Get the Most from your Kitchen with a New Worktop


A new worktop can really lift a kitchen and add an extra dimension to it - so what should you look for? This post takes a look at the best way to get the most from a space.

1. Deep Cleaning

This may seem an obvious option, but one of the best ways to brighten up a new worktop is by giving the surface a deep clean. Think about it - when was the last time you removed the toaster and microwave to clean underneath? If you take some time to remove everything from the worktop and wipe away the dirt, you will be amazed at the results. Moreover, if you use a sturdy sponge with some soapy water and scrub the dirt away, you'll find a much brighter result.

2. Let The Surface Shine

Lakeland offers a special type of polish for worktops that can increase the shine of the surface. This worktop wonder receives a five-star review from many users and can be used on all types of surfaces including stone, laminate, and stainless steel. Not only will it make the top shine, but it will reduce the appearance of watermarks and fingerprints using a mark-repelling film.

3. Faking It

Believe it or not, it is possible to turn a laminate worktop into an attractive granite or marble lookalike. All you need to do is paint the item and voila! For ideas and plans regarding worktop transformation, you should take a look at Pinterest. Homebase is another alternative as they offer a Rust-Oleum kit available in black and white patterns. Remember to leave the paint to dry properly when completing this project.

4. Decluttering

Answer this truthfully: how often do you make bread with the breadmaker that stands on the worktop? If you take a moment and observe the work surface, you will realize that you can free up space by removing and packing away items you do not use regularly. This may require cupboard decluttering and a few trips to a charity store; however, you will discover that after this task you will have more space on a clean worktop.

5. Shelving It

If you need all the items on your worktop, then it might be best to have wall space or shelves made available. Utensil pots, mugs, and even fruit bowls can be placed within reach but off the worktop. This makes everything easier to clean, kept in order, and off the worktop.

6. Using Plant Life

It is a well-known fact that adding a plant to a room can brighten the area immediately according to Once you have performed a declutter, why not consider buying a potted herb from the supermarket. Not only is this a cheerful addition to the kitchen, but you will have an instant herb garden as well.

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