Kreg Router Table Review: How To Select The Best

It's a well-known fact that woodworkers value accuracy and precision whenever they are making or building things. Making use of router tables would help in allowing precision in one's work and the best Kreg router tables may be an ideal option for you!

Simply put, a router table is a fixed machine which resembles a table. It has a flat base and a spindle at the very center of it. The spindle is placed vertically at the center and it spins at a very high speed.

The heads and other pieces of the router are situated in the spindle chuck on the workspace. When a piece of wood is inserted into the router, a cutter helps make its contour. Typically, table routers also have a vertical fence to aid in the accuracy and precision of cutting.

Router tables used to be very simple and their only use was for cutting wood. Nowadays, a lot of features are designed and added in and accessories also come with some of the models. In this article, you will read about the Kreg router table review as well as everything you need to know about router tables in general.

The 3 Best Kreg Router Tables – A Comprehensive Review

Whether you're a pro woodworker or you are a beginner to the whole woodworking experience but you would like to get your own router table, making a choice would be a lot easier if you have some idea of the actual products which are available on the market. Here we've reviewed 3 of the best Kreg router tables available now.

This particular model may be at the higher end of the spectrum but that's because it is made by a very reputable brand and it has been designed with superior and modern features. It comes with a top which absorbs vibration and noise which may be one of its key features. It has a well designed groundbreaking fence which is always at a right angle to the miter slot. Its faces can also be adjusted individually and its insert can be customized to the router you are using.


  • The fence was designed with innovation in mind so that it can be used by anyone - from beginners to pros.
  • Faces can be adjusted independently and the insert works with any kind of router.
  • The aluminum fence boasts excellent accuracy and collection of dust.


  • Can be used as a vertical jointer because it has separate fence faces.
  • The versatile insert plate can operate with different kinds of routers as it is customizable.
  • Has excellent precision and operates quietly compared to other models.


  • Extra care needs to be taken when placing the reducing rings.
  • The assembly which attaches to the fence is made of aluminum and is quite fragile.

Another product from the same trustworthy brand, the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table may be quite pricey but that's because it comes with a lot of cool features. The huge top would allow for good support no matter what router you are using. You would also be able to lock and customize easily because of the cam clamps which are included in the table. Finally, it has very good compatibility, it comes with handy accessories and it has a sturdy stand.


  • Have easy to use cam clamps for locking and customizing.
  • Has a stable stand which reduces vibration while you are working with it.
  • Faces can be adjusted and the fence contains vertical jointing and dust collecting features.


  • Compatible with other equipment and comes with nifty accessories.
  • Comes with a top which is extra large.
  • Very stable and durable because of its wide steel stand.


  • Some customers have complaints about missing parts in the kit.
  • You'd have to use a screwdriver to tighten and keep the bolts in place.

This particular product sure is a mouthful, but that just means that it comes with a ton of cool and useful accessories. This model has carvings imprinted with the use of a laser so that you will be able to mount your router easily. The faces are can be adjusted by sliding and it is multi-functional as well. It also comes with a durable steel stand and a factory warranty too!


  • Can be used for different purposes and is very durable.
  • The stand can be adjusted without difficulty, which is a very good feature.
  • Comes with a very precise insert-plate system and newly designed cam clamps.


  • Easy to use and can be customized.
  • Comes with a factory warranty.
  • Fence is made with top quality anodized aluminum.


  • You have to assemble it yourself.
  • May not be as reliable if it wasn't assembled correctly.

The Benefits of Using Router Tables

Now that you have an idea of some products which are available on the market, let's learn about the different benefits of using router tables. Maybe these benefits will convince you to start your search of the best Kreg router tables! After discussing the benefits, then we'll be guiding you in how to actually make your selection by giving you a list of the key features to look for.Before that, here are the benefits of using router tables:

To Ensure Speed and Precision

If you choose the right router table, you will be able to cut your wood with incomparable speed and precision. This is one of the most important benefits of using a router table and it is why most woodworkers find the need to have one in their workshop.

To be able to Do More Complex Woodwork

More intricate and complex woodwork is a lot easier to do with the use of routers and router tables. Maneuvering wood is a lot simpler without even having to adjust the router.

To be able to Choose the Depth of Your Cut

You can be able to customize the depth of your cut in using router tables. This is why a lot of woodworkers are choosing to use these tools instead of traditional ones.

To Ensure Safety with Your Work

It's also a lot easier and safer to use router tables in woodworking and besides, router tables are simple and easy to maintain.

What to Look for When Buying Router Tables

Before you start picking the best Kreg router table to bring home, let's discuss a few key features to look for. When you think about it, any and all kinds of woodworking projects would call for the use of a router table at one point or another.

Since there are many routers to choose from, it would be wise to know first what you need to consider so you can be guided in making your selections. Here are the key factors to consider when buying a router table:

Router Speed Choices:

Speed options vary from routers with single speeds to routers with variable and even multi speeds. You have to think about what kind of speed you would need for your projects so you can pick out which speed adjustment you would choose for yourself.

Router Size:

Routers also come in different sizes with different motor sizes as well, just like any other tools and equipment. These different sizes are:

  • Palm Routers which are ideal for trimming, decorative detailing or other small scale wood projects.
  • Mid-Sized Routers can do everything Palm Routers can do plus more, such as for designing templates or cutting circles.
  • Full-Sized Routers, on the other hand, are typically used in mass production as they are usually huge in size.

Router Base:

The base of your router is almost as important as the router itself. There are different styles of bases which are made differently. These styles are:

  • A Fixed Base is the most standard one and it usually comes with fixed knobs or handles on opposite sides.
  • A Plunge Base is much more flexible as they offer various depth stop settings which can be adjusted.
  • A D-Handle Base provides more control for the user along with a power switch which can be locked.

The Final Verdict – Which is the Best Kreg Router Table for You?

There are a lot of options for router tables and here we've given you 3 of the best Kreg router table review which you can choose from. You've learned about the benefits of using router tables as well as some tips in buying your own router table.If you prefer a relatively quiet unit which can be used with any kind of router, then you can go with the Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System. This particular model also has faces which can be adjusted individually and it can be used by either beginners or pros.

However, if you prefer to have a model which comes with a lot of accessories as well as a factory warranty, then you can go ahead and choose the Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table with PRS3090 Caster, PRS3020 True-Flex, PRS3100 Router Table Switch, PRS3400 Set-Up Bars, and KRS7850 Router Table Stop. This model is very durable and can be used for different purposes.

Whichever model you choose, just take into consideration what you would need your router table for and the different tips when selecting the right router table. Choose carefully and have fun with your new tool!

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