How To Build A Cabinet

Do you want to have cabinets as your own? How can you do that successfully? A face frame kitchen cabinet includes some strong thin wood boards and a hardwood structure in the front. Doors are difficult to do so you can purchase and then fix to the box.

1. Attach frame parts to the face structure

Have an appropriate color and fibers combination. Keep the face frames dry and comfortable so it’s able to see the best place of the flat pieces, which hide the differents in sharply clear conditions between color and grain. Use a pencil to mark all parts so the structure can return in the same method you set it in position for use. In the end, you can remove all these labels by polishing with a sandpaper on the joint frame.

2. Gather pocket screws together in the face structure

Create strong wooden components of a cabinet. Pocket receivable screw is a capable and simple way to link a face structure. It doesn’t require strengthening clamps or other wood adhere substances. A safe joint that is secured by using a tenon and mortise can make you a real craftsman. It’s available to buy the screws for a low money about $50 if you don’t have time to do.

3. Allow to remain the back up to apply the end

Make ending into the easy way. If you intend to complete your plan in preference to installing, remain the back up to applying the finish. This makes the easy success in attaining every nook and cranny, particularly with deep cabinets. If you like to glue the back, the polyurethane glue will be effective.

4. Make the face structure neat with warm color or light color

Ensure the precisely accurate edges. The face structure becomes the best appearance if it has the clean surface with the warm or light color in all sides. It’s better to make the bigger face structure (about 1/16 inches) and decorate with a neat trim router. Move slightly and gradually to achieve the desired appearance of the structure.

5. Form a group of all components

Cut, flat, and polish all things at the same time. Even if you use the best table saw, you need much effort to make the exact copies likely to previous cuts. Thus, make a design first and divide boards into the same parts at once. Form separated groups of vertical and horizontal pieces and make sure of the exactly equal measurement, like broad and thickness. Fasten flat edges firmly together by a sander. That makes the work faster and also avoids having curved shapes over edges. It’s better to make the amount more than your needs, which allow to select the best parts.

6. Keep the end vertical piece away from scribing

Make a perfect match. Gather all parts together into your workbench by pocket screws, and take off the last vertical piece. That makes the perfect match even if you reattach after paring shavings from it.

These tips help to build a good cabinet with the exact measurement in the saving time. You can make a door by yourself, but it’s better to purchase one because of the competitive prices and various designs. If you need more space in the kitchen, build a cabinet to store tools as well as increase the value and beauty for your home.

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