Right router for your shop

Put a right router in your shop to improve your work’s quality. Use a router to create cutouts, make copies of boundary lines into a certain shape, separate joints, and serve to make surface cuts look more attractive. For both craftsmen and thoughtful woodworkers, a router can bring about many benefits in use.


You should find the router is the course of a search, pros and cons of each type, to purchase the best suitable router for your workshop. Start making a list of your requirement through these suggestions:

  • The amount of edges or deep cutting you will do.
  • The plan of organizing a router table.
  • The importance of a portable tool.
  • The good operation of large bits.

After having a clear plan, you need search benefits of types to know which matches your requirements.

Each router makes appropriate for each task, so most professional woodworkers have several types for supporting the flexibility and convenience in use.

When you use a router table, a router allocating exclusively to a table can fit in well with your needs. Thus, it’s convenient if you use a table and hand type at the same time. Always thinking of your request when you form an idea of every router type.

Plunge base

There are two types: plunge base and fixed base. The holder of the plunge allows to supervise the vertical running of a cut, so it’s quicker to push the bit against the display of a piece. It also makes the accurate cuts situated within a piece, like a slot cut and recess cut, decorative arrangement, and a generic model.

Fixed base

However, it’s better to shape the boundary lines with the fixed base. It’s helpful for series of motions requiring skill and care because of the size and handgrip. The fixed can resolve all particular requirements or consideration for both home workers and experts. But it’s hard to do the deep cut and the complicated and detailed movements.

Substitutable base

In the case you need both of features regularly, a substitutable base will be your perfect choice. There are some models allowing to move the plunge to the fixed base as needed. It’s available to take off a motor and replace with installing another type. You can save your money with purchasing two types of the handle instead of the extra full outfit. It’s more convenient to carry around while you are able to do multiple features with the lightweight.


You don’t need to pay attention to the power capacity, but the amp rating is the important factor. Because manufacturers offer the routers with the maximum power, it’s better to notify the holding types of each device, 1/2 or 1/4 collets. That means the stems are acceptable in a tool. The 1/2 type is better with having more various uses than the other because it’s readily obtainable to large diameters.

Other accessories

  • Table: Setting a router on a table is more convenient and quicker to do the work. If you’re a professional, the router table is necessary to boost your best results of woodworking.
  • Motor feedback: It helps to maintain the set of a stable speed so you don’t worry about the ability of a mess.
  •  Micro fine Adjustment: It provides the exact of deep cutting and a strong balance when you’re doing multiple works in the same time.
  • Handles: Except for the functions above, they include various sizes and shapes you can choose the match with your hand. They require the careful consideration if you must use constantly in a long time.
  •  Dust Collection: Like the name, it can keep the working area clean and provide a healthy environment.

Think clearly of your needs and choose the best suitable router for your shop. It’s a necessary factor to save the time as well as upgrade your ability and products.

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