Best Rail And Stile Router Bits

Rail and stile router bits can be used to cut decorative profiles and panel slots onto the interior edge of a door frame. Besides that, they can cut a special mirror profiles commonly referred to as copes and these cuts can be used to allow parts of a frame to be joined quickly and accurately.

If you are looking for cabinet door making router bits you can surely miss any since there are many options you can opt for. However, personally, from my experience here some rail and stile router bits that can give you the best experience.

Freud Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Router Bit


You can do more with this rail and stile router bit – create doors having thickness that can fall between 5/8 inch to 1 – ¼ inch, make rattle free panel doors, create any long tenon profile construction and many other applications. Options bit cutters are available for double profile door cuts (99-862) and allow for variable thickness.

Adjustable shims - they can enable tight fits for plywood panels are used and can as well be used for thick panels in the range of 5.5mm – 6.35mm. Freud Premier Adjustable router bits accurate geometric cutting also eliminates tear.

TiCo high-density carbide and Perma-Shield coat - a Perma-Shield coat which reduces heat, rust and pitch buildup. Freud’s rail and stile router bit TiCo high-density carbide finish also enables the router bit to have a maximized lifespan.

Unique cutting geometry - the router bit can cut accurate geometric profiles and also apply for many woodworking applications. Having this router bit can thereby ensure that your woodworking needs gets to be flexible and deliver geometric cuts with ease.

Whiteside Router Bit – 5990


Whiteside Machine Company is a respectable name in router bits making industry – it has the reputation of satisfying clients with the quality of its router bits. With that fact in mind, you can try Whiteside 5990 shaker rail and stile router bit and enjoy the quality it has.

Its main selling point is that it can provide a precise ground for proper balancing even when it is used for high RPM applications.

Whiteside rail and stile router bits are made using premium carbide. The choice of the material is well thought of since premium carbide can work well under high RPM and temperature applications without showing signs of fatigue.

The router bit has a low-middle price range and that is good considering the many woodworking applications that can be achieved with it. Making cabinet doors with using this router bit is simple since it is easy to setup and hardly does it pose technical difficulties.

Tips For Using Rail And Stile Router Bits


Anytime you are working with rail and stile router bits, you aim always should be to get smooth profiles cuts and that can only be possible if you thoroughly understand to hold the tools. First, it starts with proper understanding of instructions for handling the router bits.

You must understand the working conditions that best apply for any given router bit and also how to safely position any wood material you are working on. For instance, router bits have their recommended operational speeds and exceeding that threshold can significantly induce damage.

Make sure that your rail and stile router bits are sharp and clean so that they can deliver consistently smooth cuts. Resin buildup at the edges of a cutter can lead to heating buildup and this can further have a dull effect on a bit and make to produce bad cut profiles.

Always use a resin remover before putting your rail and stile router bits to work and doing that will ensure that your rail and stile router bits get to last long.

Router bits aren’t made to hog wood profiles at a go and engaging in the reverse action most likely will lead you to cut profiles that are not straight. Besides, eating into a large chunk of wood using a router bit can unreasonably shorten its lifespan.

The best way to put a rail and stile router bit into action is by increasing the depth of cut steadily but slowly – doing that will give straight cut profiles and reduce damage to router bits points.

Preferably, always make a point to use router bits having ½ - inch shanks over the ones having ¼ inch shank. Bits with ½ inch shanks have less vibrations because of their relatively huge shank mass and that makes them to typically give smoother and longer cut lifespan.

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