Adjustable Fence Set Up

There are many versions of router tables that you can choose to set up for your workshop. You can easily double the router table with these additional features. Smooth edges, long moldings, or small molding will be done easily and safely with these types of router tables. It is at your own need. Everything is easy and simple with additional features you wish to have in your router table. In our series, you can find these awesome setups series for you to consider as guidance. Your final router designs come to your expectations regarding the lift, extension wing and the adjustable fence. If you are really interested in router table designs, take action right now to build one on your own. I am sure that it will cost you a very friendly budget compared to the commercial router tables offered on the current market. The important thing, also, is that it completely suits your project.

fance router table

It will be more useful if the router table fence has control itself. In other words, you can set up an adjustment system to make the fence work better. It is not very expensive and you can quickly attach the system to your router table in several minutes.

First of all, cut the plywood according to the suitable size in your plan before assembling. Then, remember to mark the center points of the slot ends. The adjustable fence operates well or not depending on the slots and hold down knobs.

The next step is to drill that center point as you have planned out the right size for it. You can do the two pieces slots at the same time by stacking them on each other and make the only drill.

After drilling, you should use a jigsaw to make the slots. The cut will be perfect with the reference of a speed square along the side of the holes.

The router table fence is ready to assemble after all the pieces are cut exactly. You just then need glue, butt joints and screws to attach them together easily.

The end of the slots is attached a riser block so that you will mount the first front panels along its side.

Depending on your dust collection port below the router box, you will make your fence with a spitted base or a continuous piece. In either way, just make sure the front pieces are on the same exact plane that you clamp them on the straightest surface.

Then, glue the top cap and nail it in place. It may take an hour to have the glue cure. After that, you can remove the clamps from the front faces.

router table

If you target to make a split fence that is without the carriage bolts and slots adjustment, then here is the tip for you to do that.

You just need to drill two holes and insert the screws to hold it in place in the back. Then if there is any adjustments you want to make to it, you just need to remove the screw, slide the front faces and insert it again.

The knobs are easy to make by just a simple cut and a small drill to make a hole in the center of this rectangle shape wood piece. This can be cut with a CNC.

Then you thread a carriage bolt into that hole for making the knob.

Stop pushing the bolt as it goes halfway into the hole, then add a wrench and a couple jam nuts to fit it into place. You may use the nuts and bolts with spacers and washers to attach them to the right length in securing to your table. The spacers prove to be very useful to you when you want to screw or unscrew into T-bolts.

Drill the T-nut holes in the back of the slots after finishing assembling. The knobs are tightened more easily with the drawing the T-nut up from below.

When you get most of everything in its place, do a few tests to make sure it will work well as you want.

Remember that the dust collection port works well due to the unobstructed path from the router bit into it. The back side is mounted the insert plate. Another insert plate with a larger opening on the blade’s left side will make it easier to push the dust collection while cutting dados.

After all, you have a super easy adjustable fence that you can use in many coming projects.

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