Router table dust collection

If you only clean your workshop with a brush and pan until now, you are increasing chances of health problems. Think seriously of your healthy and protect yourself with a dust collection system. If you are the senior or intend to work as a full woodworker, it’s necessary to learn about dust cleaning to keep the effective work.

Remove your broom, clothes, and vacuum cleaners in cleaning the machines. In this post, I will gather information of installing dust collection system into your router table to keep the clean area for woodworking. Then, it’s easy and simple to apply dust collectors to other power tools.

wood dust

The wood dust

Staying in the harmful wood workshop can damage your health since you unconsciously breathe wood dust for a long time of working. There are many bad effects on health conditions or the causes of unexpected injury

  • Suffering from cancer or respiratory diseases. Because woodworkers often ignore the effect of dust as breathing wood dust, the results are recognizing visual symptoms when diseases are hard to treat.
  •  Having unexpected injuries. They can lose the balance as stepping on wood particles that are separated from cutting and randomly dropped on the floor. That can lead the physical injuries as well as healing and absence in the workshop for a long time.
  •  Affecting the health of your family. They will have the bad effects on the dust bringing in your clothes if you do woodwork every day.

If you consider a broom, clothes, or a vacuum cleaner can help, it’s really far from enough safety for you. The problem is totally solved with the serious dust collection systems.

Dust collecting process

There are two types of dust in the workshop, large and tiny wood particles. Regularly, the router tables produce tiny types, also called as chips and shavings.

  • The dust collecting system is installed in the  back of the table and harvests the wood pieces through the pipeline.
  •  Then the air flowing starts destroying the large into tiny pieces and transfer them into the collecting place.
  • It’s important to have a powerful rotating fan to increase the power of the air flowing during the process.
  • The line with the right size about 2 inches to collect all dust and keep the clean air.
  • Find the fit holder to put the lines into a proper state thus, the mechanical devices can continue work efficiently.
  • After that, add some flexible tubes conveying the air to the machines and ensure they are tight as well as possible.
  • Finally, test the efficiency of the system. For instance: try to cut the edges on your router table, then if you see no dust on the table, the installation is ready for collecting dust.

The important features

When you intend to buy a dust collector for your router table, it is necessary to sort out your requirements first.

  •  Notify the size of your shop and router table, and also the other machines if you have them collected dust.
  • Estimate the connection between the table and pipes, and large size of wood particles to choose the right pipes.
  • Choose the portable collector if more than one table requires the job. Thus, you can use one collector for multiple machines without paying a big budget for many dust collectors, while your workplace is clean and safe.
  •  Always check the effect as soon as installing the system to any applications. Try a deep cut and then define if particles appear on the table. If you have the clean layout, that means the system is efficient and safe to work.

It’s easy and efficient to keep the workshop clean and good health conditions with the dust collecting system. You always are in the good situation for a long time of working.

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