the chain is getting sufficient oil or not.

5. No pain of cord

You do not require any wire or cord to run the pole saw as the pole saw is completely without cord. This will help you cut far limbs without having to worry whether any cord is long enough to allow that or not.

Likewise, this type of saw does not need an electric outlet to get powered up. It would definitely be easier for you to run the pole saw.

6. Ease of grip

ryobi cordless pole saw

Getting a good grip while using your pole saw is quite important to avoid unnecessary hazards. There is enough space for a good grip on the handle.

So if you are suffering from the hard grip issue, then the pole saw is for you. The hard grip may be harmful to your hands, and it can also make your hands tired quickly.

7. Price and warranty

Besides, the price of the Ryobi is quite a good deal for an excellent pole saw, if you already think that it will cost you a fortune to get.

Not only that, the pole saw comes with a one – year warranty offering you a chance to test run your purchase in case any malfunction on the manufacturer’s part.

  • Easy to disassemble for easy storage.
  • The angled head is a plus for branches up high and better control.
  • Great value and reasonable design.
  • It is a lot lighter than gasoline-powered pole saws.
  • The automatic oiling mechanism is a superb idea to ensure durability.
  • The lack of an included battery and charger.
  • The battery runs out quickly during heavy works.

Why you should invest in a pole saw?

1. Safe to use

Safety should be one of the most significant features of any types of saws and product, which also applies to pole saws. These saws can sometimes be very risky to use if you are not familiar with how they work and other various reasons.

Hence, one thing you should look out for when buying a pole saw is the safety measure.

Take it from me: the Ryobi pole saws are absolutely super safe to use. While using this type of pole saw in your garden, you don’t have to worry about safety anymore. Your safety is guaranteed, buddy!

2. Affordable price

The price of this pole saw is quite reasonable. Ryobi always puts her customers in mind in term of good budget and quality.

Many folks get so uninterested in pole saws for its price, but that’s not the case with Ryobi pole saws.  It is true that most pole saws come with big price tag.

Ryobi brings you some extraordinary pole saws within a reasonable price range.

3. Convenience

The use of pole saw is by far more convenient than having to climb ladders or use chainsaws which require both hands to do whatever cutting you want to do.

Operating such large machinery dangling from a tree could be quite dangerous and tiresome. However, with the advent of cordless pole saws, pruning has never been easier.

4. Decent quality

The quality is yet another important aspect which is expected any types of saws and product, but you know that’s obviously not so frequently.

Ryobi offers good quality products; otherwise, this may pose certain problems or difficulties while using the pole saws. For instance, while the lightweight is very important for good workmanship, it may also be a problem without good quality.  

In the market today, the Ryobi pole saws quality is no doubt one of the best.

Ryobi P4360 18V 8" Cordless Pole Saw (Bare Tool) RT*
  • Brand New in box; The product ships with all relevant accessories
  • Works with all Ryobi ONE+ tools and batteries

Tips on how to use a pole saw

Before you operate your pole saw, ensure to check it’s in a good operating condition and safe to use. Then clear the space between yourself and the tree.

If you are trimming directly overhead, it is advisable in this case to keep in mind the potential hazard of a falling limb. Afterward, you might want to plan your cuts as you may need to make some preliminary cuts before the final one.

When making your cut, allow the blade to start at the top of the limb most of the time. This helps to keep the weight of the pole saw off your hands as it rests on the limb while you do the cutting. To make a jump cut, you may want to begin the cutting underneath the limb, but this would be a little tasking since gravity is not on your side.

With the two hands to ensure balance, keep the pole saw in a vertical position to control its weight. Adjust the saw head to the cutting spot and let it rest on the limb.

For your own position, adjust yourself to the side of the limb and not directly underneath with the pole saw held at chest level. To achieve a safe cutting angle and distance, this is where the extendable pole now comes in.

You can slowly then begin to make the cut perpendicular to the limb and ensure the first cuts sink into the limb as much as possible.

The idea is to make a deep groove that will guide you as you continue the cutting without missing the cutting spot. It should be noted that it is completely normal to have the saw slip sideways at your first try, simply readjust if such happens.

When it gets to the point where it seems the branch will fall off any moment, ensure to move back quickly and safely to avoid any accident. Once you have it fall off completely, then you have done a good job!


Do all cordless pole saws have to be manually oiled?

Well, I guess you know the answer already after reading through the review above. As you can see, there are exceptions to that.

A perfect example is the Ryobi cordless electric pole saw. Such have self-oiling mechanism to help them stay oiled. Therefore, not all cordless pole saws have to be manually oiled.

However, a bit of manual upkeep is usually recommended though.

How long should a good battery last?

Battery life can vary from one model to another model. The battery life will depend on how much work you want to get done.

However, if the pole saw is used at maximum capacity, a great battery should last you an hour.


How about if you could trim your garden without a single drop of gasoline and with less effort?

Well, we have seen that’s what the Ryobi cordless electric pole saw undoubtedly offers you, even at a low price relative to others.

This cordless electric pole saw sure helps get the work done efficiently and bring a new look to your garden.

Glad to tell you that proper garden care plus less stress is now within your reach with this cordless electric pole saw.

Save yourself some money, time and stress!

Ryobi P4360 18V 8" Cordless Pole Saw (Bare Tool) RT*
  • Brand New in box; The product ships with all relevant accessories
  • Works with all Ryobi ONE+ tools and batteries

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