The Benefits Of Having Fountain In Your Home Or Office

Gardening has been found to have some therapeutic impact on people. A well-designed garden, once completed, can be a fantastic place to take some well-deserved rest after a long day of work. It can be a place to read a book, to pottery, or just sit quietly.

Do you know that there is one relatively small addition you can add to your garden that can enhance its therapeutic effects? A water fountain, that what to get. It is a thing of beauty that has that “wow factor” to your outdoor as it would when its installed indoors. With that in mind, below are three top benefits of adding a water feature in your garden.

1. The Relaxing Sound Of Water

Flowing water produces a soothing and relaxing sound making it one of the most effective natural stress therapies with the number of people attesting to its therapeutic effects growing significantly.

Spending a bit of time amongst water features just to listen to the sounds of flowing water is a perfect way of taking a break and blocking out the stresses in our surroundings. The water fountains are a refreshing option for your mind, body, and spirit that make your garden the ideal getaway place when trying to unburden yourself of the strains of work.

Head on to your backyard when you leave the office and get home; sit there for ten or so minutes and allow the water features to reset and recharge the inner you. The added pleasures of shade plants complement of overall therapeutic impact the time spent in your garden will have on you and your health.

Buddhist monks are regarded as the world’s leading authority on peace, harmony, and relaxation; and they attest to the advantages of installing features with running water. The sounds of the flowing water aids in their meditation. As such, you will come across water fountains designed as a sitting Buddha that has smoothing, soft, gentle water sounds.

Various studies on the sound of flowing water have regarding relaxation show that it can help people dealing with insomnia. The findings can be linked to the water’s ability to block out other sounds. Spending some time in the garden with mild and gentle sounds of running water in the background can make a significant difference to people dealing with sleep problems.

If you cannot find the time to escape to nature and enjoy is stress-relieving benefits, then consider bringing a piece of nature into your home by installing a water fountain.

2. Water As A Natural Humidifier

Places with water bodies tend to have a higher moisture content in the air than areas that do not have water. Water helps to purify the air, and this means that water fountains can also double-up as natural humidifiers. You get a quiet water feature that will make the air feel clean especially if you live in areas that are dry or close to roads. The fountains can also be beneficial for people with allergies.

Artificial humidifiers are a popular choice for many offices and homes. However, these devices are the reason for mold and mildew finding their way into your home or office. Natural humidifiers, therefore, present a better and healthy alternative and you can get exactly that when you install a water fountain in your home or office.

Indoor plants, as well as the outdoor ones, are more likely to have a better growth if they are in an environment with reduced amounts of dust. Dust can have a negative impact on photosynthesis when it covers the surface of the leaves inhibiting the absorption of light, which is a primary concern especially for plants in areas with low natural light.

Tiered fountains such as the 2-tier black fountain make from the wrought iron will have flowing water that produces enough sounds that can drown out the neighborhood noises. The same type of water feature is the ideal choice when looking for fountains that can also work as humidifiers since they have water with a relatively heavy flow that generates enough moisture to purify the surrounding air. If you want some more ideas on this then read this post from Outdoor Art Pros.

3. Water Ionization: Helps With Depression And Mood

Oxygen atoms are negative ions and are important because they clear hazardous airborne particles from the air in your home. Flowing water in your courtyard or that indoor water features can help produce enough oxygen atoms that will increase the ionizing effects in your home. The increased negative ions in your surroundings will activate a higher production of serotonin, a chemical that regulates moods. The lower the serotonin levels in your body, the higher the risk of depression and anxiety.

Being in a prolonged state of anxiety and depression will not be good especially when in the workplace. As such, installing a water fountain in the office can help you have better moods when working. Our dependency on electronic gadgets reduces negative ions, and you can counter this by introducing a water feature. The triple column water features would be a fantastic addition to the workplace; it is a freestanding fountain that can be fitted at a designated place indoors in your home or office.

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